Somethings different on GAB


I love the new GAB and the new layout. The groups are very cool.


I will have to check it out then. I left because of all the Nazi sympathisers and racists. It got pretty damn disgusting. The funny part is most of the morons posting the racist and nazi stuff don’t even know what thwy are talking about. They get all of their information feom videos on YouTube and Bitchute. Not an original idea of their own. Just pure propaganda and ignorance. We have several teying ro spread that BS here. It’s a shame for sure. Ignorant bastards.


I always try to do a little investigating on my own. Like, I couldn’t find anything online about the 50 BIL., that was suppose to have been given to Pakistan for frog mating rituals.


Probably paid shills from S***ter to create evidence to mark the place as such.


@ROT, those kinds of people are everywhere.

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I agree with Joey, but some people just formulate a thought based on false teachings or false information. And, it is really HARD to make changes and except new ways of thinking. Some people even on the Comms seem to JUMP on you if you present a different way of looking at something. Y ou are the WRONG one no matter how much info to the contrary you present. LOL

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It was pretty bad on Gab Joey. So bad that the messages almost work.


Here’s the first post I saw so far.

Edited: This makes up for it though.

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I am on Gab and I like Gab.