Sorry INFOWARS comes to this


I think this account was a bot. They seem articulate in the first paragraph then say this :
“It is time for the people of the USA, that is the most fucked up, out to lunch country on this planet”

Uhh what?

“Patriotism founded on very broken psychology”.

I didn’t know the constitution was broken.

“From 2019 I’ll fight my own”… “REAL freedom comes by the hand a feet of many, not speech as words are powerless and empty.”

Sounds like a song lyric.
Annnnnnd the final blow. How are you gonna “fight your own” and succeed when you say real freedom comes by the hand a feet of many? I’m sure u meant either hand and feet of many or hand a feat. Like handed defeat.

Post was copied and pasted together= troll.
Bye bye lost robot please let the forbidden information hit you on the way out.

P.s. it’s more insulting that you think we don’t do our own research and follow blindly. If that was the case this forum would be called cnn.


@Bingozee put your keyboard shit typing to rest & meet us in Austin on the 12th to see REAL WORLD activism.

There are a group of us here that use this site to actually organize & meet up to inform and represent our belief’s. Your just all talk & troll.

You won’t do shit.


I didnt know infowars had executive orders.


He’s been added to the troll/trader list already.

There’s a growing list & were watching closely to see who gets added to it.

Let @NinjaAlex420 know if you see anyone else that needs added to it.


Oh goodie what are we going to do Drink cool-aid, talk about what to post and make the next YouTube video about?

Sounds fun, I will bring cookies and maybe some milk for the people with sensitive stomachs.


abso-fucking-lutely MAKE DAT MONEY! the #1 top PRIORITY! Selling you the ILLUSION your Fighting for Anything! Keep POSTING, making them videos, buying them supplements, and T-shirts! hell don’t forget to HASHTAG Alex Jones! but know as long as your sitting watching, NOTHING is happening, your Fight achieving NOTHING.

It pisses me off when all I see are lemmings, being played. where the Fuck are the “PEOPLES ARMY”

“The objective of the game is to guide a group of anthropomorphised lemmings through a number of obstacles to a designated exit.”


The video where Alex informs of David’s heart attack.


@Troy This is because David is realizing how pointless it is to come in every day, to regurgitate propaganda for profit while nothing changes, David is realizing INFOWARS and its supposed patriots have no EFFECT what so ever on reality.

Fact is “they” set up the shit before “they” take it away, giving the illusion “you” or INFOWARS had effect and are winning, hence Trump and EVERYTHING he has supposedly caused, or done, was, is in FACT set in place for that exact reason, to appear that way.

STILL don’t hear people talking about AFTER trump, whose next, what’s next. TRUMP nothing more than a DISTRACTION. just to keep you from forming, planning or truly acting on anything.

Lastly, you’re an idiot if you think they have not considered, projected and planed accordingly… This is how Phys-ops work, keep the enemy thinking there winning, while using their energy, and momentum against them. Trump is a convenient pause while real things are put in place.


No dumb ass were meeting up to fly banners & signs.

Why do you act like a childish douche? Serious question.

Oh wait cause your a fake & all talk. I bet your a out of shape loser with no life.

Prove me wrong & meet us in Austin on Riverside bridge & 35 on the 12th.

Trader, loser, out of shape p.o.s


I will being some construction paper and crayons, we can color while we enjoy our cookies and milk.

I have been a cyclist for over 30 yrs, I am sure I am very much in shape, thanks for asking though.


Yea bring whatever you want. Seriously.

Don’t just type it actually do it.

Bring your cookies, milk and “bicycle” on the 12th in Austin tx.

Don’t forget to reply with your little highlighted pieces like you do with EVERY response on this thread. Lol what a loser

You pick out tiny pieces of our replies that you think will make you look “clever” when you reply. Haha your the joke milk & cookies boy.


and your calling me childish… hummm… Why not take that To the DOORS of parliament, or some fucking place that matters, rather then some BRIDGE that most people find ANNOYING considering there DRIVING! and your DISTRACTING them!

