Some advice needed. Please


Premiere pro is for stuff like desktops or laptops.


Live or prerecorded?


Pre-recorded. Just so I can edit the pauses and such. I’m gonna get the nervous sweats for sure. Definitely going to take happease :slight_smile:.


I have fun with it. Just got done with AOC


AOC cow farts cortez vid


we’re glad to have you hear Mariela Garza Flores, why don’t you want to live in Mexico, it’s so beautiful there in many areas? What did you need help with? Did you make a video yet?



I wouldn’t mind going back, I just feel terrible for my fiance’s family and my own. I would take my son. So I would be doing the same thing my parents did to us and our families in Mexico. I do want to do things the right way. I’m planning to go to the lawyer this Saturday to see what options we have. And I’m actually brainstorming on what to say or write. I want to do things properly and I’m trying not to sound too harsh. I know my family might be disappointed.


where is your fiance? How old is your son?


I’m no Dr. Phil but I would not want lawyers, courts, judges, or any strangers making decisions about our child’s life. Say hi to everyone on the other side of the family including the other parent when possible.


We live together and he’s 1 and a half


Well it would be for myself only pretty much. And my fiance said he’ll go with me and his parents could come visit us in Mexico. I don’t think we’re going to sign any kind of documents, just getting advice.


Your Finace is American?


Yes he is.

Apparently I have to write more.


Well, have him Marry you, you will be an American citizen. 7 years? His child? Time for him to marry you. Don’t you think?


Well we think the state has too much power over the children of a married couple. It’s a little scary where things are headed with the government. Another reason why we want to go to the lawyer to explain the government’s role in marriage. It could just be pure superstition I suppose. I do want to do things right with God by getting married.


Marry, have your babies Daddy make you an honest woman, you will all be American citizens then and you will have no more problems with that HUGE issue. The government has nothing to do with your marriage, you are the one who will gain, your family will.

There is no easier way and you and your child can be deported at anytime. Don’t waste no more time talking to lawyers. Just my advise to you.


Well I think he has cold feet and is afraid of the future of the country. But yes we do need to do it. I only moved in with him with that expectation.


Just tell him, if you have to get a divorce down the line, so be it, at least you and his son will be American citizens. Good luck Mariela


Well our son is already a citizen. Just not me. To me divorce wouldn’t even be in my mind. Thank you.


Obviously it is in his mind though, or you would be married by now. :slight_smile: