The debate for ABANDONING Trump in 2020?


There is nothing CONSERVATIVE about Trump allowing the Cloward and Pivens theory to take flight!


That leads to this one

I post this shit to add to the conversation, its not my “position”

I still think the best thing is liberty first and people would naturally chose everything conservatives are looking to conserve like they did when those things became the norm in the first place.


At this Point, im not Voting for Trump. What is he Doing to Stop the Dems? Big Tech and Censorship? Foreign Globalist Corporate Press Propaganda? NOTHING!!!


I am GOING to the bunker…just gotta building one first!


Take a page from the way Trump negotiated with fire & furry with North Korea, the Rocket Man Chairman Kim, and act crazy, talk crazy, like Trump did. Fight fire with fire. We have to threaten Trump more both online and offline. We have to say things like, “Stop 5G, do Fiber Optics, as 5G gives us cancer, or we are not voting for you, Trump!” You have to be loud and you have to fight each day to get Trump to see us. There are too many people who either love Trump or hate Trump. But we need to be specific, objective, in telling Trump to do what we want Trump to do or else. Because that matters. Our emotions in loving and hating Trump is not relevant. Action is relevant. We have to fight him more.


This is just defeatism packaged as something that opposes our enemies. It presumes the outcome of any dialectic can only be what elites intend, when it is only our unwillingness to organize effectively that ensures we lose.

Our enemies can attack any situation at multiple points and derive an outcome nobody would knowingly choose, by contrast we struggle to present a single choice that people would choose if it was presented via strength.

Alt-nonsense was always about injecting white identity politics into the right wing, to safely redirect it from American nationalism. Unlike white identity politics, we actually can win using American nationalism, which is WHY they funded the crap out of racial politics.


Let’s be clear, illegal immigrants bused to any state that voted trump means no vote. If a message needs to be sent, it is not to be shared equally, it would just be a tax payer funded relocation plan.


Joey, I just gave you a red line we’d actually be able to hold. Why not use that one? I mean I’m holding that line,


The liberty movement was winning when the police brutality protests we going on.

Then mainstream media makes it a racial issue instead when all Americans were sick of it.

American nationalism was always about pride in our freedoms. They had to destroy that.

Divide and conquer .

American nationalism and pride IMO died the day the Soviet Union collapsed. The idea that we could never be like them and had to be vigilant about protecting freedom was forgotten.

My generation, Generation X are the last ones who will remember the world before they rolled out what we have now. Sad.

Too be fair the cops did clean up their act a little after 2014-2015 but the way they killed the liberty movement with the false racism narrative,. just sucks.


I think even Generation X will soon forget the ways things were over time, due to 5G frying everyone’s memory each day more and more.

  1. Your conception of American nationalism cannot survive without an existential threat, because it is actually the same as neo-liberal globalism, and after the fall they took the project to the next level. In other words, I hate your version of American “nationalism”, matter of fact I hate your version of “America” also. Why? It places immaterial ideals above the actual citizenry as the protectors of freedom and liberty, and the founding fathers rejected the idea that idealistic elites can protect everyone’s freedom or liberty.

  2. Generations are just a bullshit narrative device elites use to explain things, they are not in anyway helpful if your goal is the pursuit of truth. People are shaped by the material conditions of their earlier years, but they are not defined only by them.

  3. Your nostalgia is a sickening display of weakness, cry in a corner somewhere else.

  4. Cops are not putting themselves in conflict with the citizenry at every traffic stop by their own choices. they do what they are asked to do, I won’t hold solders or law enforcement accountable for bad policy. Nothing good can come from this, which is why our enemies redirected opposition towards the solders during Vietnam.


I’m curious…what does “liberty first” mean? I’m a globalist and I agree to give you the liberty to chose between two representatives that I’ve vetted to ensure that when a contradiction of interests exists, my will always trumps yours…is that what you mean when you say “liberty”? Because that sounds like a definition of liberty that Soros would be amendable to.

The point is…‘liberty’, ‘freedom’, these are just abstractions. Not what inspires the people to action. If you think that the american revolution was carried out on the basis of these ideals only…i’m afraid you are just taking the cliff notes version of history taught in public schools to a literal extreme. If anything…the colonists were ready to kill the landed gentry and plantation owners as much as they were the reds, maybe even more so. The elites feared united insurrections of european indentured servants and african slaves more than they feared the british troops sent to impose the will of the crown. The basis of the revolution was to redirect all of that popular anger away from the elites, and so the idea of a nation constituted on ideals only was born, and now it’s falling apart because so many people who have been chewed up by the order (that they neither cosigned for nor had any opportunity to express an alternative course of action) see no reason to defend it’s continued existence. They’ve used this strategy on us for centuries now, we should be catching on at this point…you want to save america? then it’s time to actually forge the nation that for decades you’ve only pretended to be existence. Trump has given the republican party the strategy to win, but they don’t want to win.


When 80s music contains predictive programming 🤦


WE don’t NEED another HERO…

and I wonder when we are ever gonna change it, living under the fear til nothing else remains…