SOoooo.. Trump has given up stopping the illegal aliens breaking our border?


Yeh, Now he is looking for a place for them.
SPIN SPIN SPIN. ALL Gestures, no action.
Our Border is Gone. UNDER TRUMPS WATCH.


I would hace to say …Pretty much!


President Trump will never allow his name to be associated with failure. This is why I believe he is trying his best to get funding for the wall. I believe he is using creative “deal making tactics” to do what is right!


I dont think so. He has pretty much given up.
He has joined the GOP Establishment. He joined the Big Business Lobby to bring in Cheap Labor.


Sure, whatever you say hun…do you works for Q? Your so positive…I see FREEDOM TOWNS by my freeway over pass here in AL…where the illegals are getting bussed NORTH to the midwest!


Dems really don’t want them in their cities as most all those sanctuary cities are Democratic strongholds already. They want them all in Conservative, right leaning areas to gain more Democratic votes in the future so they can win elections at the local and national level imo.


I don’t think he cares at this point. He could easily have the FBI or DOJ investigate and shut down Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the Chicago based 501©(4) illegal immigration advocacy organization that is organizing these caravans. He reopened the government without any funding for the wall, and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen any pictures of the “big beautiful wall” being built. Only mentions of existing “fencing” being “renovated”.


Yup., I agree. He Refuses to get his hands dirty, and apply force. Thinks he is Customer service at his Resorts.

  1. It would have been impossible to stop living human beings from fleeing socialist countries failing.
  2. We need to get over it, and realize that the American people have to now police this United States of America ourselves.
  3. Everyone was warned about this months in advance to arm up and get trained. You still can do it.
  4. If we stop voter fraud, we can count on most of these people being on the side of the US Constitution. When they see us policing our Own Country with Our Own Guns, they will want to join us.
  5. I did not know that this would happen in this way, our borders being overrun.
    What recently became obvious was that Leftists and Ivy League universities had marching orders from secret societies in europe to crash the central american economies and had been sending foreign exchange students there for over 50 years.
  6. Stop watching sports immediately, shut off your tv, buy a gun, a spare and holsters.
    What do you think is going to happen next?

**Urgent News from Dave Hodges! EVERYONE needs to listen to this REPORT! RED DAWN is coming!

Now if some one agrees with Trump they must work for Q? Freedom Frighter says " Do you work for Q" now I guess if you stick up for Trump you must be working for Q.?





For those with an allergy to alcohol it seems to be an almost universal truth that before things can get better, they have to get worse. Sometimes, they have to get a lot worse.

They call it “hitting bottom.” The bottom is the place an alcoholic must reach before he finally is ready to admit that he has a problem and reaches out for help.

After all, for the true alcoholic, it doesn’t seem to him that he has a problem.

Trump is a smart dude and he knows these democrat cities need to hit bottom before they admit they have a problem.

Want an alcoholic to hit bottom faster ? Buy them a case of liquer , the 1.5 litre bottles. Want a dem city to admit they have a problem ? Let a million people flood in.

Just the nature of things sadly.


I would like to believe that. However In the first 3 days of this month alone our border was slammed with 45,000 Illegal Immigrants. 30,000 of which hit us here in Texas in El Paso and McAllen!!
He needs to stop pussy footing around and Shut The Border Down and Deploy a substantial amount of The U.S. Military to keep it that way until we have a wall and Total Control over our Southern Border.
If not this problem will only get worse!!
Hell another 80,000 is on it’s way up here as I write this.
Enough is Enough!!!


He may be the President, but he can’t do it alone. He doesn’t have the support of state guards, and the military’s already spent from the Middle East. He’s petitioned Congress, and they’ve said no. So he’s down to “Have it your way”, and it looking to give them the illegals they want in an effort for them to realize that what they’re asking for isn’t what they want.


I understand he’s only one man.
However when it comes to Border Security he has that power to act alone granted him by the Constitution. And he doesn’t have to Petition Congress for the money either. He can get it right out the the Military Budget as this is a “Clear and Present” Danger to our Nation.
And by the Constitution he has the power to deploy U.S. Forces in order to secure it.
If he doesn’t act I am going to have to agree with Alex when he says> It’s a Dereliction of Duty <
He doesn’t have to act alone because the American Patriots will back him up as well.
Just Sayin.


First off, border security funding was ceded to DHS; it’s no longer under DoD. He does have the power to protect states against invasion, but how much of the military is actually here to do that vs. in the Middle East? And how are you going to distribute them across about 1500-2000 miles of border? Sure, some vigilantes may still exist (he COULD grant them pardon to get back to the border), but if they foil the strategy, it’s on the President.


He needs to bring those troops home as we have our own problems here. And we do not need to be sending troops to Venezuela either.
It’s time we stop being the worlds police officers and put our country first.
I think he has said that over and over and over again.
America First? Then got to it Mr. President.


Not at all acceptable, you are betraying your base and your own constituency. You cannot undo this, as we all see in Europe. The president has access to tons of military assets, and if he mobilized a sizable portion, there is no reason to believe political support wouldn’t shift towards him. Likewise the political damage from allowing this, would push all of us towards succession.

I won’t vote for it, period. You took everything that we wanted that the established interests could do without away, and we ate it, and its worth noting it left pretty much nothing on any of our lists. You need to eat this one, or I walk, and I suggest anyone who is worth anything walk as well.

You promised America could exist as a nation… if it can’t, then I get to go back to hating it. There is nothing to conserve, its laws are a selectively enforced fraud, and its borders are as well.


100% Thanks…


What is this Theresa May style argument? Are you incompetent, or just pretending to be? You’re gonna intentionally screw it up, is that what you’re saying here? Let me be very clear, if you do that, we will piss on your corpses when the people finally get power. You better pray and hope it really is the end of history, but even Soros seems to think things are looking grim. Maybe we just avoid all that, and finally do a solid for the people, so we can remain one nation.