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Who is not religious? What does religion mean? Well, religion means dogma. Religion means belief. So, do some people have no beliefs? Are leftists void of belief? When a person chooses not to believe in a higher power, is that not a belief system? That takes me back to my first question, who is NOT religious, in the general sense? When people say that they are NOT religious, they mean that in a specific sense, meaning that they are NOT religious within the parameters of certain religions. So, the general definition of religion is specific. But when I look at the word “RELIGION,” I look at it in a general sense, a very general sense to include everybody. Same thing with politics. Everything is politics in a general sense. Specifically, people use politics to describe just the government side of politics and not the effects politics might have on everybody. Likewise, religion, or the lack therein, has an effect on everybody, whether you believe that or not and whether you know that or not; it’s like gravity, meaning simply that is how things are.


@Benoaks, I have never heard @Bingozee talk apart from a computer generated robot voice. Is @Bingoze even real?


You are not worshiping the serpent?


Bingozee is it true that you killed over 50 men back in nam?

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I think Bengozee is the ghost of Steven Hawkings. Because Steven Hawkings was not a Christian, so he didnt make it in to heaven so God sent him back and now hes mad.

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God, Religion, Homosexuality and the Transgendered.

before you read the following…

The following is only my opinions that I share that are not the only answer or the right answer, nor are others wrong if they disagree or share a different opinion of the same thing.

I will openly admit I am not Homosexual (“gay”) or Transgender, however, I have experienced a life that has exposed me to the life style and which for me was the opportunity to gain a better understanding of things I cannot truly relate, during this time I have met many people that I have had many conversations of Homosexuality, among the many other comprehensions of someone gay, by many. Needless to say I gained understandings and acknowledgements that range from the after house underground night club scene to the popular and famous. Not only did I gain these understanding but also many acquaintances and friends. I cannot say I have ever judged any one for their sexual orientation, race, colour or creed. I have also witnessed the heterosexual “convert” to “Homosexual” and vs versa. Even so I am not implying that I understand what it is to be “Homosexual” or “Transgender”, the “act” or literal mental being,

I only know Homosexual and Transgender by my observation and acknowledgement of the sciences. This is not about being Homosexual, the Transgendered or Religion, law or social trend, it is not about how or what we think, or feel about the “Homosexual”, Transgendered persons or the act, it’s about the imbalance and illness, mentality and psychopathic tendency, and by which means many of these have come and have become devastating.

I have not been a participant in the “act” of the “Homosexual” nor suffer “Transgenderism”, I have only observed the life style and everyday life of many “Homosexual” people (“acquaintances & friends”), but that’s a whole different thread and story.

I also can admit that it may be hard to read or agree, however, we are not required to, in the case we do, I say it’s a hard pill to swallow because it challenges everything, that most commonly results with the reader feeling insulted, offended, or even angered.

By reading beyond this point, we must already be willing to accept the literal interpolation of what is read is our own responsibility and not that of the author, nor are authors held responsible for our own inter personal insecurity or the emotional “feeling” we may experience or manner of which we choose to cope, manage and express ourselves, that said I would also like to acknowledge that at times what I post or what we may read can seem condescending, however this is not intentional, I am not angered or upset, only strict.

God, Religion, Homosexuality And The Transgendered.

Consider the actuality of its effect unto reality literally, rationally, logically, truthfully, honestly. We must abandon our race, colour, and creed even temporarily to read for the following is for the willing.

The Thread.
The following are my responses to questions that have been asked of me or generally,

These are two very distinct different things.

No doubt there is more information and consideration, however, the links I reference above can be used as a starting point to discovery for those looking to research and study.

Parent (“guardian”) - child relationships share many commonality to “stockholm syndrome”, however, there are also many considerations that are distinctively different from a healthy “relationship” and unhealthy “ syndrome”. I refer to stockholm syndrome as it facilitate and exploit both emotional and mental instability that utilize vulnerability, that are manipulated as discipline, punishment, praise among other things that are if not always a prerequisite to successful indoctrination" of an individual, culture, society such things as religious affiliation, belief and faith along with the plethora of other cultural, societal trend and pressure applied, also how and why humanity have come to live by its study and result today and throughout the majority of “man’s” history, of course there are many additional considerations and acknowledgements to be gained that I have deliberately not elaborated upon for the sake of simplicity.

True, only they can change themselves. I have interacted with many people whom suffer addictions and substance dependence that are “hopeless” until they are willing and have the will to help themselves above all things.

This is also a common fact of addiction and the addict, fanatic a fanaticism, the hypocrite the hypocrisy, narcissist its narcissism or the egotistical the ego. In fact, there are many occasions and situations where we may find ourselves hopelessly “trying” to “change” someone frivolously, however, an impossibility if they are unwilling. Again i will not elaborate on the plethora of other considerations associated with addiction and dependence.

People whom suffer these imbalance and illness do not comprehend their own situation the same as the observer, in fact they display many forms and symptoms of dissasoscation.

Homosexuals !

Homosexuals are all kinds of people, however, yes they do share a common psychopathic tendency that typically stems from childhood experience, genetic memory, hormonal, biochemical, neurological instability and or deficiency, illness and or disease that are also often gained by both parents by the offspring. People whom are born with these imbalance are not “gay” or “transgender”, “male” or “female” per say but do most often share the resulting psychopathy that identified them as “gay”, “straight” , “male”, “female” along with the plethora of other identifiers. These imbalances are emboldening by the experience and are passed on to the offspring of the person suffering the imbalance. Much as a pedophile whom practices paedophilia is likely to pass this genetic memory on to his / her offspring, for it “emboldens”, however if the same person did not practice paedophilia “diminished”. This is emboldening or diminishing of genetic memory / psychopathic traits, an ancient understanding still practised today. This is the short ended answer.

On that note, these “imbalance” will eventually and inevitably diminish or embolden to its normalized state as what is natural and nature will always revert to its self again over time unavoidably.

So the homosexual, transgender among other things are most often induced via hormonal imbalance during the gestational period and or by inheriting the tainted genetic memory. There are also many other things that need be discussed also if we choose to dig deeper, like GMO and others more.

In ancient times homosexual boys were typically the first sacrificed. Beheaded, among other violation for reasons I will again not elaborate on here.


Politicians during ancient time have been CALLED and KNOWN as whore But any one whom use sexual activity in exchange for payment. is both a whore and Prostitute, that are not always female, or mature.

Sexual activity, sexual services, commercial sex or, colloquially, Hooking. is sometimes referred to euphemistically as “the world’s oldest profession”, also USED as a tool to Spy and to Extort information from height level officials, royalty and the church.

In the English A person who works in this field is called a prostitute.

Lastly a simple search and some research would Answer these Question more efficiently given we are determined to follow through with study

Famous Prostitutes In History

  • 1 Catherine Walters
    1. Theodora
    1. Phryne
    1. Cora Pearl
    1. Aspasia
    1. Rahab
    1. Nell Gwyn
    1. Lulu White
    1. Veronica Franco
    1. Sally Salisbury
    1. Sada Abe
    1. Calamity Jane

Though these have little to do with Homosexuality or Transgenderism.

How? A few generations from now… The issue with gay and transgender has nothing at all to do with our “belief” or “opinion” but rather these are unsustainable and in reality doomed to calamity!

People are stuck on the obsession rather than thinking rationally, logically, thus critical… Thinking… But it has nothing to do with what people “think!” or “feel”, that’s just the manipulation of our interpersonal insecurity that lead to vulnerability, obsession, emotional instability and entertainment to keep distracted by the bullshit news / media/ advertising and others, a fact, actuality and reality no matter the propaganda, advertisement, or trend.