I don’t think that is a very intelligent or effect way of making a stand, or functional form of “Activism”,

the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change, that is BEST taken to the GOVERNMENT, not the people, clearly people are powerless. At most they may think you made a cool or neat looking banner and sign.

just sayn…


Its hilarious that these types think they have us fooled… Lol we saw @mongoose and @Bingozee right off the bat… Is anyone surprised by this thread??


LISTEN to JONES RIGHT NOW!~ Stop taking it to the BRIDGES and malls, TAKE it to the GOVERNMENT! dumb ass…


Cool stop waisting your time and go do what you do i dont stand with you so no need to lecture me see ya i stand with alex so just bounce


lol it’s ironic, ALEX JONES "you know your over the target by the amount of flak you receive" BINGO! Seems I am over the target but the majority of the supposed patriots lack the ability to think critically or have the interests, intelligence, or drive to research their own, nope they wait and depend on what their told.

“Brain fucked monkeys reduced to sheep.”

I find it totally amusing how many of the peepes here take things personally, Fact is people don’t like the TRUTH because it challenges the artificiality.

If you want to WAKE people and make a POINT take it to the SOURCE, that being your LOCAL government.

@Johnboy Lastly, still I don’t know the Truth, please enlighten me, or do you need some construction paper and crayons to do so??

I am not against Alex or INFOWARS, I am disgusted by the pretenders who claim to be woke, Fact is when you’re only willing to accept half you simply do not know the whole, this is called ignorance, something prominent when considering the average listener or “activist” today, so I say what I say…

PS: I have been with INFOWARS since its beginning, just so ya know.


Haha your so blind. If you actually believed anything your saying you wouldn’t be still be here, you should be smart enough to not give something that you don’t like this much attention. You talk about activism while you type your life away. We are on here so we can get together and be active. Your explaining and defending yourself for attention. And it sure beats the other side full of vaccines flouride pedophiles and baby murderers


The fact is your on the losing side of this whole argument. Your opinions don’t mean shit here cause they resonate with no one.

Open your eyes Mr liberal milk & cookies & you’ll see what’s so obvious.

No ones buying your bull shit. Bye now


I see not much has changed during my break… I have a few reflections I’d like to share…
*1st- we all share a common goal- finding the truth
*2nd- we all have something worth fighting for and we all have something to lose
*3rd- we are all stronger together and a house divided will fall

I was genuinely questioning things before I took a break and because I questioned the intergrity of this group, I suffered major backlash. That proved a few points to me. This forum is for discussion and for organization. How can you organize anything when you are constantly fighting in the discussion? I’ve realized that my focus and priorities were very unorganized. I’ve kept in touch with a few awesome people on this forum who have shown me that there is always gonna be good and bad in this fight… I’m commenting to say, perception is everything in this world. Some of you need to seriously take a long look inward at the condition of your heart. It’s so very unnecessary to tear people down because you don’t agree with what they say. It’s actually easier to ignore then it is to put up a fight. I may not always agree with people, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but that doesn’t mean we should tear each other down…

There, that’s the two cents from someone who was labeled a traitor and a troll by most of the ones in this forum even though all I did was question things that were bothering me…

Thank you @PASTORSAM, @proudinfidel, @DistractedMasses @GreggHuestis67, @Smorza, @Salty and a few others. YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROS. You didn’t give up on me. You didn’t label me and throw me away. You guys are true Infowarriors… The rest of you who like to lead in the dissension and make your “lists” and label people… Don’t kid yourselves. Until you learn that fighting for truth involves integrity and respect of others… You are very much apart of the problem as well …


Yes, I get that, but for what, to color and eat cookies? you’re not accomplishing anything otherwise, oh, umm unless you’re willing to take it to where it matters, Bridges and Parks just make your whole argument amusing and its participants a joke, not to mention annoying.

You want to have effect, stop making the public uncomfortable and take it to the politician, government establishment. Do it Right or don’t do it at all.


"The fact is you’re on the losing side of this whole argument"

Dude I am not arguing anything, I am stating REALITY! and yet you still have FAILED to enlightened me to the TRUTH, if you can’t do it here, then what are you going to do there! Fake.

Honestly if we are arguing, um you have completely FAILED to make any points at all, as a fact because you have nothing you can only think to slander me, I am sure in hopes to play your childish name calling game. you must be… 10 !