Target is a liberal bee hive


Who else can’t stand Target? I went there the other day to pick up a perscription and it seemed like everyone working there was a feminist bitch. The lady in the cvs office had short pink hair and she was talked with a customer about how men suck. Moments later on the other side of the store this one woman working there was yelling at a soyboy worker and he was biting his nails with anxiety. After that I see these two soyboys talking about which plaid outfits they like the best . The other “men” working there looked like goblin creatures. People in the checkout line were talking about how they have no memory I kid you not.


I boycott Target if at all possible but I am enraged against walmart, wholefoods, home depot, boa, apple, amazon, etc.

I did end up buying a record player from there over a year ago as a Christmas present which works fine. The checker was professional and helpful but I would have rather had a different model with additional inputs.


I would boycott target but I have asthma, I have to pick up my meds from somewhere I have no choice. However my welding instructor told me about something called a feingold diet which cured his son from life long asthma in a week. Big pharma knows that diet is the answer to cure asthma but they would rather sell people steriods. I’ll let you all know how the diet goes. If it works this will be one more way to boycott big pharma.