The first electronic continental congress


I just adore the word chuse, and the minuteman mandate of course. My rifle and powder stand ready.


Your friendly N.H. delegate chiming in here. Welcome to the most important thread on the sight. MidVA01 knows where its at. Take it from me, I may not be a real professor but I play one on We should teleconference.


Good to see you Profesor! We are going to have an introductory teleconference on March 3.
It will be a simple way for all of us to at least hear the voices, and brain storm to see what happens.

Can we count you in for that? The time will be worked out in a few weeks.


You know a lot of people don’t know that “spelling” wasn’t always uniform throughout the English Speaking world. Even in the movie 1776, near the end, you see Adams and Jefferson quibble over the spelling of inalienable vs. unalienable.

On another site I posted that Fairfax Plan and I had to ad the caveat, that the spelling was exactly as it was written by Mason. I always felt we would lose the lesson of the Dictionaries and why they were designed. The last 240 years have been total magic compared the rest of man’s history. We don’t want to miss anything if we can help it.


I am heart warmed by some people’s words about my ability to draw from history, but I have had 3 failed businesses. All of them should have made it. But they didn’t and no mistake was ever repeated! So, if you measure success by money, I am at the bottom.

I have discovered a few of the external reasons I was not successful and they all appear to connect with what has happened to our nation through globalism.

My goal is to try to share with all of you what I have found if at all possible, get you to pick it up and surpass me with it.
Keep the faith!


I will be available up to 9am or 6pm and later. I hope that works.


There is nothing more American than mustering the balls to try at the risk of ruin. I salute you. May your next endeavor treat you with favorable returns. Not all gains are monetary in nature, but having some cash lying around never hurt lol.


I would bet after 6 is going to be the zone we’ll be looking at.


Wise words professor and I thank you for the salutations. May you also fall on favorable times and clear paths!


I can see this is how it will happen. By the time we bring like minded people together, they will have stolen most of our children, as most are still too blind or in a slumber. We are always ready here. After reading this, and I assume this is written the same basically for all the states, this gives us the legal right to go after a hostile invasion, by which in this case is our government/public officials.

Watching Alex yesterday just made me ill. That Dr. laughing about killing babies the way he was could not have been more proof that evil is here, and from the looks of it, winning. Everything our children are going through now should be considered child abuse, yet our Government does nothing. I don’t get it. How it is legal to dope up kids, give them drugs to physically change them or even allow them in a stripper bar to begin with? I know in NY, there is a law, that if a kid dances at a night club after hours, and it is called “Performance Art”, then they are legally allowed to do so. I can handle Taxes and some of the stupid hoops they make us jump through, but what they are doing to our children has to be stopped, period!

Now we are going to be invaded by more Foreigners. How is this not an invasion? Our women and children will now be at risk 100 times more, and we are suppose to just sit back and do nothing, that just doesn’t work for me. By the time people wake up, our children will be gone or even worse, ruined for the rest of their lives either mentally or physically. They are tearing down our churches, they are removing God from everything, they have already started taking our guns, etc, so how is this not a Government that needs to be removed? We have been invaded by our own Government in my eyes.

I remember you asking us to compare the VA Constitution to each of our states, well, after reading this, more than ever I want to read what is in it, to know my rights, and not the ones [they] say I have. We may be turning to them sooner than expected as everything is going at hyper speed now and the brainwashing is going at warped speed. This is not the Nation that Washington, his men and others fought to have. This is pure Evil, and must be dealt with as such.


That date sounds like a good one. I look forward to more info when we get closer.


Just when you thought you couldn’t wake up any more; boom! Thee is another level!
Yes mam! Now you see why I wrote about the Letters of Centinel. He laid out exactly your thoughts as to why should they throw their perfectly good constitutions under the bus, as a price to give us a supposedly more stable government.

Now you also are getting a better feel of the importance of the Declaration of Rights, how majority of the PUBLIC BOD POLITIC (referred to as The Public Weal) is our way out of this mess. The fact that these groups of concerned citizens took those words seriously and went ex parte of their current government to start a new one. That’s what a declaration is all about.

I had occasion to visit with CSA this afternoon to drop off the final copy of the latest resolves (still one more level above the last one I sent you) and one of the signers of the last set, refused to sign this set, because she and her husband are real estate agents. As you may recall, we demand the dismissal of the board and to investigate previous board members for breaking the civil code about enrichment from decisions they made while on the board. That’s what happens! As soon as they see that something effects a friend, they back away. To take out that clause in the resolves, takes out the teeth. We get to see who not to trust when that happens. She is also for 5G towers. We’re better off without those people, but it also shows, that if our local groups do not meet in person, thins cannot be debated and worked out. So I may not want people like around and she will probably turn into an enemy, however, without us engaging them in a debate that is in an environment set aside for that, then how can our design for a new government, be better than before? It’s tough but we have to move through it.

