Sorry INFOWARS comes to this


LOVE TRUMPS HATE, literally, the conservatives want to unite with the left, but they are so filled with hate of this president and this nations history that I don’t see how we could progress as a country until we see each other as american citizens of the best country. Love Trumps everything in the end


Do not let the door hit your Goat’s ass on the way out.


I hate to say it but Trump has to pull the ol’Saddam Hussain swamp draining technique on the douchebags in the auditorium during the State of the Union


They should make that a Pay Per View event for funding on the wall.


You beat me to the punch :angry:


I want the merchandising rights


On the activists videos there are only about 3 4 5 likes and that’s it. When there is 1,100 people on this cite.


Paraphernalia from that event would make Billions and it would change culture for decades. I like it!!!

  1. I thought this was a site for activists, well then maybe 5 activists…
  2. I finished reading the Constitution.
  3. See in the Constitution where the MSM is working with
    democrats to commit treason with fake polls, news leaks and lies.
  4. HRC committed treason with the email server.
  5. Muller is committing unreasonable searches and seizures.
  6. Feel free to continue…


I wish I had all night to keep going bout what you’re saying but it would take longer than that…The President has to do what needs to be done to save America.I hope he does…


Spot on brother…but I get the goats…


Bingo probably spends his day playing video games which is why he talks like a 12 year old that has neve been given a good paddle by his dad behind the woodshed

Me Against The World

If your going to “talk” about someone use their Tag unless your cowardly.



I’ll do it any way I please


Ya. Cowardly…apparently


I understand you. And I agree, it’s rich being chastised on behavior by someone who needs more lessons.