I am just annoyed by how it just seems people obsessing over the smallest most meaningless thing, it’s the big picture that matters I think, and that is really hard to see while we are stuck obsessing, most how we disapprove, dislike, or think its nasty because its gay, transgender rather then what this behaviour will do unto the all of humanity, it is not just in the USA, it is happening globally and the reality is, devastating.

I agree all of these activity should be illegal and respected and treated as mental instability and illness which it is medically, psychologically, and biblically.

this and for “medical” and “mental” issues sodomy was made illegal as it also proved to manifest a calamity, thus these understandings have been injected in to scripture before the fruition of the bible and Koran among other texts for example, prophesied, preached by the pope and priest as the “law” of “god” unto the king, king unto the army a king’s authority unto the civilization and society the power of the secret society and ancient family. I will leave it at that, but by the way I understand things, I have empathy and pity for man and what he has become, however never was “he” beauty but the beast and the mark “his” mentality, “his” primitive mind and thinking, tainted, toxic and evil and sin.

Just a perspective but I will leave it at that…

Homosexual and criminals are two completely different things even when used in the same sentence. Not all criminality is sinful, and homosexuality is not actually the sin, it’s a crime, it’s the disease among other plights that are a direct result of sodomy in ancient times that the act was made punishable by law and death! For the very sake it was at one time a very real threat unto many civilizations and society’s that lacked the same standard of diet, hygiene and pharmaceutical we have today. Today it’s no different with the exception of better facility thus hygiene.

Trans people are not gay. Gay and fag are also not the same. In “gay” environments such as Hollywood, gays are seen as men whom love and have romantic relations (“get married”) with other men, gay men seldom dress as a woman, fags are seen as men that only have sex with other men and often dress as a women or hybrid. However fundamentally each share the common trait of sex with other men, thus homosexuality which is not a sin but punishable by law and death in ancient times.

At one time it in was the complete opposite where it was sinful and a crime to love a man as woman (“because its unsustainable”) but not a sin nor crime to have sex with him (“its physical”), in ancient times male intercourse was common with in military and royalty, farm lands and villages, it was a form of bonding and brotherly love, also rape and torture, in the time of the gospel, men would lay with men, not only sexually but for companionship and of course warmth. Ironically a behaviour common to wheals and dolphins among other species.

Side note.

A study done some time ago identified that a group of males whom risked their lives together are more likely to experiment and or practice some facet of homosexual activity, compared to a group of men that risked nothing.

So according to today’s law, no he is not more sinful then the man next to him, however he is a criminal for his crime, not his homosexuality. If in ancient times of these laws being written he would be guilty of both the crime and his homosexuality which alone would guarantee the death penalty, that was most commonly burned at the stake.

Frankly none of this has anything to do with “Jesus”.

Fact is Life and Living provided Humanity Firsthand EXPERIENCE that “Homosexuality” can LEAD to calamity, not just of disease but also Physical and mental imbalances and illness that resulted with toxicity and depletion of genetic diversity and pooling by many means.

however as I mentioned above, because of these reality homosexuality, Sodomy or buggery, facilitate calamity that’s dangerous and threatening unto humanity and man, sustainability quit literally, that has nothing whatsoever to do with “God”, yet everything to do with scripture, the “Bible” along with others and By “Religion”, which is indoctrinated law, “Governance Of Disobedience” by the Religious Prosecution and propagated rites thereof…

All concerns regarding “sex”, “sexuality” have been written into ancient scripture and scroll by Man’s hand and the HUMAN experience that is still being translated, interpolated, investigated and manipulated, altered and regurgitated by “Man” as if a voice of his own.

“In God We Trust” means quit literally, “In Law We Trust”, again having nothing whatsoever to do with the “God”, but of the perjury and plagiarism of “Man”, “The Bible”and His prophesied authority unto the illiterate, ignorant, lost, desperate, and starving.

