Some Thoughts Following Alex's Prayer and Owen's Vision for Infocomms


So, I have just been pouring my heart out here on Infocomms for the last few weeks, trying to present my thoughts, beliefs and experiences mostly relating to salvation and hell—even as I was continuing on working them out, kind of “teleprompter free,” and hoping to elicit comment that might lead to further development.

In the process I have been wrestling with myself as to whether I should even be doing this here, and with what I thought other people thought of what I was writing, as well as whether I was being harmful or helpful to others and to Infocomms in general.

It has been great for me in regard to knowing that other people are reading, and the effect that has had on ordering my thoughts; on the accuracy, clarity and completeness of same; and especially on ironing out my rather volatile and mercurial tendencies or nature—all together making me, I hope, a better writer and a better person in general.

And then there are the new insights that I gained in the process; which got incorporated into posts, and a few that I have not written about yet, which occurred subsequent to opening my heart and mind to Alex’s prayer.

One, a new angle on the idea of hell being a school, is particularly exciting; which I hope will impress Alex (if I ever write and post it, and if he ever reads it), as impressing him is for some reason always near the top of my mind to do—a sort of hero/nemesis complex to go with all of my other complexes.

But listening to Alex’s prayer, and afterward to Owen’s vision for Infocomms, has given me cause for still further consideration of what I have been doing here. Following are a few salient points that come to mind:

Number one is, again, my tendency toward volatile and mercurial behavior; which I demonstrated in my preface to a quote of 2 Peter 3. In particular my statement that there could be only war between us. I regret that statement and the enmity that it represented, and I repent of it.

There should be no enmity, either between believers in Christ, or between infowarriors; who should all be united in love against evil.

As a Christian, I should seek to make peace wherever I can, and to avoid conflict wherever I can’t.

As an American I should allow others their beliefs, at least as long as their beliefs are not about ruling over or killing others.

Number two pertains to my use of valuable bandwidth here. I do not seek a pat on the head or a reward, but I would like to know if the things that I am writing about are deemed worthwhile of the mother ship’s resources that my posts consume.

Now, I know that such control of content as the above implies could be construed as censorship, but I myself would not so construe, as Owen never said that this is a free speech forum.

Quite the contrary, I would say, since Infocomms was set up as an adjunct to an entity that was at least conceptually formed as an army; i.e., Infowars Army. So in that regard, the very concept of censorship simply does not, and should not, apply.

Number three springs from number two as concerns the undisciplined young pups who show themselves to be lacking in their understanding of the concept of service, not to mention of decorum.

I recently watched TURN: Washington’s Spies, where in particular the story of Benedict Arnold seems to apply. He did not understand that the nature of service is sacrifice, rather than the gain of glory and reward for himself. His lack of understanding led him to becoming a traitor.

These young pups should consider this, and also how the face that they show to the world reflects so poorly not only on themselves, but also on Infowars, the Infowars Army, and the cause that we should together all be trying to serve here—the cause of humanity, of decency and honor, mom and apple pie.

So, grow up little pups. If I can do it, then so can you :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t have to be said. When your company is being banned everywhere. The last thing you should be doing is censoring Free Speech.


What is Owen’s vision for Infocoms?


I missed it, what is Owen’s vision for Infocoms?

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@4LoveOfTheRoad @Pippydop just another crew member trying to Gas Light WTFA…just like they do on live air.



Nice post, yes people are READING it. What type of feedback are you expecting?


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  1. My responses are themselves targeted to deal with the problem at hand.

  2. The deep state like all covert operatives love to work in secret, take their profits off the common man, and appear like saints. (wolf in sheep’s clothing)

  3. You would best traverse this river yourself. This site has taught me that waiting to assemble is futile.

  4. Don’t allow your mind to accept any if the gibberish, and stay close to the idea that produced the Gospel.


Didn’t it exist before the ARMY? Or did I miss something, sorry just curious as I am not sure which was first.


To: @Rob_Roy
Love: WTFA



Keep in mind that this is not the first version of the Infocomms which has been around since the early 2000’s, AKA almost the past twenty years or so.

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Why not offer them a solution to the Discourse Problem?

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This is not about discourse Joey…


@Zor, what is this all about, then?

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So they gave you the legendary bullhorn…?


Oh okay… How did you get that? @Benoaks


… I don’t trust just anyones hyperlink on here… But I am part of the meme brigade… I just don’t know if I can get it… Some of people here don’t understand why we are doing the things we are doing.

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People have lifted one curtain to being awake… But what they don’t know is there is more than just one curtain to lift…

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@Bingozee It was not for feedback and I expected nothing except that it would be felt.

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