Sorry INFOWARS comes to this


I would first like to say thank you all, Hosts and Crew, however I feel although INFOWARS like all forms or “resistance”, although while convinced and claiming to be winning or standing for something is simply not achieving or accomplishing anything with the exception of exploiting ignorance for money and popularity, effectively manipulating the alarming weak minds of its civilians and their vulnerability for decades and centuries.

It is time for the people of the USA, that is the most fucked up, out to lunch country on this planet to pull the head out of their ass’s.

Simple fact is, if you continue to be convinced and believe someone or something is fighting your battles for you, is for as long as you won’t effectively change or stand against anything, it’s just idiotic and weak.

From 2019 I’ll fight my own because of the fact you have always been losing.

Wars for freedom you have never gained,

Patriotism founded on very broken psychology,

Religions written to manipulate and to control the brain fucked monkey further reducing its followers to nothing more than sheep.

Please take care peeps and know all the bullshit your exposed to every day is in fact just two sides of the same coin, an artificiality to keep any of you from knowing actuality factually.

And lastly these forums among other social commentary has demonstrated very successfully how dumb, ridiculous, and lost many of you have really been, and seemingly choose to continue to be. It’s absolutely disgusting, and I wash my hands of it, it is just so nasty.

The best thing I can give is to keep fighting for what you believe and feel is right, but to succeed you’ll have to fight these fights pro-interactively, other wise its just an “American Dream”, your not going to have a voice once they take it away, you will have no power once they turn it off, REAL freedom comes by the hand a feet of many, not speech as words are powerless and empty.

Bingozee, out.


Try reading some history books.

Tyranny is called tyranny, rather than over reach or abuse for a very specific reason. Have you lived in a time during the tyranny where the free flow of information wasn’t so managed as it is now?

I have.

  1. And do or achieve what?

  2. We actually have been changing the direction which is better than none at all which is what we had. George Washington got beat again, and again, and again. Because the cards were always stacked against them, they just understood that and persevered.

  3. It’s instant gratification complex as you’re exuding, considering maybe what 15 years ago, you would get laughed at if you even spoke about a control grid and tyranny.

We’ve come a long way despite it’s not happening as fast as a video game.


If you truly feel that what we’re choosing to partake in is nonsense, I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving. However, physically being involved in a fight is not the only method to this madness. Like I’ve stated in a previous post, this is as much of an INFORMATIONAL war as it is a CIVIL war. Just because you don’t see too many “activism” forums on here doesn’t mean that it’s not happening; it takes time to come up with logical solutions and to figure out a way to execute those solutions in a somewhat safe manner. Lastly, don’t forget that this platform is a way for like-minded people to connect; it doesn’t just have to be all activism. We have info warriors all over the world on here, it’s idiotic to think that all of us can buy a plane ticket and meet up.


Get a sling shot & some magnets?


Good riddance. You have been on the troll list for a long time.




Welcome to infocomms


Yes we are almost there


A. Yep, I thought this as well, no way we can depend on anyone else to organize us, we just need to go out and protest, support our friends, do a march for life or something else.
B. If you have got a lot of energy, use it for something good.
C. I work a few extra hours a month then I can donate to Judicial Watch, or be a subscriber to prison planet tv, (which I never use…)
D. Keep on Truckin’ bro, you will find where you are needed, its 2019 !
E. Happy New Year.


Have a nice life Dude.
If you don’t want to see progress, there will be no progress.


Good riddance. We don’t want quitters in the infowars army


Sounds like someone needs a nap
Even Trump needs a nap now and then
We will see you soon; you’re a patriot addict just like us
And I’ve done a lot of redpilling today



This is what it feels like when the trash takes itself out.


Well well @Bingozee you made the “list”.

Lol kinda like Owens list of cowards that he started recently.

If you want off this list of traders then don’t post shit like this & even then that won’t do it.



Are you saying that talking is not a first step towards progress?


I see a lot good information and activism in here.


Did you vote for Trump?


Thanks for being sorry; but move around with that bitch ass attitude. We don’t need your type of negative bitch like posts here. You ain’t shit now move the fuck around