The first electronic continental congress


The First Electronic Continental Congress

I motion to you, my good people of these United States of America, that we form on this site, in the same respect of our current emergency as our founders did, a web page that can host the first, Electronic Continental Congress. If the recourses of INFOWARS can create such a site that will:
Allow for bills to be motioned, seconded, debated and voted on, through selected citizens to ask as “delegates” for each state.
Allow for the would-be delegates to apply for the position, through the website and that they be graded on such things as previous postings, writings, careers, and positions on a selected number of political positions.
Allow for the people from each state to have a meeting across areas of their state, where the on-line entities would show up in person to vote from those candidates, their delegate(s).
Allow these delegates to communicate openly through the site and create another site to, which allows their fellow citizens with a verified Infocomms entity to communicate with them on proposals and voting. That being the foundation of a true Representative situation.
We as unified body, allow Resolutions to formed and acted on, through out our nation of Good people.
How say you?

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Is Anyone Else On This Forum Going To Organize Meet Ups For The Army.?
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Point of order: What’s the over/under on these? :stuck_out_tongue:


This is an awesome idea, getting the word out may be tough though. Maybe send an message to Owen, or on the Infowars site, there is also a Contact page to send them emails as well. Just a few ideas, as things seem to stay stagnate sometimes, but this is an ingenious idea, have never heard of anyone else doing this.


I have invited Owen and Michael to view it. If you get to read some of those books, start in at around 1774. You’ll find that sites just like this one, already are a form of what they called, “Committee of Correspondence”. They did the same thing! It just took them a longer to share the information. And that is why we must be very careful. What took place in a year or two can very well happen here in weeks or days, because of our advancements in communication.

Please pass the idea along to those who have the know how. I do not have the expertise in creating and managing websites. I have felt that if we can build this “congress” with its local ties, then no matter how hard they cut our electronic lines Wide Area Networks, we will already have the local lines built and operating and simple phone calls from one state to another can spread the word in almost the same amount of time. Our Paul Revere, may very well be on the telephone wires if the bad days get here.

Please! Pass the word along!


From a purely spectator standpoint, imhv your premise suggests tremendous potential and forethought. Better over prepared than under. This being said, I speak from outside the borders and my opinion lacks expertise and doesn’t hold value. I think your premise would be prudent in all corners with vested interest in saving western civilization.


If I read you correctly as to the whole idea being a benefit in every land, you are correct my friend! That is the true gift from 1776. the idea can be used, everywhere!

In France, I cringed at the thought of watching the Yellow Vests move forward without a Declaration. Notice, that after they put forth their Declaration, the Globalists got very serious about harming them. And people must also never forget, that putting forth a Declaration, literally is tantamount to “braving the storm in a skiff made of paper”. That was July 4th, 1776. We told our government to fly a kite and we started a new government. We may all be in that situation again.

That is why I implore everybody to read up on the only path the lead to success.
Good luck out there and pray for us!


And April, how does that idea of Yellow Vesting Independence Hall on Tax Day sound? I would bet the visual of that would be astounding.


You read it correctly sir, I have not as much skill to put such wisdom to proper use. Our system isn’t like yours, and it’s bold to suggest anyone is prepared to confront tyranny even with the resources, let alone when lacking evidence of the requirements for it. That being said, we have spirit, if not muscle. that might be enough.


You have just paraphrased some dialogue from the play/movie 1776. I recommend that it is the only really emotiaonlly stirring piece on the subject. There are other films made ont he subject, but none with the emotion. It is a musical. In fact, some women who watch it today, are very bothered by the place women held in that day. The reality was, once the King started to come after them, all of the colonists were in trouble.

King George used mercenaries like no one else before and perhaps after his time until now. That book, “Conceived in Liberty” has excellent writings! You can read how the British fired into crowds of protesters, long before Lexington and Concord! They had Yellow Jackets of their day. They also engaged in the Tar and Feather practice of justice. Such is the fog of war my friend.

“The Papers Of George Mason” by Robert A. Rutland and “Conceived in Liberty” by the late Murray Rothbard (Libertarian Economist and school of the Von Mesis Institute). They are invaluable to the understanding of how alike our times are to theirs. The only difference in the speed of communication and the speed of travel. Otherwise, we are still under the thumb of the world’s elite.

And the movie 1776 from I think 1974. At least get that one!. The time lines of the quotes are off (but the words did come from those where there-the time lines are off) and the foundation for the “point of view” is from John Adams. Still, it is most worth the purchase!


I love the idea. I have been to rallies, etc, but never put one together, and I assume you would need permits and security? I think it would blow people away to see such an event take place there. You can’t get any better then the birthplace of our nation.

  1. I think that reading the documents from Hillsdale College would behelpful.
  2. Think how the globalists have always done it:
    a. be in control of the banking operations and swear all to allegiance of money.
    b. sponsor think tanks to destroy anything that challenges this cabal with socialism.
    c. print more money and pay shills to enforce and bring the new socialism to free nations.
    d. poison, enslave and use all technology to deceive, bring wars so all patriots die in battle.
    e. wash rinse repeat.
  3. I advise that we go outward and continue on our own paths, but it is nice to see so much enthusiasm here and it is fun to report back.
  4. I believe that someone from this forum should contact on the outside someone at hillsdale college. Not letting them know we are infowarriors, but that we are interested in returning to the founder’s documents, etc… A face to face meeting would be best, nothing on cell phones etc… less is more.


What is the plan. Let’s get a plan. Let’s organize. Make a mark people! Answer my latest discussion. Let’s see


You have the time to get this going here on line. Go get those books I’ve mentioned and remember, The Papers of George Mason are “source” documentation. Key brings up a good source for the time line work of the 1787 Constitution from Hillsdale. Though one has to remember, The Papers of George Mason, will give you a different view from Hillsdale/Republicans. And by the way, many people have tagged Hillsdale as the “Lincolnist” view of the world. Reading their own history, they sent classes to fight for the Union Army. After “reconstruction” we now live in this “federalist” nightmare.

We have to learn how to walk before we can run (again). 1776 was not 1789. We are in the period of 1773 now. If we do not do the right thing (again), everything that even Hillsdale’s people think was normal and right, will disappear in a wink of the eye.

Conceived in Liberty recounts so many events, large and small, that brought us to 1776, that I have not seen anything else of its kind. Such as the British troops shooting into crowds in 1774. The reversals of John Hancock. The tarring and feathering of tax collectors. The Liberty Tree, Liberty Poles, etc. It will shock you to see the events of our current day are nothing but repeats of history.

If you think a Yellow Vest Rally at Independence Hall is a good thing, and you want to be respectful of al laws in the execution of that goal, I say, you are on the right path. However, expect that you will receive maximum push back from the city.

Back when the Tea Party groups rallied at the post offices and local government offices, they did it as a “moments notice” act. I can’t tell you which way is the best way. We did future rallies which were bigger in 2010 and we went the route of getting permits, which all of a sudden involved paying for security, being liable for damage, etc. In my heart, the inalienable right to free assembly, doesn’t have caveats that say, “only with a permit” or “you must be liable for damages”.

For me, I see people doing splinter rallies, which do have a purpose but they are only embers. Nothing permanent comes from them (except for those who might be physically damaged) That is something that Alinsky preaches hard in his two books and he arrived at that conclusion, using examples from our Revolution of 1776. He might be the enemy but he was very clever to use the only successful transfer of power from tyranny to the people.

So if it becomes an act of spontaneity, then it is what it is. Just make sure you get in there with clip boards to take the contact info of people who want to meet and talk about doing more.

Get to the library now. Pick up those few books! It’s going to be a cold and snowy February. It will take a few weeks to read through Volume 1 of The Paper of George Mason and as for Conceived in Liberty, if start around 1763 and just read up to 1777, I can’t say how long it will take you because, you will not put it down! I say it again, you will not put it down!


I love your idea! Why wait for weeks, reading & studying, & preparing while the enemy is working & fighting? If you are physically attacked & open a book to read about how to respond, you could be in trouble. Perhaps neither InfoWars nor others have resources to setup a special website. What then? Why not begin immediately and go to work? I have lots of ideas for Constitutional amendments & laws that could be helpful. Let’s discuss ideas, agree on the best, and press forward.



You are amongst the few who have truth on your side. We should be doing that, however, you will find that that most people don’t have a clue as to what is going on. Of all the books I have read, those are the ones that can give you the shortest path to being able to walk around with the knowledge and the goals in mind. You won’t need to look it up, ever again. You won’t need the device in your hands. I predict you will let it go.

The enemy has been at our throats for many decades. The value of learning how the founders did it, will show you the void that exists between 1776 and 1789. When you learn that the Declaration of Independence was put together by a wide variety of people and the Constitution was put together by mostly lawyers, you will see the light of day like you never have before.

