Sorry INFOWARS comes to this


I think everyone else pretty much covered it! Much love to my fellow warriors! Peace


When the ‘first step’ is perpetual and never ending, it’s is not a solution. If there were real activism going on people would be suing the federal reserve, making amendments the to constitution and creating bills to make evil impossible to infiltrate government, upgrading and fixing the economic system to close loopholes that feed the deep state and for it to work for everyone, not just satanists who have a love of money while virtue signaling “Jesus Christ is my lord and savior” - bullshit. Even David Knight doesn’t believe in Infowars by questioning what infowars is doing. Infowars might as well do a dance off if they think endless talking and social engineering is going to create a free society that works for everyone.


Then quit lecturing us and go out and do those things you want done! You’re right now go save America hurry before there’s still time!


“We are headed for something worse im afraid but together we just might have a shot a chance to end tyranny forever!” - @Machine, on his profile page.

If we are to succeed then we need to promote and engage the solution, but that isn’t coming out of infowars. There are no realistic solutions coming from Infowars. Ever hear of someone ‘throwing a fight’. They get paid off or for some reason choose to support their opponent and pretend to fight but the fight isn’t real. That’s infowars. If you want infowars to be successful then shouldn’t we question their strategy? And considering infowars judges satanically and calls people out for being frauds, tell me, why is Alex Jones considered to be above reproach?


Love the reply don’t let the door hit your rear end, quite cheeky luv.

Build the Wall, No Commies,No Fascists at all.


Point in case.

END OF FREE-SPEECH is only a click away

Internet shutdown in Congo shows how Chinese censorship tactics are spreading

THE TRUTH held for ransom.

Hacker group threatens to leak 9/11 ‘truth’ unless paid in bitcoin

Clowns for president, Trump part duh!

Clown show: Stand-up comic enters Ukrainian presidential race… and could win

Bill Gates nuclear venture looks for new test partner…

Bill Gates’ nuclear venture looks for new test partner as regulations nix China collab – report

Comes down to this, the fight for “FREEDOM” is a shame, a distraction from FACTS. you, your fight can all be ENDED in an instant, you’re not winning anything, because you don’t own anything, the Vice you use to communicate, the systems required for it to function, including the land and “Country” you call your own.

If you are not willing to sacrifice a Job or the security of your family, you’re NOT willing to sacrifice anything, in the end achieving nothing.

The longer you believe your fighting by posting comments on forums, or the mind-boggling number of stupid videos on YouTube is for as long as you’re seen as a Fool and unable of accomplishing anything.

The only difference you will make will have to be made in person. you need to TAKE it back, it will NEVER be given to you, no matter how much you cry and stomp your feet.

Lastly Any of you whom are talking about your GUNS are straight up fucking idiots. If you want to win this war you need to do it by laying before the bulldozer, you have to be willing to SACRIFICE “YOUR” life NOT the life of others! otherwise you’re just a pussy looking for a reason, excuse just to shoot at or kill something.

This “battle” can only be one by UNITY, Bravery, and REAL sacrifice not fucking bullets, first they have MUCH MORE then you, and if you REALLY think your little guns will stand against a military, your completely out of touch with reality.

LEAVE your WEAPONS at home, you’ll live longer. Fight by becoming a real community by UNITY. and know for as long as you keep your pathetic arguments about RACE, Religions and the other stupid shit you think is important is for as long as you will NEVER have UNITY and will remain divided and weak.

GUNS are for the COWARD; the HEART is what makes a HERO.

Just sayn… Oh wait, Maybe Trump or baby Jesus will come save you… ROFLOL! unfortunately the TRUTH sucks because it don’t play in to the narrative, it’s unpopular, and non profitable.


BYE… Dont let The Statue of liberty hit you on the rear end on the way out! Or Do. IMG_20190102_105003_956


Our spirit will never be broken, we know the truth and were willing to die for it to protect our families. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything


and stand for nothing. Maybe READ the posts before commenting?

