Sorry INFOWARS comes to this


I will not say I disagree, as for much of put here is correct, however not making it true, or truth when considering that there are a history before that, and even the advent of religious belief.

However I will elaborate a bit once I am home, unable to do so now, I believe these things are interesting.

Lastly to understand, we have to know the truth about the beginning, so I will try to touch on that also, you may notice that’s the combination of many of my post are in fact form one thing. To understand my point of view, one might benefit be READING the following…


@Ian What About the connected extended families? Can we find will to look at each for merit. Then can we send the rest of the commies for their own protection to live in the ghost cities of China.


It’s been almost a week since you said goodbye. How many posts have you made since then? If you are so eager to make a difference, why are do you continue to waste your time here? You complain about infighting, but criticize and provoke other users with your contempt. It seems to me you are full of shit, projecting your inadequacy and laziness on others, just a kid seeking attention. Stop lecturing people like you are the World’s Greatest Activist and either participate in a positive way or gtfo.


I agree with the OP

IW is almost a PSYOP at this point.

To convert liberty minded individuals to the typical generic Fox News brand of conservatism.

Once they started pushing Rudy ‘nine eleven’ Guiliani as someone we should like I knew it was over. They were corrupted


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Exactly @Paladin?

The expressing of an opinion, point of view, idea, belief, and understanding of any given thing is NOT a waste of time, even when it may fall upon deaf ears, and unseeing eyes, the dead. To say that these things are a “waste” it to very much be Hypocritical while also absolutely counterproductive to the argument as a whole, thus “counter intuitive” and Irrational.

Also I find it VERY counter productive to Make Irrational statements while not offering anything in return, this is “Irrationality”, thus the question is Irrational. I am logical, and there for rational in my opinion as I have stated it here.

Lastly I am not here for popularity or seeking acceptance as I am very aware of what response will be typical and that I do not require others to agree, I am offering a consideration, and some examples of why we are folly not to, this is rationality.

  1. the quality of being based on or in accordance with reason or logic.
    “like any phobia, rationality plays only a small role”
    the quality of being able to think sensibly or logically.
    “Scott wanted to play the character with a bit more dignity and rationality”
    the quality of being endowed with the capacity to reason.
    “we call rationality the distinction of man, when compared with other animals”

  2. Mathematics the property of a number, quantity, or expression of being expressible, or containing quantities which are expressible, as a ratio of whole numbers.


@Paladin for got to add.


I didn’t claim people here are dumb, “dead” or wasting their time here. You did. You said goodbye almost a week ago, but continue to provoke, classic attention seeking behavior. I won’t offer you “anything in return” since it’s not productive to speak with someone who prefaces their arguments by calling others stupid. Claim to be logical all you want, but you come off as a complete prick. With that said, I know that responses like mine are probably exactly what you want, so you have a lovely argument to look forward to. Don’t get your hopes up, though. Maybe someone else will oblige you.


Nope… the truth is very often dry and hard to swallow when it’s “new”.

Also I do provide examples of what my meanings are, however in the end the evidence is what surrounds you, us.


Red flag laws… Gone wrong…

Gun grabbing? 🇺🇸

WOW this is an OLD thread… Why would you post it here, just curious?


What happens when people won’t give up their guns?


Oh I know, consider once the Trumpet is blown the Doors are going to come slamming down, then the REAL show will begin. We are getting close, Almost all the man power in place.


Already there buddy, the LEFT is going to REALISE THEY FUCKED UP!!!


No, this is nothing… Trust there is MUCH MORE to come.




Actually I hit the wrong topic… It should have went under gun grabbing… :expressionless: Got sidetracked reading this one… LoL and I just did it again on the other one :expressionless:

I do actually use the search bar btw :wink::+1:


you should probably still post it there, if you haven’t already.

I know :slight_smile: :+1:


Already linked it :+1: I try to keep it organized…

  1. I find it hard to disagree with you here.
  2. I ask why aren’t we getting many and many posts here about what activism task someone has completed instead of one or two?
    2.1 Why are we discussing off topics and debating religion?
  3. Why isn’t Owen or Alex saying things about what infowars listeners have accomplished?
    3.1 The answer is: we haven’t really done much to save this country and Trump only has 2 more years. There are crazy, evil people that have enslaved us, What are We Doing?
    3.2 There are about 1000 of us, that is 1000 Paul Reveres and we haven’t done much.
  4. I will try to come up with something else that I can do. Alex needs some cash so I will send some.
  5. I will not try to say, oh, I gave Alex $5 and I’m good for a month, Still I need to push forward and do something to change the direction we are going.
  6. Will someone please read the Constitution and look up online courses. I have had enough of this off-topic b.s. and complaints about Trump.