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Employees “I was just following orders” employees everywhere need to be made aware of all the conservatives being put on these hate lists. Good video. Pretty soon, It won’t just be conservatives.



Is freedom of association no longer apart of the 1st amendment? I wonder this every time I read stories like this and LA county discriminating against NRA members or friends of the NRA. If not then all Christians, Jews, union, nonunion, southern, northerners, gop, Dem can be denied service but a cake maker in CO has to make gay wedding cakes? Wtf is going on with the law in this country? And justice for all? Guess not!


Freedom is an illusion on the grand scheme of things. We are all slaves to the system and looking at the Clinton kill count, secret societies run everything. Why wouldn’t John Kerry or George W. Bush talk about the Skull n Bones?.. they told us… “it’s a secret”.

Then when you have all the top companies in the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, Trilateral Commission conspiring with each other because we were told, “Competition is a Sin!” by John D. Rockefeller making the entire system a racket.

Short book and it gets right to the point ‘War is a Racket’ by Major General Smedley Butler in 1933 I believe. I scanned this PDF with my antivirus. A must read… you can finish it in less than a day.




Sorry I think that book is fake or written much later, the history doesn’t line up. Open door policy with China, Hitler, Mussolini, do you see what I’m saying? It’s pretty obvious to even the casual observer all the world wars were fake. 19th and early 20th century is most ignored in public schools for a reason. A general history of Europe in the 19th century shows how obvious war for profit was, a handful of blood thirsty scum sacrificed 7 generations at least of men, and look at Europe ever since. The woke person will say good, whites are evil and deserve it lol we’re next! Then Africa and then China will devour itself the same way and the entire process repeats.


Book is not a fake… and it was 1935.

It looks to me they are setting up China to rule the world… but yes… whites are out in a matter of time. We don’t do well as slaves… unlike China.


Even Eisenhower tried to warn the American people about the meshing of the corporate profiteers of war and the Government.


Classic, he was surrounded by the monster he helped create.


35 would make more sense since Hitler was elected in 33. There was an open door policy 72 years before Nixon evidently.


Eisenhower said goodbye in 1961 as seen in that video above. Why did he make an emphasis on balance between federal government and free markets? I’m against balance. Hypothetically, I favor balance in a perfect world, a theoretical utopia. But in the real world, balance leads to the growth of government. So, Dwight talked about how we must have a permanent military. Why didn’t anybody protest against that? I don’t like how he talked about how America’s job in the world is to be the peacemakers and everything as that is what the UN and NWO and CFR and EU and others want and peace means war and more war in the name of fake peace, for the pursuit of peace and everything. I wonder if anybody protested what he said in that farewell speech. At the end, he said that he hopes that everybody lives together in peace. I’m not sure what that means but that sounds like the definition of globalism, AKA tyranny.


Interesting stuff. Kind of have to read between the lines as I think every war since the first French Revolutionary war was a conspiracy.
I have this book but I would love to get a hard copy. Arthur R. Thompson’s book should be taught in schools he explains every war starting with French Revolutionary war.


Eisenhower was the military industrial complex that’s what makes it so funny! I thought maybe he was just crying that the CIA had took over what he built, but didn’t have the guts to say it directly. Good Shepherd era.


Dwight stumbled over his words. So, how good and how bad was Dwight with everything that he did as President? Do I need to study him?


Yeah bro, he’s a big piece of the ww2 puzzle! He was essentially the first globalist leader, he was head of allied command, architect of D day, kept Patriots like Patton and McCarthur down. I have never been able to fully understand him, he may have had good intentions or a banker agent the entire time, I’m unsure.


Eisenhower wouldn’t talk about the Illuminati and that was because he knew better. The Illuminati are behind it all.


He’s prob 33 himself! It’s hard finding accurate info about him, especially early life and how he propelled to that high profile spot! He led a national campaign around ww1 to create public interest in a national interstate system 25 years before the cold war.