Some advice needed. Please


most conservatives want all the DACA deported, I can’t argue they are wrong in that asertion, being principaled and stricly rule of law, that would be the correct action. Justice is blind life ain’t fair. Pragmatically however, some compassion should be afforded to DACA. As for MS-13 my remedy for them is to arrest them, put them on a barge and tow them with a Navy Destroyer to the islands we tested nukes on where they can play Lord Of The Flies.


I’m not sure about that, but thank you. I will do what I can, with God’s help.


Thank you, I truly appreciate it. And honestly Paloma is kind of the reason why I had a bit of courage.

Joshua 1:9 comes to mind.

And yes, I actually will need more advice. We’ll see what happens. I’ll definitely keep yall Posted.


I agree with you. The thing is life goes on. No matter what. We’ll see the conclusion of this.


You’re who the left fears the most. The left likes to put everyone in boxs. They say they support woman and minorities but they only want their votes. When someone like you steps out of their box it really freaks them out, its almost like everyone on the left has ocd. I have a friend who’s a hispanic Trump supporter and people on the left call him a dark white supremacist.


Take steps towards becoming legal. Whether through the traditional process, or since you said you have a fiancé and I don’t know how close you are to the date, a marriage visa. Until then, in my eyes, you’re a criminal who has just confessed to a crime and has not served any sort of a sentence deemed appropriate.

  1. I am playing the devil’s advocate here:
  2. You must be really blessed to be able to come here, find a job and employer that would ferment a good attitude that you are here on Infowarriors.
  3. We would ask you what the fine points of your plight are and strategy.
  4. If you prove that you are a Patriot that has mistakenly been born outside the USA, then praise be to God, from your write up that what seems to be true.
  5. Know that social media and Leftists have systems set up to stop you from uniting your God loving countrymen and women from being a contributing patriot.
  6. Find your trusted friends, go that route.


I think I’m going to get the response that I’m not “brown enough”. But I just have to. Not gonna lie it’s nerve-wracking. But I hear alot of bs from the left and people that are on DACA.


We’re going to see a lawyer. To see what our options are. And what you said is very fair.


Well I just want people to think about things more deeply. To stop thinking people are racist just because they want border security and to deport people that came illegally. The way to come here is the legal way. If you do it illegally you’re just causing major grief to yourself and your family. Not to mention you’re doing a disservice to the people that are coming here legally. And also you separate your family yourself by coming here. The wall does no such things. I also get mad about the human trafficking. And the children. Smugglers don’t care for them. Now not so many of my friends like Trump. So I’m honestly kind of alone.


Welcome! If you ever need help I’m here. Getting equipment is half the battle and maintaining it is half of the half. Actually being interesting is the last part. I’m not good with fractions but you get my drift.


That sounds very interesting. I’d be happy to help. What would you like to do?


Well im planning to post firstly on #walkaway campaign on Facebook. I’m trying to gather my thoughts on what words to use and trying to put my story together uniformly ( don’t want to be rash). Im doing some research on a camera to get so I can start some videos… Still need alot to learn with making videos.


I have experience with video production and writing. I’d be happy to help you get set up.
Do you have a computer?


Yes it’s actually unplugged but my fiance has one. And using it right now.


I’ll bet you have a story. :slightly_smiling_face:


I reccomend trying a free version of Adobe Premiere, or if you can, buy a copy.
And really, most mobiles have excellent cameras. So all you need is a tripod that can hold your mobile.
There are even good microphones that work with mobiles.


My phone doesn’t have much memory. I’ll have to check the memory card. But that’s a great idea!


Due recorder is good on Apple iOS phones. Not on android because it doesn’t record internal audio, only external which makes it sound horrible. It sucks trying to make a video on phones via du recorder. I also recommend premiere pro, a Mic to go with it (I recommend blue yet I even though it can pick up conversions through the walls) obs studio (open broadcasting software) or Xsplit for video capture and a middle finger to buying the YouTube downloader from best buy. Make sure your computer has 16 or more GB of ram in order to run premiere, sometimes 16 isn’t enough but gets by. Big fan of @GregReese, I ran in that same competition but used du recorder on my Android so I accidentally made a pile of :poop: instead of a masterpiece like I thought.


I have an Android phone. So I should probably get a camera instead.