“Fight by becoming a real community by UNITY. and know for as long as you keep your pathetic arguments about RACE, Religions and the other stupid shit you think is important is for as long as you will NEVER have UNITY and will remain divided and weak.”

OR are we saying the same thing??


“Sorry infowars has come to this”

Read the last part about all the “dumb ridiculous stuff” you had one intention in your post. You won’t be missed beleive me. People here are willing to die for what they beleive. True warriors not on the sidelines


Doubtful also laughable even, but Ok… what ever you say… guess prof is in the pudding.


Other people have left replies on here for you as well, not just me


My point is, Forum infighting, and YouTube videos are achieving nothing. The fight will remain an artificiality, it will only become Reality once people GET out, step away, and Stand in Person backed by UNITY, not just people wanting to FIT IN, or exploiting the propaganda for popularity or profit. (INFOWARS)

I really don’t know how long we wait, it has only been over 100 years now… tick tock, tick tock.

The Real battle is between Artificiality vs. Reality, not you and or me.

“Simple fact is, if we continue to be convinced and believe someone or something is fighting our battles for us, is for as long as we won’t effectively change or stand against anything, it’s an illusion that is just idiotic and works to keep us from forming or fighting for anything on our own.”



The copper statue, a gift from the people of France (CANADA) to the people of the United States, was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel. The statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886. The Statue of Liberty is a figure of Libertas, a robed Roman liberty goddess.

Stop using it as a symbol of “your” liberty. Fact is you OWN nothing.

Unfortunately the TRUTH sucks because it don’t play in to the narrative, it’s unpopular, and non profitable.

Fact is anything that degrades the artificiality becomes the enemy, Truth generates HATE.


The state must use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus the greatest enemy to the state"
-Joseph Goebels

Its strange Alex Jones has exposed globalisms ties to Nazi Germany and suddenly within one hour he is taken down. If it were not the truth why is everyone his enemy, on all sides? They fear people like Alex Jones if people only knew what kind of sick evil goes on in this country, only then would they change. It is a spiritual battle, God vs the Devil. They lie to us about skin color, gender, race and make us beleive we are the problem, when really they are. Infowars is the only media i see covering the illuminati, the only media that has th3 balls to say what no one else does. Unity is the only way to come together yes, but the truth must be know for the transition to take place. Know a man by his enemies


I agree with you on some things but not that infowars is exploiting. Hes the only one covering the spiritual aspect of this battle as well, which is vital info in understanding why society is collapsing , why the moral foundation has been destroyed. It does not create hate, it gives you the upper hand and a better arsenal in illuminating other people to the lie. Its what you do with the intel that makes it groundbreaking, when you help a far left liberal see the truth, then they become the most valuble tool of spreading the truth


Knowing the Truth and Acting on the Truth are VERY different things. We all KNOW the Truth but NONE are truly willing to sacrifice what is Necessary to ACT upon it! it’s just much easier and more convenient to post comments and make cheesy videos.

I guess it leads to a Question, HOW and what is REQUIRED for people to step away from the computer, cell phone and the imaginary to step out in to the Cold brutal reality? What will finally lead to UNITY, A calamity? much as it has been throughout history? What will cause the levy to brake?


Please provide us the source where David Knight questions the purpose of Infowars? If he’s been with them for 8 years now (Alex Jones said it himself several shows ago), I don’t think he’s questioning much. But please, show us where David Knight says he doesn’t believe in Infowars’ mission. I’m intrigued.


Wow @Bingozee, you’re just as much of a troll as @Troy is; if you’re going to quote me, quote the full thing:

I said…

Please provide us the source where David Knight questions the purpose of Infowars?

UPDATE: Bingozee removed his comment because he was called out. I’m done with you traitors.


@itsLenox If you noticed I removed my question, sorry did not Realize you where responding to a post further up dumb ass.

Trust me @itsLenox a doubt you have the knowledge, or intelligence to call me out for anything… just sayn :slight_smile: