Suspects Who Attacked Conservatives at Buttigieg Rally Identified, Police Seeking Arrest Warrants


One of them is a political major here at Arizona State University…
My Sister just graduated from there, going to ask her if she knew this fucktard…

“The two men that attacked Bennett are believed to be Ethan Buhrow and his father Michael Buhrow, who traveled out of state from Illinois to attend the Buttigieg rally. Ethan is a political science major at Arizona State University and lists on his Facebook page that he was a Field Organizer for failed Democratic candidate Nancy Zettler, who ran for Illinois State Senate last year and lost.”


Looks like the public needs to know of the kind of people that are in the ASU political science program. Seems to me he has violated student policy with his actions. Maybe the local news media might want to know about the kinds of students that are at ASU, a state university.

But then I don’t expect much from a school that has a devil for a mascot. Seriously, have they not read the bible and what happens in the end, whether the story is true or not? They actually want a loser for a mascot? Apparently, seeing how well their sports program is doing.


Want to know what kind of school ASU is? This is a school that named their school of journalism after Walter Cronkite, an admitted anti-American supporter of world government.

Hillary Clinton introduced him at the World Federalist association…

Don’t believe it?..

And this is while she was a sitting US First Lady of the US.

Let that sink in folks!


Cronkite attended Bohemian Grove a few times as well


No Hollywood script writer could make this shit up!

Truth really is stranger than fiction.


It all comes out at the end, he had nothing to lose by showing publicly his allegiance to the hierarchy globalists

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Right, being a so-called journalist.

What’s even more revealing is Clinton’s appearance there, while she was in the White House. She was revealing her traitor underbelly and no one even noticed.


He was a master propagandist that swayed millions of viewers into slight of hand directions! I think this year the Walter Cronkite Award went to CNN believe it or not :joy: