The first electronic continental congress


Kinda makes the kids now days look a little pathetic. Imagine being just barely 15, leaving your Mom and Dad, Sisters and Brothers, your home, to go off never knowing if you will come back severally maimed or not at all. It saddens me to see how ungrateful our nation has become, but what an inspiration proving it’s not how many, but that endurance, bravery, spirit and proper planning can over take any enemy. Do you know if there are any notes left behind that Washington may have written at this point? I can only imagine how he felt, sending in those troops, at those ages possibly to their death. Knowing this country, if they did exist, they are long gone. They would never want our children to know the real sacrifice this country has made, but if they do exist, I would love to read them!


Hello! Good to see you back! I’m getting ready to head out to feed the ani-mules. We’re expecting an ice storm here on Mon-Tues. Could be bad.

I’m pushing just a regular old, dial in on a phone (like a Rhinestone Cowboy) I don’t think it be much more than introductions and decisions on further contacts ex parte of the comms.


Oh my yes. In fact, Washington’s papers are the only ones I have not sought because much of what he was around for, was in concert with Mason. You can find that in the editor’s notes in the volumes (and I recommend you read them!)

Otherwise I have a lot of his papers from when he was president in that set I spoke of Messages and Papers of the Presidents. But those dispatches are out there. I’m surprised you didn’t recognize dispatch 1209. Put in your 1776 dvd again! Go right to the end after they had just ushered out Dickenson. Here again, that 's where the movie moves things around a bit. The dispatch was sent on the 24th. I’m not sure it actually arrived in Philly on July 3 but it might have come before that. Anywho-that is the last dispatch Mr. Thompson reads to the Congress. Then they go to the signing.

So in short, yes, those dispatches are out there!

It reminds me of where we are now. Only to save the young who have not been infected and the few old men who can still walk.


And I have the rough draft of the new Resolves out in the hands of the committee. I will send them to you on the private line so you can tell me what you think.


Oh, I played that part of the movie a couple of times, just to make sure I heard it correctly. I just didn’t want to admit, being the sap I am, it made me cry. As it bounced back to them signing, all I could think of was Washington and those men. Positions of power are not always full of reward, ya know, that you can just feel from the words, how he felt when he wrote it thing. Good to know they’re out there, of course, that will have to wait to after reading Mason’s Papers.


I read some where that Washington read parts of “Common Sense” to his men before crossing the Delaware on Christmas eve. Then yesterday, I heard David remark about the Small Pox attack that General Howe tried on the colonies. I mentioned that in the book I started but never finished, “The Public Weal” and published the first few written pages on Freezoxee.

Yes, there was great reason to like the man. Those words no doubt arrived at the right time. You see their faces in a bit of shock.

Oh and that draft of those resolves I sent you, had some typos in the end. They’ve been corrected. I copied the earlier draft.

I just sent an email to my buds, that it’s time for a yellow vest protest in VA of Governor Baby Killer. He should enjoy the flavor of every rotten tomato within hundreds of miles of here! A tour around the state. Incredible. We will try to expand our call for a New Virginia this Spring and Summer.


I get a little misty in those John-Abigail sequences. Those lines came right from their letters to each other (which are also published and I have) Those two actors really brought their words home. And again, for the guy who can’t find somebody to feed his animals, there is a perfect example of good men sacrificing.

We have a hard time with 4 or 5 hours on the road and those people took 4 or 5 or 8 maybe 14 days to get to Philly. If I was only younger. That I can say but if I were 40 or younger…

But locally here, we’re going to get something together.


Oh definitely. It made me worse when you had told me those were the actual words they had written to each other. Times were extremely tough back then. Goes to show how spoiled we are now…and to you my good Sir I say…Pay a visit to Alex’s store! I know you are only a few years older then me, it’s not like your 80…LOL…You men!! :grin: :joy: :rofl:


I spend into the five digits with them every year. Their eye vitamins (which they no longer sell) helped save my wife’s eye sight. I can’t take the stimulant stuff, though I did for a while. Makes the ticker problem kick up from time-to-time. I take other stuff though. The tooth paste saved my teeth!

Oh the Flouride issue really hit home with me! My previous dentists were so bad…If I meet them in a dark alley… My teeth are clean. I don’t have cavities any more. The dentist I have, is amazed. The Hillary for prison stickers were great. I bought hundred fifty and gave them out on the dock of the co-op and had csa do the same. That got the IW name in front of folks a lot around here!

I ain’t 24 anymore!


And here is the book:

and here is another must have:

and this looks promising:

This series of books have always been a nice compliment to the bookshelf. though I don’t have this one but I do have the one Franklin:

Franklin is another one I wish I had more time to read on. I have several on him but he was a very complex fellow.


Awesome!! Thanks for the list of books. I copied them for a later date to purchase. Boy, you sure do your homework. Ask, and you shall receive. Oh, and I’m not 24 anymore either, but age is just a number, knowing the ticker needs some extra care, but it’s still a number. It’s only a five year difference if my calculations are correct and it’s bad enough one day I will be old, but I refuse to let it happen just because of a number, Professor. :grinning:


Man, I wish I were more financially set. All these good books!! I want my children to read and study them when they hit high school! I mean I’d love to read them to if course. They should be a must read for everyone!


Hi Mitch, If you ever do get any extra $, here is the site MidVA told me about. They have new and used, and the used book I just got, it was actually new. Of course, there is always Amazon and eBay. I am also going to go to our local libraries, as they take books from the shelves, they will have book sales which are usually pretty cheap. Oh, and if you belong to Ebates, you also get a 2.5% rebate for each book you buy from Abe. Good Luck!! :grinning:[Brand]%20US--naa-_-naa&msclkid=701c541b06ae1b83d5ad087b4ffe8d0d


Oh, I no professor. I used to be able to sing like Perry Como, Dean Martin and put my own twist on Sinatra pieces. Professor? Not me! Hot rodder maybe. Trouble maker, well if the shoe fits wear it I guess.

Oh and for those looking for some interesting, old school entertainment that actually gets you to try and use your brain, I suggest that you get hold of a copy of the '74-'75 one season show Ellery Queen, w/Jim Hutton and David Wayne. You can only find them used on ebay now. Great collection of old actors and comedians. And you have to learn how to watch for clues. If you’ve ever watch the show Psych, you’ll enjoy that show. I never missed back in the day. Interesting interview with one of the well known producers of their time on why the show only lasted one season! Think we were only got dumb in the last few years? Think again!


Thanks April, MidVa did mention it. Yeah, it’s a shame how the library’s are getting rid of all the good books. I love those book sales though! My sister and I would go every year. Then she got married and moved to a place with a very lousy library. She misses mine. I have like 10 bookcases full of books! My husband is tempted to ban me from the book sale but I still go. You never know when you’ll find a really good book. I believe I got a book on American history by Henry Kissinger, no doubt a tainted view but probably still a good read (I wouldn’t know as I haven’t read it yet). I even got a 4 book series on Lincoln and the civil war. They look old too so I’m hoping they will be great. I love books can ya tell🙂


You may not be a professor MidVa but you sure have wisdom and lots of knowledge. When the rubber meets the road, you will be greatly needed!


And for that, here is one of the ideas I have been trying to get people to engage in. Number one, many of them are available used and cheap. Some are on-line. But as Mike Adams said recently, “buy books”. If you can get your local group of people together (and home school types should be interested in this) you can each buy a few books and make an inventory for each to have of what everybody else has, and then you can lend the books back and forth as in your own library! That also spreads the cost of acquiring the books.
Don’t forget about those antique stores! Right now, the generations who purchased those books new, are gone or close to being gone. The displays in the places can be feast or famine, but you have to keep looking there! They won’t be there forever as the baby boomers never had these books. If they had and the had read them, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today.
Plus, going to an antique store might be a new hobby and get you out of the house for something new.


And you are too kind as well. I have a honed interest in “justice” from life. If the rubber meets the road some day, I only pray to God, that I get to see us in victory again. Can you believe the stories coming out of Virginia? I told people, the top dawgs, would not resign. They own the voting machines! They have nothing to fear! And you don’t hear any Virginia GOPers demanding the scum step down for the good of the state and nation. They are just as bad.