To learn that although the men who laid down the words that protected us from “Ex Post Facto” law, were afraid of that clause in the Constitution, but knew that the people would instantly reject it without that very protection, they bowed to the pressure and “allowed” it to remain as a part of our notion for the separation in the first place.

The Yellow Jackets first mistake was that they moved into the streets, without a declaration. Just a few weeks back, they brought one out! Interestingly enough, the real resistance with loaded rifles didn’t show up until after such a Declaration came to light.

The Colonists made the same mistakes! We almost didn’t make it because of that. So just a few weeks of reading, will turn you into a leader like you never thought you could be. Take a chance! You have only to gain from the history. Don’t make the same mistakes. That means you will get your people to the goal faster. Trust me, if you are resistant to reding a few chapters in a few books on a subject you already feel comfortable with, then imagine how hard it will be to get the people who don’t know what is going on to get involved and even put a yellow vest?

The DC metro area media, like the rest of the nation, has nothing on it about the Yellow Vest in Europe! Nothing! Conservative “talk radio” has nothing on it at all. At all! Limbaugh nothing. Plante nothing. Levin? I stopped listening to the “crush the south” voices a long time ago so I couldn’t say what Levin has to say on it.

I can tell you this, back in the Tea Party Days of 2009, 2010, and lastly 2012, Talk Radio was not happy about the TP rallies. Many people tried to get to them and tell them to support them. What everybody didn’t understand is what Alex Jones has shared with you recently and that is that they ALL were being directed by the Party. Sorry, that is what happened and it wasn’t until the GOP set out word that they had taken over the individual TPs with their so called “Federation”, that is was ok to talk about them.

We do not want to repeat the failure of the recent TP’s in that they allowed themselves to be taken over by “handlers”. The reason I suggest this ECC, is because the delegates would be elected and term limited! We can make the delegates vote on any resolution per the opinion of the people whom they represent. Knowing how it was done in the first place, will allow us to fine tune the design for our times.

And Glen, just being on this site, disagreeing or agreeing through communication, already has us operating in the form of the Founders! This platform is the new Committee of Communication! And I am with you! We are making the best of it and we are moving forward! What you and I and everybody else on this site and anything like it, disturbs the enemy more than anything and you’ve heard Alex say that repeatedly.

I am sorry I’ve take so long to say those things. It is just that locally, we have sent our first of Resolves to our local government over their continuous destruction of farm land in our county. I half way expect to be harassed for being the courier of the 21 signatories in our rural postal code. My lawyer has already been informed.

If you all don’t hear from me after a few days, you might well have one of the first political prisoner stories in the nation. You can say, I knew that dummy back then!

Keep pushing for the ECC everybody! It is our best line of defense.


As my grandfather would say “your laying it on em thick boy!”. This is exactly what needs to be done. It’s time to walk the walk. Also might I add another short book to become familiar with if people are going to start meeting would be Robert’s Rules of Order.


…and that dummy started something that gave back our Nation to her people…Be careful down there…don’t want to have to form a posse to spring you out. :sunglasses:


You are correct CSA! It is a great guide to use on how to officiate meetings. Also, I must add that if people haven’t read “Common Sense” by Thomas Payne, that is a must.


You are too kind! Trust me, if I do get in trouble, I will want a posse made up of Infowarriors!
Keep working to the YV Tax Day and let that start things again. We have no time to waste!
Notice how O’Rourke tried to get ahead of what we will no doubt arrive at in the future. A new Constitution. If we do end up there, we want our people to be running the show and not the Communist/Islamist/Globalists.

Why did he say that now? He said that now because they still have the AI analogs that produce threat assessments. They those assessments only confirm for them, the plan they have in plan and in action. To have us at war with each other. Sadly, that may not be able to be avoided because we have allowed them to get this far. The “tipping point” for peace may have already past us.

Still here! For now. Get that copy of 1776. If anything, it will give the spirit of the struggle.


Hi MidVA,
Is this the movie, 1776, you are talking about? Wanted to make sure before I ordered it tonight, probably from somewhere other than Amazon, using them as reference and comments. I also found the book, The Papers Of George Mason” by Robert A. Rutland, but after seeing the price, several places, I will call my Library tomorrow to make sure they have it, although I won’t get to do that until next week, as we are in between two snow storms. :slightly_smiling_face: