Sorry INFOWARS comes to this


This sounds a little suicidal – Leave your gun at home, lie down in front of a bulldozer, forget about God, your family, your job and just let the crazies run you over. InfoWarriors don’t lay their lives down so SJW can win.

I’m guessing your activism may include putting on a pink “P” hat, :scream:screaming at the moon, harassing the elderly or disabled; and when you’re not wearing a “P” hat, you probably hide behind a mask to attack others.

I think you are on the wrong site. May I suggest trying the SPLC or OSF, where you may fit in.


Trust me @itsLenox a doubt you have the knowledge, or intelligence to call me out for anything… just sayn :slight_smile:

Based on my interpretation of your comment, sounds like this is your “excuse” to not explain yourself… probably because you can’t or don’t know how.

It doesn’t matter what your reason was when you removed your comment, it doesn’t explain why you only quoted half my quote, had time to rebuke it instead of rereading my comment and making sure you fully understood what I was talking about, and quickly removed it? Your answer will help me understand just how “knowledgable” you really are.

If you don’t understand something, ASK. Don’t be so quick to type up a nonsense response.


@skz Exactly. Tell me, how long do you think the WORLD will stand for unarmed people being killed,

That is the point, as soon as we are holding a GUN it changes EVERY thing. while laying them down requires our ABSOLUTE confidence, belief and faith in GOD! or are we hypocrite or is it because we know it’s not real.

As soon as we Touch a gun, we’re a TARGET!

The WORLD has to see we are willing to LAY our Life’s down for what we believe, and TRUST HUMANITY will RESPOND accordingly, otherwise it’s just a larger form of hypocrisy and fakery.

This WAR is won via GLOBAL UNITY!

This war can only be OWN by PEACE! if we revert to what we have always been, we will continue to be what the same throughout history, an enemy.

Can’t fight Sin with sin, Evil with Evil.


This is all just the start. I didnt know the iPhone xx++5 was the 1st iPhone ever made or the mustang gt500 didn’t come the model t. We will evolve with experience. Alot of people are still figuring out how powerful we really are. Then gaining the balls to act with that power to make change. Idk what high horse of superactivism you are on. I didnt see you chain yourself to anything or heard of any activism you have ever done. Who are you to say we are the sheep? @MamaPotato is right, alot of immaturity hasn’t changed. If you are not here to help spread the infowars ARMY message then please just quietly leave


Then gaining the balls to act with that power to make change.

Bravo. Yes.


Happy new year, and good to see you’ve “crawled back”, as they say. I wouldn’t worry about the trolls; one even put me on the list of traitors despite agreeing with the guy, so it was obvious they’re elitists that are no better than Antifa. Yes, I call out stuff when I see it, but at least you’ll know that, at the end of the day, I’m fair. You defended yourself well when you were challenged, and the troll sulked. I’m sure many of us will help you in dealing with the keyboard cowboys, as it’s the same when trolls on social media suggest suicide for disagreeing. I will even pledge that, if you wish.

You are absolutely correct that we need to adjust the focus knobs. Let’s get to certain points, cross-examine them to make them stronger, and do what we need to do. We’re not going to agree on everything, but there’s no need to be an elitist about it. If you don’t agree, cross-examine the points. If you’re still not satisfied, move on to something else.

It’s good to see you on here again.


God Bless whom ever did this!! Freaking Great! I tag some signs


@HandyRandy Almost appears your saying “STOP” INFOWARS… lol teasing, not sure a Stop sign is the best sign to put that sticker on… BEST place ever, The HANDLES of shopping Carts at your local market.


The WORLD does not care if unarmed Americans are being killed, matter a fact, the NWO would love it.

We should NEVER lay our guns down for a Tyrannical Government. Conservative Americans ARE the target, whether we have guns or not. We as citizens of the USA have to be willing to fight for FREEDOM (of speech, to arm ourselves, to worship, etc), no matter what. Once our freedom has been taken, we become nothing more than SLAVES to the NWO.

God gave us the strength and knowledge to do His will. We as God fearing people have to be willing to stand up and fight (and die if necessary) to protect, at all cost, what we believe. We were not put on this earth to just lay down and allow the evil of the world to take over.

If “GLOBAL UNITY” (GLOBALISM) wins, we as a FREE NATION, loose.


Yeah I was replying to whom ever put the stickers on the Google Headquarters!! That and placing a sticker on a stop sign is better than on a shopping cart only to have the next Libtard rip it off! I’ve had that one up over a week now and it’s still there! You think it’d last that long on a shopping cart?? Why don’t you do EVERYONE A FAVOR & LEAVE!!


Unfortunately, that is an artificiality, and you nor I have ever been FREE when your born in to slavery.

"The WORLD does not care if unarmed Americans are being killed" Completely Untrue, but this is a good example of how we have no FAITH in each other.

"We as God-fearing people have to be willing to stand up and fight (and die if necessary) to protect, at all cost, what we believe." Yes… But what when what you believe is a lie, and wrong, do you still KILL for it?

I do understand you view, but do you think peace comes at the barrel of a gun, blade of a sword, tip of the spire, or by killing someone?

NO Peace can NEVER be won with violence but rather SACRIFICE. as mentioned above, Sin can not cure sin, Evil cannot cure evil. for HUMANITY to surpass these things we have to find Unity.

Actually I wonder if @PASTORSAM might give something to this particular topic, with out pasting some scripture or bible passage, but with his own words, if so honestly welcome… I say this because I appreciate his cause, not so much the copy and pasting thing.



lol so witty, but yes it works much better then something NO one is going to take the time Necessary to read while there DRIVING, but just sayn…

Maybe your right, put that sticker on signs people look at from a distance for a fraction of a second. Very good, I am sure it is much more Effective than a shopping cart handle that are literately in your face. Humm I wonder if it’s been there for so long because NO one see’s it… but I digress. excuse me :slight_smile:


Yes, No, Yes Yes, No & YES…
This sounds like a inside job to me
Who was the infowarrior from Texas zippn around in his Subaru in Calhoun county on I-94 (isn’t that the birthplace of the Republican Party) and wouldn’t give me shout out?
Was I being trolled


Lisa Havens said our enemies are trying to make YouTubers look crazy, dumb, like fake news, etc, through false flags, in 2019 especially, this year, more so than ever before, in order to push millions and millions of people back to CNN, to Control Freak News, etc. This year, they will continue and accelerate in discrediting patriots online like never before. But the good news is that we know that and a lot of people know that and we are like boys crying wolf.

And the wolves really are there.


@HandyRandy That is a good example and display of the VERY reason the USA is as fucked as it is. You are not winning anything. hence your rather pathetic attack on me for being Right by Commonsense, But over all No offense, and keep up the good fight.

It’s ok.

PS: what is a LIBTARD ?


I thought @Bingozee was leaving



I agree, me after a long day of 4:20 :slight_smile:


Hey, look what I found!


@well_well_well Your doing very well at making the example of a troll, thank you…

Very Very clever! Lets clap our big hands for little you… Ooooh so special!


I love money and think money is a tool that can be used for good and for bad.