The craziest predictive programming/psuedo truth/entertainment I've seen yet! ** Predictive programming collection post**


THIS IS LITERALLY TRUTH IN PLAN SIGHT!! I’ve been doing alot of research and this show is hitting nails on the head with it’s content!!


It is a step above Once Upon a Time which dealt with folk lore like Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, etc, etc, and it also had Hades, the god of the underworld in Greek mythology. That reminds me of shows like Hercules & Xena the Warrior Princess which were on in America in the 1990’s.


Also reminds me of the Lucifer show.


TWILIGHT ZONE premiering APRIL 1st


Oh lovely… CHEMTRAILS… :expressionless::woman_facepalming:t2:


psuedo truth

is right on the $. Maybe Intentionally misleading in a harmful way is more accurate.


This one is like, “oh, thank you for saving us state funded medical cartel!” “Our government services are miracle workers with the vaxx!”

While parents are put in jail every day for asking questions about medical treatments before they are forced on kids by social workers and hateful under educated nurses with a smile on our taxes.

Opinions on LMN or Halmark channel Mama? How about netflix or hulu? Youtube?


As soon as she said chemtrails, it made me think about the false flag possibility of blaming an outbreak on a foreign country using planes, and a combo of people who haven’t been vaccinated… :roll_eyes::expressionless:


Based on truth yet I wonder how many people took it seriously… :no_mouth::roll_eyes:


OK, this one just assumes that we are not able to have private property to grow our own victory gardens and must EBT our local grocery importer funded by China or a wealthy corrupt US family.

It does not even mention that it is the US government that is funding the overproduction of GMO soy to create a toxic soybean oil that is used as “vegetable oil” in almost everything. It is OUR TAXES that pay the farms to create a toxic food. Not soros.

Doctor Andrew Weil PhD:

This video talks about reducing cancer in children so you might be interested ^


It seems certain force fed media is glorifying the misuse of our public funds. They want our money. They want to pay themselves with our money for doing nothing to help us but instead harm us.



Really good…I’ve seen the movie,and although I’ve never analysed the movie,I censed they were telling us exactly what they’ve been doing…thanks for confirming my thoughts… :slight_smile:


He has the right idea in his response to the movie by questioning but also they are trying to copy THX1138 but with out the forced drugs, corrupted government robots, and really the real guts of the setting.



“Childhood’s End” was an interesting miniseries based on an old novel by Arthur C Clarke, in which an “alien race” comes down to Earth to ‘help’ man end conflict and disease. The alien being(s) hid their appearances until all the dotted lines were signed, then revealed himself as this:




MSM programming? My first thought was about those pandemic movies… That’s usually how they begin…It does seem like a spoof… Maybe for use as a false flag later?