At a time when SURVIVAL depended wholly on birthing Offspring, Homosexuality was seen as Blasphemous and a shame, a plight. Thus It has been shun for the longest time Religiously, Biblically, Lawfully for the sake it has proven Deadly to ancient civilizations and society’s in distant history.

"Men have many laws yet the Human have only one”.

Consider HOW many things have been omitted or added to religious text over their history as religious where in fact the first form of Law and Authority, Spiritually, Mentally and Physically over the Ignorant, illiterate farmer and villager, culture and Society, throughout its history, “religion”, which is an indoctrinated law, “Governance Of Disobedience” by the "Religious Prosecution and propagated rites thereof…

It’s not about “PUNISHMENT” or “PUNISHING”.

While concerning “homosexuality” or “transgenderism” I prefer to consider these by the actuality, thus imbalanced and or mentally illness that some individuals suffer be it Genetically, hormonally and or Mentally.

First I truly hate these titles, “gay” and “transgender”.

I think they are offensive, sexist and disgusting actually, i feel dirty or uncomfortable mentioning or using them. I rather see things literally by the chemistry and psychopathy of the human body and brain, not obsessing over the “title”, dress, makeup or any individuals act or fantasy.

By my perspective these “traits” have nothing to do with “god” or “law” in the grand scheme of things but are the manifestation of an illness and symptom that contradict both biology and sustainability, thus “life” and “living” by its actuality and reality, not to mention the plethora of other reasons such as the resulting (“Psychopathy” and “Psychopathic tendency”) secondarily.

Gender is a literal natural reality, genetically, chemically, bio-mechanically, throughout all species in one form or the other with of course the exception of the “hermaphrodite” be they “soulful”, “soulless”, “male” or “female”, a humans “organic” genetic code and memory in its (“near naturalized”) state, however, imbalance and illness are direct result by the plethora of toxins and manipulation throughout “man’s” history, purity of “man’s” genetic memory today is still an impossibility, (“in part”, there are other understandings to be considered here).

Of course we have to think rationally by considering the consequences of “saying”, “posting” such a thing in this way or by enacting it. As I mentioned, it has nothing to do with the color, race, or creed, it’s about containing and treating a disease and illness that has been known to facilitate calamity unto all of humanity throughout both ancient and more recent history. It’s a hard pill to swallow no doubt and I don’t make these statements without thinking of and considering this reality.

I wish to stress I have no judgment of the people, I make these statements while primarily considering the purity of life and sustainability. If it was not for this, I would have nothing to say in regards.

Situations like this have been talked about and dealt with throughout all of “man’s” history by many different means, analytically, theoretically, hypothetically, metaphorically, philosophically and religiously,

We have tried endless ways and by endless means to cleanse, neutralize, cure and purify “Man’s” Deviltry, However, for the firmament and its perfect balance that facilitate life and the living we cannot Drown, Burry or Burn or Blast of out to space all tainted Genetic Memory and Gen, or its Instability and resulting Insanity and mental disease, these will always manifest again eventually for not. We are the manifest of our own illness and disease, a lesson Humanity gained by the Human experience and “enlightenment” before “Man” and not by a “God” or other thing, the evidence is literally recorded in the Human genome and gene of every living thing Being alive and not, and not something occurring magically or mysteriously, rather literally, chemically long before the blatant mutilation and manipulation we see and are subjected to today, that has also been since Humans surfacing and Ancient times, selective breeding and Gen pooling.

“the ‘shepherd’ to ‘his’ flock, prophet ‘his’ profit the count of head and size of ‘his’ flock it’s value ‘his’ worth”

“truth is free thus no “man” profit anything unless by “his” dishonesty and deceit”

Hitler, wanted to, and in the eyes of many successfully round up the jew, and we all know what he did with the rest of that story, and how people around the globe whom suffer “esp” were also at a time “rounded up” and perceived as a “global security threat” and are primary reason and purpose of the “insane” asylum that served as research and experimental “treatment” centres long before the term and definition of “esp” existed, leading to programs like mk-ultra, classified as a "hospital” or “institution”, resulting with such procedures like the “lobotomy”.