The nice thing is, we have the game plan on how to bring it about from our founders.


I look forward to it as well. The Ides of March will be right in front of us. What an interesting time it is.

Also, one of the interesting question I had answered by a youtube segment filmed at Independence Hall, was why were most of those “big” declarations done in the Spring and Summer? Interesting question that was answered by the guide on the tour. The was more daylight in that time of year. They didn’t do much work by candle light.

Of course in Virginia, the day light was longer than in Philly. That is why you see some of those resolves showing up in the winter months. No excuse now. Not as long as the lights are on!


Not surprised to see a person put ones and their friends interests above the commonwealth. I guess she likes being censored, having one religion placed above another. Sad that she does not have enough self respect or care about how she will be perceived by her own family. To me, she is nothing more than a sell out. Friendship seems to hold a lot of clout nowadays. People are more concerned about loosing a friend, than right and wrong. I have a friend exactly like this. She won’t even post anything on her FB wall that may upset them, for fear she may loose a friend she has had for years. They can’t be much of a friend then. Your principles should not be determined by your friendships, but too many times they are. I have belonged to 3 different political parties in my life, and not one time have I ever kicked a friend to the curb because of their beliefs. We all left that behind in grade school. Immaturity runs rampant in this country.

…and yes, and I kinda like this new level, although I have to read it several times to fully understand what is written. I find it very interesting to see other avenues that can be pursued. Funny thing, I asked a few people if they ever heard of the Declaration of Rights, some said no, others said, well, there have been tons of amendments after that, and we must follow those. Seems like our whole country is in need of a History lesson. Oh, and one thing I am going to do this spring, is take another tour of Gettysburg. Remember, I am not into History much, except the wars, so when I did visit all the places, I was half paying attention to what I saw. Loved the tours of the homes, but in the museums, I remember seeing many letters and writings, and I just shuffled past them. Funny, I really want to go back and read them now. Thanks a lot Mr. MidVA!! :grinning:


Popularity is such a fickle thing, along with the dopamine it brings. For much of my life, I haven’t cared about what others think. Sadly, many influences upon my life have tried to stress the importance of sensitivity towards other people, but the main thing I’ve learned is that no matter what you do, you can’t please them.

Sometimes there truly are people and things worth fighting for, and that’s what keeps me going, instead of being some defeated surrendered boomer (in mind, not necessarily in age) that welcomes the overlords for what little dopamine I can muster.

I had honestly never heard of the Declaration of Rights; only the Declaration of Independence. The former seems like a good goal point for the meetings of this congress.


Oh, I lost most of my friends when I was pushing for Trump. Lost the rest when I told them what I thought about their laziness, complaining, and never doing any thing about our country and what was happening to our children.
As I say…“Frankly Scarlet…”

My dopamine comes from nature and above. People can be over rated!!


It was best once told to me in a sales training session. The person who wants what you have to offer, will buy it. Price is the only negotiation. If they don’t want it right away, then don’t waste your time with a follow up. They don’t want it.

Don’t feel bad about never hearing of the DoR! It was passed over even in my time. I once had occasion to speak to a Poly Sci grad from one of our “better” schools. When I mentioned the “Anti-Federalists”, he looked at me as though I had just beamed down from the Enterprise!

I turned him on to all of this with a spare paperback I had. It was as if his entire life had a hole in it that was being filled. He just never knew it was there! Trust me, the political parties, do not want you to know the truth! Just as the “framers” wanted to hide it in 1787. Time to load up the magazine in your mind!

Times are getting strange and quickly because the enemy has direct access to the algorithms that monitor our searches and our words. It is later than we all think.


I apologize for forgetting an important thought for everybody. Please make sure, that you get as many MAPS as you can, over your area, your state and an atlas of the US. Especially if you’re going to be working on getting a HAM license and listening to anything “interesting” or if your group needs to meet or if you get an intelligence report and you do not want to use the web to let the enemy know where are looking and searching. Those algorithms are hungry!

So please, buy up some good maps! Especially if they turn off the interweb.

Does anybody know how you can tell your direction in the day time without a compass?


If you’re really that concerned, even just saying something around the devices will trigger the algorithms. So you’d pretty much have to lead-box the electronics.

You make a very good point about paper maps, as I have always preferred them, and even read them over magazines in my youth. Your state’s Gazetteer (assuming DeLorme has one for your state) is also a great deal of help, as it gives you even more detailed information should the main highways be patrolled, including topography.


Most welcome dear lady! That’s a funny response! They tell you it’s been amended! WOW!
You know what it is nice about the DoR, it can’t be amended. It wasn’t designed to be. I tell people, “It’s our driver license for government”. It sits above all government! Funny. The words are right there too!

Don’t forget the Eisenhower Farm! Take that tour too!