The Eye of Sorosgoogleron Is Always Watching You



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Lmao I haven’t been on Twitter in weeks, went to look at your post and Twitter said I’m rate limited and to try again later :man_facepalming: no I won’t be back later. I’m just going to delete that bullshit.

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You do not need a Twitter to see Twitter. Did you know that?

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You do not need a Twitter account to visit that website. it is public and not private. No excuses.


Yeah I wasn’t even logged in when it gave me the message. I see no reason to be on the shit platform either way. The less users all together the worse for them, I’m done giving them any traffic.


No excuses? It’s not a fucking excuse, it a fact of what happened less than ten minutes ago. What does it matter if it’s public or private? They claim it’s public but still ban and block people, so what does any or that matter.


How can they block you if you are not logged onto Twitter? Are they trying to block your I.P. address? Are you using Windows or Apple who may be spying on you to assist on trying block you or is it an ISP or web browser or some kind of interception mechanism online or what is blocking or blocking what or what exactly is going on specifically?


I’m at work on my phone; how would I know what they are doing. I don’t work for Twitter but yeah it’s most likely through my IP because I turned on my VPN and Twitter worked fine. Like I said either way I’m not going to keep my Twitter, I’m done playing these fucking games.


You think that they would block you from that but not from Infowars?

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How is Twitter going to block me from InfoWars?


@Trey060, why would Twitter block you at all if you are not doing anything on Twitter in the first place? Why do they care if you are not on Twitter? Why do they care at all if you are not sharing a Tweet on Twitter? See, you did not try to share a Tweet on Twitter. You said you went to look at something on Twitter. That has nothing to do with sharing things on Twitter. If you were to try to share something on Twitter, that might be a different story all together. But we are not even talking about sharing. We are talking about viewing. But if you are NOT logged into Twitter, how is Twitter supposed to stop you from viewing something? If you logged onto Twitter and then tried to view something, that might be a different story altogether.


Again your acting like I work at Twitter. I don’t have the answers to your stupid questions. All I know is I went to look at a post and they said I couldn’t. Did you ever think it may not matter about what I’m doing but what I’m trying to look at. Twitter can stop you from doing whatever they want, it doesn’t matter if you have an account or not. It’s their computer systems they have the power to do anything to anyone as long as your on their servers.


So, Twitter is going to stop you and not stop me? Why?



I don’t know when your going to get it. I don’t work at Twitter, I don’t know why they do any of the bs they do. I’m done arguing with you over some stupid shit Twitter did. You don’t wanna believe me or whatever the hell your getting at, go ahead don’t make a difference to me.

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Some people just don’t get it. They really have no clue why people are complaining about Twitter and others.

They are too busy trying to find work arounds rather than realizing the problem is with having to find work arounds!


Since you wanna act like I’m full of shit here’s a screenshot, it just happened again.


LMAO! Why am I blocked from this twitter account?


either you posted something I REALLY disliked or more likely you were following a leftist and were caught up in a twitter block chain mass block run…I don’t have time for psychotic leftists on twitter, found the block chain, works like a champ…currently blocking 228,825 mostly rat bastard leftists…are you one or collateral damage?

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Go to my Twitter and find out. @oaksbenny