Sorry for the rant! I just get sick of it. I thank you everybody who has stuck with this idea. I know we will all gain from it. Remember, there were two attempts at a Continental Congress before they landed the big fish. That dispatch from Washington #1209, was well timed. The “Sons of Liberty” were people who were like us. Not big in number but big in spirit and big in followers. They ended up becoming the people we call “Patriots”. The title is grand and noble, but remember, the cost can be high.

It sounds as though you have a great library to offer your future local group! Perhaps you can grab a used catalog card rack and label them all through the Dewey Decimal system. Bring it back! It worked and without electricity!


Listening to Alex tonight, I felt like sharing one of those items from February 6, 1775.
The Fairfax Militia Plan and remember, this was 1775! They didn’t wait to bring their like minded local A-Teams together.

[Enclosure of 6 February 1775]

Threatened with the Destruction of our antient Laws & Liberty, and the Loss of all that is dear to British Subjects & Freemen, justly alarmed with the Prospect of impending Ruin,—firmly determined, at the hazard of our Lives, to transmit to our Children & Posterity those sacred Rights to which ourselves were born; and thoroughly convinced that a well regulated Militia, composed of the Gentlemen, Freeholders, and other Freemen, is the natural Strength and only safe & stable security of a free Government, & that such Militia will relieve our Mother Country from any Expense in our Protection and Defence, will obviate the Pretence of a necessity for taxing us on that account, and render it unnecessary to keep any standing Army (ever dangerous to liberty) in this Colony, WE the Subscribers, Inhabitants of Fairfax County, have freely & voluntarily agreed, & hereby do agree & solemnly promise, to enroll & embody ourselves into a Militia for this County, intended to consist of all the able-bodied Freemen from eighteen to fifty Years of Age, under Officers of their own Choice; & for that Purpose to form ourselves into distinct Companies of Sixty-eight Men each; and so soon as the said Companies, or any of them in convenient neighbourhoods & Districts are completed, to chuse from among our Friends and acquaintaince, upon whose Justice, Humanity & Bravery we can relie, a Captain, two Lieutenants, an Ensign & four Serjeants for Each Company; every Captain respectively to appoint four Corporals & a Drummer for his Company, which Election of officers is to be annual in any Company, if the Majority of the Company think fit; & whenever a sufficient Number of Companies shall be made up, all the said Companies are to be formed into a Regiment, under the Command of a Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, & Major, to be chosen by the Captains, Lieutenants & Ensigns of the said Companies; which Election of Field-officers is to be annual also, if the Majority of the Officers think fit. And such of us have, or can procure Riphel Guns, & understand the use of them, will be ready to form a Company of Marksmen or Light-Infantry for the said Regiment, chusing our own Officers as aforesaid, & distinguishing our Dress, when we are upon Duty, from that of the other Companies, by painted Hunting Shirts and Indian Boots, or Caps, as shall be found most convenient, Which Regulation & Establishment is to be preserved &continued, until a regular and proper Militia Law for the Defence of the Country shall be enacted by the Legislature of this Colony. And we do Each of us, for ourselves respectively, promise and engage to keep a good Fire-lock in proper Order, & to furnish Ourselves as soon as possible with, & always keep by us, one Pound of Gunpowder, four Pounds of Lead, one Dozen Gun-Flints, & a pair of Bullet-Moulds, with a Cartouch Box, or powder-horn, and Bag for Balls. That we will use our best Endeavours to perfect ourselves in the Military Exercise & Discipline, & therefore will pay due Obedience to our officers, & regularly attend such private and general Musters as they shall appoint. And that we will always hold ourselves in Readiness, in Case of Necessity, Hostile-Invasion, or real Danger, to defend & preserve to the utmost of our Power, our Religion, the Laws of our Country, & the just Rights & Privileges of our fellow-Subjects, our Posterity, & ourselves, upon the Principles of the English Constitution.1


N.H. delagite checking in. How do we do this? Cause I hate me some commie syrup.