In both cases people were taken in much the same way, however, the perspective I wish to share has not concern for murder much like Hitler, or mutilation much like mk-ultra, this is not the context of which I hope to discuss or consider.

In this “situation” to educate and to help by providing awareness of these actuality’s so that each individual and the “general” public can better understand, comprehend, acknowledge and become aware of themselves and these realities rather than be subject to indoctrination and the advertisement that these imbalances, illnesses and instability’s are okay, normal and should be acceptable socially that is a very dangerous fallacy.

I am not calling for individuals to be rounded up or imprisoned, I am suggesting that these very real dangers must be dealt with in a much different way than it is today. I am saying the fact these trends are unsustainable and lead to calamity eventually, inevitable, unavoidably that humanity must take it upon their own responsibility, accountability and dignity. I think we must acknowledge these truths above all other things for the sake of “life” and the “living”, that literally depend no matter our religious belief or affiliation, or of the books we read. The evidence of these truths are what surround us, we, you and i, and that which has already repeated throughout history.

it’s not the result I hate, I hate that which manipulate!”…

This post may be updated without notice.


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Most everyone is religious. Even cannabals. They have rituals they follow to make them feel safe. People who have OCD, for instance counting numbers doing things so many times. Their mind creates these rituals to make them feel safe. Same with religion, rituals, etc it is to make them feel safe. They also find something to call god, its to feel safe in a dangerous world. Now that is good people. Evil people think there is no god. Or their God is Satin who they worship to get things. They do feel safe and they do bad things to feel good. The mind will look for ways to feel safe. The mind is a fix it machine. If someone has feels out of control the mind will look for something to create a dilusion, maybe a wierd belief. Even if a person violates their conscious, the mind will look for ways to fix it. Because your consciounce is not supposed to be violated. So people do bad things and get caught. The mind will leave clues.

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Bingozee is very religious.


The people who say they aren’t are more so religious.


Being RELIGIOUS means you believe in RELIGION and are suppose to practice and live by it, however clearly most ALL “Believers” are complete hypocrites and Fail to even comprehend the Religions they choose to convince themselves and others they are in affiliation with, understand, and live by… lol Fact is if you need Religion there is an VERY high likelihood your also dishonest and pretentious, not to mention a plethora of other things that 90% are vulnerable and subjected to.

Reality… Sucks because its TRUE, and the Truth no matter how much we contradict, repudiate, gainsay, declare untrue, dissent from, disagree with, challenge, contest, oppose, More…

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But what is a religion?


Fuck off joey and go READ! so you can stop asking stupid question you pretend to know answers to…

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Religion means whatever you believe.


Bingozee pretends not to believe in anything but in fact believes in not believing.


I believe in You, Us, We and I, above all things humanity, our humanness and the Human, that have existed long before God’s and Men…

It’s Human before man or woman.

If you haven’t already understood that, then you apparently understand nothing of what I contribute, I will confidently sermoniz you are oblivious to the actually that surround you on the continuum.

If it’s that you can not read, their are plenty of software and apps that can read for you…

Lastly Joey, the worst type of person is the person who says alot of nothing because they have not the slightest clue. Honestly, how intelligent is it to comment about or on threads and posts you haven’t even read, dude that is seriously beyond pathetic, however no fret, your not alone, as a fact the majority of people do the same… lol, more so if there maybe more than 10 words… a paragraph for these types of people is often perceived as challenging, if not impossible.

Like I said, I believe in you, that you are capable of not being a complete fucking fool.

