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Should government and others interfere with our God-given right to bear arms, to have firearms, to have guns, to have weapons, that shall not be infringed, for hunting, self-defense, for target practice as a hobby, and more importantly as a militia, the 4th branch of U.S. government; should American government do what Hitler and Nazi Germany did in the 1930’s and what the USSR and China and Venezuela and other countries did and have done?

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You are and you want to

  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Anti-2nd Amendment
  • Maximize Background Checks
  • Minimize Background Checks
  • Ban Certain Guns And Stuff
  • Ban Guns From the Mentally Ill, the Sick, etc…
  • Increase Gun Taxes
  • Increase Gun Regulations
  • Increase Gun Prohibition
  • Minimize the size of the Federal Government

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If Trump goes after the 2nd Amendment, I will stop supporting him. I won’t stop supporting Infowars - I’m Done With Trump. No support for him. He Crossed the Line


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Take the After-Trump Poll

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