Syria & Israel, Venezuela..Will US intervene?


WE SHOULDN’T! END FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENT! AMERICA FIRST. Why is it that we have become the world’s police force? Let them crazy bastards kill themselves! We got into the middle of a religious War that has been going on for what a thousand years the person that thought that would be a good idea needs to be shot.
Another thing why the Fuck do we love Israel so much and why is there an obsession with them in the first place we shouldn’t care about Israel (America first)I know they lobby for some pretty bad stuff and I know the attacked the uss Liberty and in my opinion it was very clear that they knew what they were doing but in the end why the hell does any country have the ability to pay politicians to pass bills in favour of their country that screw us over


Yes. You are. There’s not enough time and I don’t have the patience. Figure it out for yourself if you choose. But I’m not your messiah to help you see.


The context explains itself. There are numbers in one of them. Your job here is clear to me.


So why bother spamming graphics on the thread if readers like myself are “too blind” to understand? Blaming readers for being “too blind” is nothing but a sorry excuse for your inability to defend your position. I challenged you, you folded. Simple.


When you have no argument, resort to ad hominem attacks. Typical.


Khazars, Bolsheviks, Zionists… whatever you want to call them.


That wasn’t even ad hom. I just explained my understanding of your position. Not an ad hom attack.


My job here? implying I am somehow working for someone is absolutely an ad hominem attack. Get real. Anyone can copy graphics and post them. Speak for yourself, if you can.


One more for you. Getting some restful sleep so I can keep the flames burning bright. Ovens will need tending.


Enough evidence to write an encyclopedia of information about (((who))) they are and what they do. In fact, whole books do exist of their evil ways.


Mossad are not all jews. You are promoting the idea of a vast Jewish conspiracy, that oppresses all races. I asked you to defend that position and you copy and paste graphics. Typical.


Goodnight, smalls. See ya bright and early! That sunwheel keeps on spinning.


Night, smalls…


But not enough for you to put into your own words, apparently. I guess there weren’t any facts important enough for you to recall.


Keep calling me names. Not much else you’ve got, is there? Funny, weren’t you the one apologizing to others on the forum for insulting them just a couple of days ago?


Bro, seriously, format your posts a bit. No one likes reading one huge run-on sentence with no punctuation. Nothing personal, I want to read what you’ve got to say. It would just make it easier if it were more readable.


Lol I usally do, I just get lazy some times. lol
But I mostly do that when I’m speaking elegantly. I know, I’m so bad.


Anyway, to answer your question, it’s in our country’s national interest to have a democratic ally in the middle east. Have you ever been to Israel? I’ve been to Tel Aviv and let me tell you, it’s a beautiful city. Very modern and generally peaceful. If the rest of the middle east were like that, it would be a much better place.



No I agree, that if the rest of the middle was was nice it would be a dope place to be. However when we put ourselves in the middle of conflict like we always do it costs us blood and money. what do we get gain from our so called allies??? Absolutely nothing but subversion and stabbed in the back. That happens with all of these countries we send more too. I’m not pro or agasint Israel honetly I’ve never been there. I am pro AMERICA and stand against any form of subversion against our Constitution form enemies both foreign and domestic.

Stop foreign aid and rebuild AMERICA!