The debate for ABANDONING Trump in 2020?


I edited, so much curruption where do we start, whats the worst of it in your opinion


I would like a BAN on immgration from the 3rd world, for atleast 10 years…I would like the neo con republicans to realize that since 1967 their inability to squelch racism has given us our current predicament because of DEMOCRAT LEGISLATION …it has so made it where WHITE IMMIGRATION from the 1st world to the first world WAS IMPEDED and slow walked…for 50 some years… in FAVOR of these dregs!!! I want our NEXT leader to acknowledge that!


I know, why do they make it so difficult for the hot chicks from eastern europe like Trumps got to come here ?


We HAVE every CONTINENT here REPRESENTED…How much more diversity can we have? This is about WHITE SURVIVAL…not RACISM…we are being BRED out…WAKE UP!


Hit the DOJ and Congress at the same time. That would be a good start.


I only do white girls.


If you are WHITE in America, you have been robbed of a few things, because of Democrat and Globalist Republican legislation, you have been robbed of your tax payer dollars going to fund your childrens education, money here and there OVER TIME ADDS UP…when our nation pushed bi - lingualism, against the founders plan …of English as the melting pots common, created assimilated language… language is important like culture is important…other wise our ancestors would have taught us ours!!! But they wanted us to be assimilated!
For every dollar a Democrats or a Republican spends on something other than a civil project which taxation accounts for, it robs from Whites pockets! We pay the bulk of the taxation in this country.
Only a first world nation, understands how a 1st world nation works, America was created by the evolution of European civilizations capializing on generations of experience in being a dominant free society, looking at the shortcomings of our ancestors before us, learning from our mistakes, and pushing forward!
Take that away, we have Bizarro world! These people have never been successful, they got into debt, we took on their debt, and we installed puppet rulets to get somekind of return! That is what is happening to America and Americans!


Abandon Trump for who? A libertarian or democrat or green party? The libertarians and green party have no chance. Not voting Trump is throwing the election to the Democrats and the globalists.


You are right but unfortunately it’s starting to look like Trump is taking to the same place that the Dems would. Trump just took us down a longer road. Unless he really steps his shit up, we are going to get the same outcome that HRC would have given us.


You sitout… Trump is not trying to WIN anyways by alienating his base the way he has with the handling of immigration here in America., a lot of people think he is pulling a Bush…and laughing and joking his way into a SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT president in 2020…YOU take this time to get OUT of debt, and you vote with property ownership! WHITES NEED TO START PAYING THEIR BILLS…BUY THE COUNTRY BACK OUT FROM UNDER THESE GLOBALISTS!


Shane people who are in debt like we USED to…


You can’t talk sense into these people. It’s ALL or NOTHING. They would rather not vote Trump, and take the best leftist scumbag out of spite. They want Trump to go full on dictator, and save the white man instead of the white man protecting their own interests. It’s a mental weakness to think that only war,and violence are the answer. I was trained by my father to be a killing machine, to join the military when I came of age. When I turned 18, and was about to go sign up he stopped me. He said I would enjoy killing men too much. He said he was sorry that he only let me see one side. He was angry at the VA, and life in general. Diplomacy first, then violence if there was no other choice.

I agree that immigration unfettered is a bad idea. We are being bred out of existence. That is not a problem that one man can solve. Trump is not a savior. WE must spread the word, and save ourselves. We can try it peacefully at first. If push comes to shove then that is on them. If I must fight, and possibly kill fellow Americans then I MUST be justified in doing so. It MUST be in self defense. Like it or lump it.


Creaste a culture of getting people to change these behaviors…we got buy our country back! Or create our own land through war. A part of America where we live separately from those who do not share our belief systems…and PROTECT IT WITH FERVOR when we have it!


The video explains the case, you can’t contribute to the conversation WITHOUT watching the VIDEO because the VIDEO IN ITSELF IS THE TOPIC…This is a serious debate, please do not derail or sabotage the topic! Thank you!


I’m not taking anything out of spite. I’m just not going to take part in the corruption. Trump doesn’t need to be a dictator. Theirs a lot of things he could be doing that he legally has the power to do and he’s not doing it! He declared an emergency with the southern border and he still is tweeting threats instead of just doing something about it. We have hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegals coming over the boarder every week, we have so many we have to dumb them into the big cities. While Trump is busy tweeting we are collapsing. The economy is doing horrible too. Yeah we have record job numbers but it’s not fixing the damage. Laws need to be changed and Trump could have changed those laws, yet he’s not. I’m not saying fuck Trump but if I’m gonna stop what I’m doing to vote for him he needs to start acting like the POTUS. I’m black pilled anyways. I’m not really worried about voting, the Dems stole 2018 and nothing was done about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it again in 2020 and unlike 2016 they will have all the illegals voting plus their rampant voter fraud.


I see no point in supporting Trump if he is sending illegals north…THEY ARE STILL IN OUR COUNTRY…they still ARE NOT GOING TO ASSIMILATE…they are still taking resouces, they are still taking from white people WHO for the most part are under attack in this country…I will only vote for the candidate who addresses these concerns! Otherwise I am cutting myself off from society…and thinking of my own families survival…and leaving America and going to Russia for me is on the table…our countries enemies are here…they are the ones starting the race shitt they are the Democrats…they are every peroson you come into contact with who is scamming the system, who will turn their backs on their TRIBE…who falls for this cultural Marxist ethnic sabotage BS! Who believes that these 3rd world dregs have redeeming value! These are our enemies, that includes the Zionists!


I am going to vote for the first candidate who will adress the issue, that will say with no doubt, I am going to BAN IMMIGRATION TO THE 3RD WORLD until people who are accustomed to living in a first world society, with the proper IQ, skills, and European culture are here to help us RESTOCK the pond …and that is not racism, that is reality, and Jones and every guest that comes on INFOWARS wants to say this but are afraid!


For the longest time OUR FOREFATHERS had a reason why POOR People should not have the privilege to VOTE…because they would vote themselves a RAISE or a benefit everytime! That is why during the early days of this country only men who owned property could vote because they all had a stake in the game, and they all made sure elected officials couldnt parasite off them!


They will abandon Trump and vote for whom? MORONS!


Trump is just as destructive as any Democrat when he does not deploy the military on our border, and CONSERVATIVES are too scared to brace for the REALITY that we will NEVER win another election when 90% of the immigrants are NON WHITE…AND 70% OF THE NON WHITE IMMIGRANTS VOTE SOCIALIST…WATCH THE GOT DAMN VIDEO!!!.. Trump is flooding the heartland with illegals…you people are afraid to FIGHT and protest and defend your European heritage, just wait until you are the minority in your own land, racially and politically!