The debate for ABANDONING Trump in 2020?


Here is another thoughtful piece on why some conservatives may not give Trump their support this time arround!



“NO MORE LEGAL IMMIGRATION” unless I hear that…I am out on TRUMP!!!


I also would encourage, getting out of debt, and becoming property owners, because when you own your property no one can tell YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO RENT TO people!


Whites don’t need to be the majority to hold down western civilization. Other minority white countries have proven that.

I don’t like typing this shit but I am not a scumbag for simply observing the reality that some groups have never shown the ability to do first world civilization on their own. I don’t think its hateful to observe reality.


You dont get it…that is why I am here…this country is European, in its laws, language, and architecture, ,when America stops being European…America stops being AMERICA…and starts being somewhere ELSE…I can’t change what I am, It’s time to face reality, it’s time to realize that what Trump is doing is ALSO TREASONOUS…and very hostile to WHITES in this country, who by Democrat policies have been stifled, this country has been sabotaged, and the further we go away from our nations founding, THE MORE PROBLEMS WE HAVE FACED!!!


Spain, the origin of Hispanics is a European country




Religion. An estimated 90% of South Americans are Christians (82% Roman Catholic , 8% other Christian denominations mainly Traditional Protestants and Evangelicals but also Orthodoxy), accounting for ca. 19% of Christians worldwide.


Civic nationalism, that Alex Jones is promoting, is the slow kill, method to an obvious plan to get rid of WHITES…take it how you want it…REAL PATRIOTS…Get out of debt, BUY land…and consolodate…your not doing anything THE JEWS in ISRAEL are not AREADY DOING!


They are communists, and they vote in tribal blocs? I am not debating with a LEFTY am I? Lol.


All I know is people south of the border seem to reject the crazy parts of liberalism that is screwing up America.

Does Mexico have drag queen story time for kids or is that a white American invention ?


That is a lame rebuttle. Nobdody other than a lefty would bring this up, anyone of us, who pays attention to this site, is eassentially PRO FAMILY…We are aware some white people are PEDOES…but none of US that read of this site are …I dont talk to LEFTIES…Have a good morning.


Seems to me that people south of the boarder on average have a better sense of family.

I think the traditional family unit is stronger there then here. Divorce rate children born in wedlock. ect


None of your concerns apply to people who view this site, were just trying to keep from getting murdered off, keep our ancestors culture, keep our countries laws, they are euthanizing , sterilizing, black folks too, but I am only concerned with WHITE CIVIC NATIONALISTS CONSERVATIVES WHO ARE BEING SOLD A BAG OF GOODS by other Republicans and so called conservatives…Go troll Yahoo, there is where you will find your MARXIST audience!


You got that wrong, I am die hard American libertarian . Liberty first, every other issue can line up behind that.

I am tired as f right now but I guess my argument is the the greater threat to white civic nationalists at this point is OTHER WHITES.


I’ve been out on Trump for a few months now. He needs to really pull his shit together for him to get my vote in 2020. Whole lot of tweeting with little action.


What kind of action do you want most ?


For us to take our gun and remove the corruption by force. That’s what 2A is for. Have citizens arrest of them all, anyone tries to stop us, we stop them and I think you know what I mean.


Define the curruption there is so much of it


Your joking right?..