Syria & Israel, Venezuela..Will US intervene?


Just curious if anyone thinks the US will intervene in any of these conflicts. They seem to be flashpoints for WW3, if Trump doesn’t hold to his promise of America First. What will it take for him to promise no more foreign intervention as Rand Paul has encouraged?



Slightly different topic, but thanks.


I only put it there for further points of access to info regarding the topic… But you’re welcome… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I understand, thanks for that. :grin:




How naive of me to ask…


Israel and Syria will bomb themselves into oblivion. Actually, Isreal will bomb everyone into oblivion because that’s what they do: kill everyone around them.MM_EJS_Palestine%20copy






So you are a Palestinian apologist? Do you not believe in Israel’s right to exist?


Are you an Israeli apologist? Do you not believe in a Palestinians right to exist?


Answering a question with a question is being evasive.


I think I’ve stated clearly my position. Justify yours.


No, actually you’ve posted a few graphics that you copied from somewhere. How about justifying yours? And incidentally, you don’t know my position. I merely asked yours.


I didn’t just copy them. I made them.


And your point is what? Still explains nothing. A few graphics are not going to convince anyone. Explain your position.


I’m not leading the blind to understanding. If you choose to remain that way, it’s on your conscience. But you can’t justify any of it. A nuclear armed state genociding kids throwing rocks. Yeah. A little heavy handed, no?


How convenient. Now I’m too blind for you to bother explaining your position to? So you think a few graphics with no explanation or context will convince people but detailed explanation and facts will not? Please.