PS: of course! I know who has and who has not read my posts within a few sentences, until I know this from you, I promise to not comment or respond to you from herein…


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@Benoaks, you got that right. Specifically, I have been defining “religion” differently than @Bingozee. I’m looking at the general aspects of religion while he focuses specifically on certain types of religions while ignoring other religions and certain consequences which stems from certain religions that infiltrates into our lives. Leftism is a religion and it’s politics. I see everything as religious and political, either because of the general definition to those terms or because of how religion and politics can affect and influence other things, indirectly, by extension, like dominoes, like snowballs, like the butterfly effect.


Specifically speaking, of course @Bingozee is right, if he wants to say that not everything is religious or political. I don’t disagree with that.


But @Bingozee attacks certain religions while ignoring other things.


Specifically, @Bingozee is right if he wants to say that certain religions are too problematic, destructive, etc.


But @Bingozee might be saying that only religions like Christianity is the problem and that the religion of atheism has no problems at all.

Admitting Bias

@Bingozee could admit bias, jealousy, etc, to say that he really hates God. People lie to themselves their entire lives in saying there is no God, no religion, no Jesus, no meaning, no morality.

Admitting Focus

@Bingozee can believe in what he wants, AKA choose whatever religion he wants. So, it would be better for him to say that he is focused on the problems that certain religions have.

Not Religion

Specifically, the problem is not religion, like @Benoaks said, not exactly.


Not because religion does not have problems but because all problems stem from religion, because religion has specific and general definitions that affects people spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, personally, locally, morally, culturally, politically, geographically, and psychologically.


It’s like @Bingozee is saying that MY ROOM is the problem.


@Bingozee lives in the Bingozee Room of that house.

@joeyarnoldvn lives in the Oatmeal Room in that same house.

@Benoaks might be in the same room as Oatmeal.

Or maybe a similar room.

But we are all in the same house.

The house represents religion.

People must keep in mind that there are different definitions to religion.

The Freedom To Attack

@Bingozee can choose to focus on his own religion.

He has the freedom to call his religion not a religion.

Sadly, he tries to say that ALL RELIGIONS is the problem.

Attacking Freedom

But when you attack all religions, you are then attacking the general definition of religion to include your own non-religion religion as that would be included in your broad definition.


It would be better if @Bingozee admitted that he was religious in his non-religion religion and that he was focused on raising awareness that specific religions do have. Of course, there are problems in certain religions because people are cursed. The root of the problem isn’t really in certain religions but in the humans that made the religions or specific aspects to the religions.


@Bingozee might have promoted transhumanism or Mormonism and possibly other things as well as he might have said that humans are perfect and that we can do anything without God’s help.

Well, again, he has the freedom to believe in that religion.

Sadly, he likes to say that what he believes, he’s not believing.

In other words, his religion is not a religion because it looks like a circle instead of a square.

So, he looks at our squares and says that is religion.

He looks at his circle and says his circle is not a religion.

But I say that religion is not a square.

Religion is a shape.


The Mormons, my mom was Morman. They believe if they dont tythe they wont go to heaven. That to me is like a ritual to feel safe. But not to get off topic but my sister was not a Christian. My mom told her profit that she dreanet she saw my sister on the other side of the river. Anyway the prophit told her if she did certain things (again sort of a rirual) dont remember what the things were but nothing bad though. Then if my mom did those things my sister would go to heaven. My mom believed it.


Beyond that, Mormons believe in becoming gods. When some people choose not to believe in God, it is partly because they believe in being god, playing god, becoming god, themselves.


@Benoaks, like you said, science supports religion, specifically in that evolution is impossible and in that creation is a more probable theory to our origins. You can say that you can’t prove God. Sure. You can’t prove God exists. You also can’t prove God doesn’t exist. You can however see the patterns of Intelligent Design.


Does religion tell me that I should develop a dislike of feeling pain? If I can develop a dislike for pain, then why would it be impossible for people to develop an opinion of how to treat other people?

Humans came up with the concept of religion, yet they can’t have an understanding of morals without religion?

Maybe I’m missing something, but that is a complete contradiction.

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