Syria & Israel, Venezuela..Will US intervene?


I do agree that we give them too much financial aid now. In their infancy it was probably necessary to help them develop a nuke program. Being situated between Muslim monarchies intent on wiping their race off the map necessitates serious defensive capabilities. But now, we do need to focus on ourselves and call most of the troops stationed overseas home. Out of NATO, off Russia’s border. Not to become isolationist, but to protect our interests at home.


See that’s where I disagree we shouldn’t be building nations! And why not be isolationist I mean yeah we can help other countries form time to time be we shouldn’t be obligated to send our servicemen and women and, countless billions of dollars around the world one we can’t even feed the poor kids in Detroit. If we were gonna be an empire we should be getting 100% of the resources instead we give China and our allies these resources and our man power.
So yeah brother America first and if we want to help others we shouldn’t be obligated to do so.


I wouldn’t see it as much about building nations as much as it is preventing other nations from expanding their sphere of influence. I think we can both agree it would not be in the world’s best interest for Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia to invade and occupy Israel, which most likely would have happened had we not helped them build their defenses.


See the thing I don’t understand is why does that matter to us? That’s them over there, we have inserted ourselves in nearly every conflict around the world since ww1! When will this Perpetual War Machine end if AMERICA didn’t get attacked we should be neutral! Unless one of our allies that has remained faithful to us has been attacked but, they would have to spend 75% of the cost of the war we will be more like back up. Now we have this interventionist policy around the world that has gotten us into some deep shit. President Bradley’s foreign policy America first! It’s like walfair for nations! Ok let’s get into this wanna know why I think we are blowing up the middle East and funding crazed barbarians? I’ll give you a hint it’s not for oil.


In the middle east I’m pretty sure it was for oil. Now I agree it’s not needed so much anymore, as we are the #1 exporter and Israel can defend itself. I agree with you that we should not be interfering anymore in the affairs of other countries.

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Well I’m sure it had something to do with oil but I think the main goal is to destroy our history cuz the middle East is the cradle of civilization who know what’s out there in the East and the whole of Africa. I watched tons of videos in shock and horror as Isis destroyed old temples and any ancient relics they could find. I fear that we will have holes in our history forever maybe it was already too late to fit the pieces of the puzzle back together. Its like working on a ten thousand piece puzzle with a toddler and, a crackhead. Lol

But judging by your profile picture I’m sure you already know how bad the holes in our history really is.


Didn’t the USA already take a position on Madura…they want him out right?

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Venezuela? No. I understand Trump’s made statements, but the statements are no different from the ones made on North Korea. Has everyone forgotten the “Fire and Fury” controversy? Considering a book was written with the same title, I would hope not, but would venture yes given the bombardment of other news. Sure, Bolton’s already pushing the regime change angle, which is the first step, but unlike the Middle East, it’s not a “This dude’s out, now you pick” scenario that just creates another Napoleon.


I certainly hope not

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“A #USA identification vessel or coastguard allegedly sailed in Venezuela’s exclusive economic zone, 18 nautical miles from Puerto #LaGuaira in #Vargas State
Ships are set to stop the ship from the United States
Case to follow”

“Billy Castro CRGV # 2111 @ Birrilly 10 min
THE SOUTH COMMAND? #CGJames @USNavy is 18 nautical miles away from #LaGuaira moves to #PuertoCabello, is in the exclusive economic zone of #Venezuela. Coastal units of the #FANB are directed to their encounter for visual contact.”

“RGENTE !!! … audio sent by the Venezuelan Navy”

“A North American Coast Guard is 18 nautical miles from Puerto de la Guaira and moves to Puerto Cabello. That is, it is in the exclusive economic zone of our territory. One more flagrancy of provocations to our Homeland and to our FANB (+ Audio)”

#AHORA An American identification vessel or coastguard would have sailed in the exclusive economic zone of Venezuela, 18 nautical miles from Puerto La Guaira, edo. Vargas It was registered by marinetraffic. Photos: Courtesy. # 9May”