Stock Market Performance Under Each President


This is the most ridiculous hit piece I have ever seen, for starters its cnn… They are trying to compare and contrast 3 years as opposed to 8.

What worries me is the general public sees this and says o man, they got something there, thus creating more confusion and stress amongst us. We have reached massive milestones in the economy and stock market since he has been in office, not to mention lowest unemployment rate in history.

They expect him to grow the economy so large that it will burst because the only way it can keep climbing is Quantatative Easing because this bubble is big and needs manufactured money to keep it moving.

We know the economy is in great shape and is staying strong in the face of trade wars and geopolitical turmoil. Newt Gengrich is the one that got the Clinton bump going but the brainwashed don’t know that.

He was handed a shit economy just like how H DUBYA handed a shit one to Clinton then Newt had to fix it. Went to war under Jr. economy skyrockets then crashes as he leaves. Then Obummer…shit economy and stayed a shit economy and was handed to Trump in shit condition. You do the math…
Had to try and distract the weak minded somehow from the FakeNewsFredo situation.

  1. Remember Gavin McInnes: the economy is always improving. Obama’s “recovery” was a reality, but it was a cruddy recovery. Trump got it really going.
  2. Depression is around the corner, and probably a pretty bad one. Yield inversions are occurring, according to Gerald Celente.