The Bury Your Computer Challenge


I got this idea while watching Alex Jones today - 2019-06-12 - Alex talked about a globalist plan to phase people out by 2070, as in the next fifty years. Alex talked about saving this on a pen-drive in order to show people this show in like twenty years from now for example. Watch today’s show for more information on what Alex was saying. It’s a long story concerning different globalist plans. Alex mentioned one of their many plans of what they try to do.

Operation Infowars Time-Capsule

Put today’s Alex Jones Show onto a thumb-drive and put that device inside a Faraday Cage. It doesn’t have to be a thumb drive. It could be Blu-Ray, a DVD, CD, a hard-drive, etc. You don’t have to put Infowars videos on it. Put whatever you want on it. The device will be the time-capsule. Put the time-capsule in a Faraday Cage or whatever. Then put your time-capsule in a hole or somewhere safe. After that, make a second time-capsule and give that one to a friend. Encourage that friend to do the same and to pass on a time-capsule to a friend. Do your best to make one for yourself, first. After that, try to make another time-capsule for another person. Donate a time-capsule to that other person. Encourage other people to do it as well.

How-to complete this challenge

Step 1, buy a thumb-drive, hard-drive, disc, etc, and put stuff on it.

Step 2, buy or make a Faraday Cage.

Step 3, put the time-capsule device inside the Faraday Cage.

Step 4, put the time-capsule in the ground or somewhere safe.

Step 5, repeat steps 1-3.

Step 6, donate a 2nd Faraday-Caged Time-Capsule Device to a friend or whatever.

Step 7, encourage that person to do steps 1-6.

Step 8, encourage that person to do step 7 and then step 8.

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how about have at least one guy look for the time capsule from the last harvest?
unless you think this is the first time?

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If people get phased out, who then would be around to view the contents of said USB drive? And if people are still around, wouldn’t it be kind of a moot point?

Just sayin’! :thinking:


The main goal of this challenge is not the time-capsules in and of themselves, even as it could be an objective, but rather, the main goal is in getting more people more familiar with going through these steps and in passing these ideas around because that educates people to create better backups and multiple backups in a variety of ways annually or whenever and it challenges people to pass it on to other people, the skills, the wisdom, of trying to do this.

There can be multiple goals for this challenge. You don’t have to bury your time thing in the ground. You should at least keep it in a Faraday Cage. It would be even better if you buried one and kept the other inside a Faraday Cage inside your wall, ceiling, floor, or somewhere safe, secured, hidden, and near you or whatever you want. Every once in a while, add stuff to it.

4 TB Drive

I have an external 4 TB drive ($120 USD apx. as of 2017) that I keep near my computer. It is not in my computer. I keep the drive near it but not plugged into the USB all the time. So, that is my backup. More people should do that. This challenge is to encourage people to do that at least, to do what I’m already doing at the very least. I need to get a Faraday Cage. So, that is next on my list. So, I try to do the best I can each day. That is all anybody can do.


A robot. …will.view it.

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