Should Alex take beck to court over plagiarism


Glenn beck gets a lot of mileage out of agenda 21 crime inc etc yet slams Alex and others who actually did the research on all this and then slams the man who gets elected to put a stop to it. Sometimes the best way to get someone to stop being such a mockery and troll is to suck up thier rescources in a court battle.


That would require more of Alex’s resources.

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Some of the information beck puts out is good…when he’s not being a puscake shill. However it’s all stolen research from Alex rush Sean dr savage.

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That’s one of the issues with all-day news coverage. You eventually run out of things to talk about, and considering it’s ClearChannel that probably has some influence over the talking points, no wonder everyone is required to talk about them.

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He should definitely be more reserved with anyone who is promoting our nationalist message. So are you saying Beck has seen the light? I’d support whatever Alex thought was strategically necessary on this angle, definitely Beck cannot be allowed to repeat the slanderous lies. They don’t need to kiss his ass, but they can’t be allowed to amplify the false stories that will be used to justify censorship and suppression against Alex and the American citizenry.

Beck was previously aligned with the neo-cons and neo-libs, has he come around?

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Neocons. Hmmm. Easy partner let’s just call it patriots and traitors

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For example the chem weapons in Iraq did exist. Two evidences… those used by Assad and isis lately over there were Iraqi made… follow me here… that we’re transported into Syria late 2002 into 2004… even after we invade. And the other… day I’m one of the many who saw them and dealt with what little we could find that hadn’t been scooped up… so at least that wasn’t a lie. The problem is we didn’t finish the job at the waste of many lives. Does that make me a neocon or someone with the unique chance to eyewitness this verses a bunch of arm chair quarterbacks 6000 miles away informed by the msm and thier lies? Careful what you say lest you be an ignoramous.


Fucking phone and auto correct with shitty grammar.


I digress beck sticks his finger in the air moistened and does what is trendy. He stands for nothing. I’d have more respect for him if he stood ardently with AOC.


Very very interesting rush Limbaugh show today… wow. Talking originally on d day… then Eisenhower then deep state.


Neo-cons are traitors, they intentionally sought to justify a war without any explicitly stated national interest. They defined the national interest as their own interests, and did so at the direct expense of the citizenry. Neo-cons were, and still remain, traitorous globalists.

There is no finishing “the job”, because “the job” wasn’t in our national interests. If people falsely believed what the MSM was selling, we can thank the neo-cons for that intelligence operation against the nation. Neo-cons hijacked the state, turned it against the nation, and used the conservative movement as their vehicle to power. Thank god we’re wise enough to catch you anti-nationalist snakes now.

Patriots and traitors? No thanks, H.W. was a patriot, it has no real definition outside of pride for some symbols. Patriots grew the state into a totalitarian leviathan, and didn’t give a shit if it answered to the American citizenry. I’m an American Nationalist, there is a major difference, I’m motivated by love not pride. Matter of fact, I hate your “America”, it is oppressive and illegitimate.

No… there are nationalists and globalists, and I consider the latter traitors.