Some advice needed. Please


Hello there! I need help! I am a Mexican on DACA and I’ve been wanting to speak out. I’m thinking about making videos maybe ( I’m not that tech savvy) speaking about this. I assure yall that I am no troll. I truly love this country and appreciate my illegal stay here ( no pun intended). I’m just tired of seeing people in my situation so ungrateful. And I’m hoping I can open some eyes to see the problems about illegal immigration. You don’t live “a better life” just by crossing. I love the work Infowars is doing as well as louder with crowder , slightly offensive and the other Patriots. I am not looking for spotlight just awareness. My heart breaks when a democrat votes… Seriously. :sweat: I do understand if no one replies I know i’m in a controversial spot. Just need some clarity of thought.

Thank y’all.


Well it definitely took courage to speak up… I myself am curious to see your content. Truth is always appreciated!! Speak from your heart if you do make videos and be prepared to receive good and bad responses … :+1::wink::heart:


Thank you Mamapotato. I just don’t want to watch from the sidelines as the U.S burns or something. I would feel guilty. I honestly don’t even know if anyone else else is speaking up. I pray there is. But God knows my heart and that my intentions are of Goodwill.


Well i will take you for your word. I can’t say i know what it’s like because i don’t. I would like to hear your story. Now in saying that, brother if you love this country and what is has to offer your welcome with open arms. But no free ride, far to many take advantage of our welfare state.


I’m actually a sister. But yes I know that. I think they shouldn’t hand things so freely. We have to work for the things we want. My family seems to be getting it finally. I joined the #walkaway campaign on Facebook for maybe a year already. I think I’m finally going to post my story. Even though I don’t think it’s considered walking away to begin with. I’m really hoping there’s more DACA for Trump.


Oh, sorry for the misgender. I’m glad the dems didn’t pass a law making that a crime (yet). You need to tell your story just think you just might be the leading voice in the next liberty movement. Thats the beauty of this country only we stop ourselves for reaching our dreams. Keep working on your family don’t forget to ask god for help when things get tough.


Yes, honestly I’ve been silent because my fiance’s family doesn’t know about my status. That has been my setback. I’ve been with my fiance for almost 7 years( in November). His family knows me so I’m hoping it won’t change the way they see me. But I think it’s time for me to speak up. I will ask my fiance what he thinks and if it’s ok for me to do so.


Yes i would do that first, family sure surprises ya from time to time i know mine has.


That is true. I think they’ll be ok with it. Might ask alot of questions we don’t have answers to though.


As a parent myself i think i would follow my mother’s advice she game me when i asked her what she would think if i dated a women with a child already. Her response to me was follow your heart.


Funny I met my fiance online. I told him about my status even before we met in person. He was more concerned that I had no children already. But we have a son now. Almost 1 and a half already.


Thats good i have two boys and the are my world. I’m truly scared for there future and the future of this country. If the Democrats get there way with this country we will be like Venezuela. And they’re trying to gain power through illegal immigration that’s why I think it’s very important for you to speak out. Let your friends and family that are in the similar situation is you know to vote for the party not that will give them handouts but for the party that will provide them with the ability to provide for themselves. Even the bible teaches nobody gets a free ride.


I fear the same. It’s different when you have kids, you stop thinking about yourself and think for their well being. To say we’re thinking of only getting married by the church. So far no luck we need to talk to a lawyer. Im going to try to get a decent camera to begin. God I pray all goes well.


if parents robbed a bank, should the children of the robbers be allowed to keep the stolen money?


You got that from Stefan Molyneux and no. I don’t believe that. I don’t think we should get anything. I can assure you it’s not a comfortable place to be in. I honestly hope everything wraps up. I know probably most DACA dislike Trump, And would vote democrat.


As much as I have learned recently I don’t know if there truly is a “right” or “wrong” position en mass anymore… Each individual is different and as such deserves at least to be heard before they are judged… Unless of course their actions have already proven hostile…


What’s sad is that some on DACA are MS13. They didn’t do a background check on us. And if they did it was minimal. It truly is disheartening though. I see the things that are going on and just get depressed. I try to stay strong by clinging to God. And I have that nagging feeling that I should at least try to get some kind of word out.


Your story and words need to be heard by the president.


First off I welcome you openly as an American. Maybe not yet by status but in spirit for sure. The fact as you have stated is you want to be here and love America.

To anyone who might step in to talk bad to you remember this. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! As far as I’m concerned you’re one of us until you prove otherwise.

One person that can help you step out in boldness to reach others in your situation is know as Paloma for Trump. She is a very active Mexican American and extremely pro America and pro Trump. I’m happy to give advice any time you need. Thank you for stepping out in boldness.


Well, no, he likely got it from me, but I’ll thank him for quoting me. We can not do amnesty for DACA, because children can not be rewarded for parent’s crimes. On the flip, children should not be punished for their parent’s crimes either. So if we go back to bank robbery as our example, the children of the bank robbers can’t keep the stolen money from the bank robbery, but they also can’t be charged as accomplices, lastly the bank robbers should not be allowed to use their kids as human shields.
My remedy for DACA is to treat them the same as anyone else seeking citizenship, let them apply, give them no favor, to the back of the line, let them work and go to school under visas. Not working? not in school? committing crimes? Stomping around with a Mexican flag at the Trump rally calling real Americans Nazis? then it’s asta la vista baby, back to your country of origin, you love that Mexican flag so much, start walking south.