The first electronic continental congress


Oh, glad you mentioned it. I have not done the Eisenhower Farm tour. It can’t be amended, see, I did not know that. Many thanks for that!! As far as maps, OMG, I have boxes full of them. From the '70s to early '90s. Something always told me to keep them. Also, have a huge Atlas in my truck. Frankly, I hate GPS, so that way I can go wherever I want and never get lost. GPS can be wrong. Also, I have no problem telling which direction as I have always gone by the sun, tree moss, water flow, etc. I just naturally always seem to know what direction to go. You can always make a sundial as well out of natural things to tell time. Never got lost in the woods yet. I know, it’s probably not the right way, but it has always worked for me. :sunglasses:



One of those little tricks they used to teach the scouts if I’m not mistaken. Moss, always grows on the north side of tree or anything that has been stationary for few years time. Bingo!
Well done!


I actually didn’t know that; good to keep in mind. Obviously the sun trick is easy, but unless you have a watch… :wink:


We have the Alexandria Drafting Co. They used to make all the maps around the DC, VA, MD area and few other places around the nation as well. They also used to make great realtor maps. I’m sure those are around.

Yep, if they turn off the interweb, they will probably throw the switch on GPS. Like you and many other people, I don’t use GPS. I look it up on the map and go! If I make a mistake, there is always turning around and going back!


In fact, I am insistent that people not use a machine to tell them where to go. I remember getting into a real humdinger of a fight with someone over that.


or if it’s a cloudy day.


That’s what I like about cruising in the car. You just drive around and take notice of things. You go different ways home. Just cruise.


If the sun is out, you can tell by the position in the sky approximately what time it is, but when it is not, the other tricks come in handy. Moss does grow on the north side, but it also grows around the tree too, so you have to look for thickness and type. I have 100 yr old trees, and they now have moss all the way around, but if you look hard enough, you can tell where it started. Also remembering, the north side of anything always is cooler and wetter than the south side. Lots of little tricks in survival guides as well. I have mostly been lucky and just have an uncanny sense of time and direction, too much so sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:


cruise easy! As Wolfman Jack used to say.


This just broke my heart, and we know this will just grow across the country as more pick up the law. :sob:


Just like the woman who would not sign the resolves today. She was for 5G towers, was friends with all the real estate people who were the obvious targets of the resolves you just read! She freaked out! She could not wait to get away form the Co-Op today.

She cared more about her “children’s education” than the 1st amendment. Do you see how people get blinded by their selfishness? It was amazing.

I let her go with a nice conversation and to see if she was nervous. She was. I gauged that by having had an introduction to her just 15 minutes earlier.

When it comes to our unfortunate but inevitable step somewhere down the road, we must remember the infanticide as a grievance. It has to be one! It is my biggest one of all. It is the one that the “Federalists” shy away from owning. I heard ML on the radio one night, try to explain it away as “our political policy of the times”. How outrageous! And people think he is great. I say he and the people who follow him are cowards! They probably want their 5G poles stuck up their… Well, it a family website.


If I am involved in that step down the road, trust me infanticide will not be forgotten. I have been fighting for babies and children for years. On my FB page that is one of the main things I post about. Not that it ever mattered, people cared more about animal rights, than children being tortured or killed. Don’t get me wrong, I am also one of the biggest animal rights person as well, but could never understand how people could want to protect animals so much, but not one share when it came to children. Do I see how people get blinded by their own selfishness? I see and live it everyday of my life. I honestly only know one person that is not selfish, she is a dear friend, and totally woke to the corruption, other than her, I kinda figured that is just how everyone is nowadays. As far as ML, gave up on him years back. What a horrible thing to say. Wow, no heart or conscience, or maybe no soul either. To me is another sell out!!


So you see how much you know and have to offer this group! You have so much knowledge about the world around us. A world that many no longer get to experience because of their electronic masters. You should working with Wayne on that book together! There are many pieces of knowledge that we can share. The shame of it is, there the same kind of people, all around us and we have very few ways of connecting anymore.

I received something in the mail last week from a local group in my area about a chat they’ve just started. Nice idea, but should they not be meeting face to face? The “host” of this chat room is also not known. Was it set up by somebody with a bag of CI (comes before B) cash?

“With land!”
“Cash in hand!”
“We are the cool conservative men!”

Kind of like a ML.
OH! And please be sure to add this your library and read a chapter a day. If you really want to see a bubble burst in your mind and get a real grip on what Mason and Henry warned about, then this is the book for you. Hamilton’s Curse

Once you read it, you will then instantly recognize, why they made a play about him recently! It was to try and repair the damage done by people like Dr. DiLorenzo. You 'll now see why UNESCO was so eager to declare Jefferson’s Monticello as their property! The truth must hidden from us!

That particular copy on ABE was 1.98. You can’t beat that!



I saw another NH poster up on the new topics this morning. Think you can lasso that one in?



I suspect mischief with griff is a closet NewHampahireite as well. Get along little doggies yaa. I’ll try to track them down. A note on Sunday I will not be able to attend. I neglected to remember I had a date with the wife planned, apologies. Perhaps another time Mondays, Fridays, and evenings after around 6 are good for me.


Let me see if I read you correctly. Do you think the griff entity is trouble?

I am sorry you won’t be able to grab the telecom but your wife is more important! Like Rodney Dangerfield used to say, “Look out for number one but don’t step in number two!”

I’m sure this session is just going to be meet and greet and spillage of fear for everybody. I’ll try and make minutes of it and pass it along.

Do you think you have others who may attend? I’m guessing there will be some who want to spoil it. We’ll make sure we do the best we can to keep it to the serious ones.


If you would prefer a gruff but fair replacement that might be possible. As far as Griff goes he’s ok not a NewHampshirite but ok. Still haven’t heard back from the newb yet. I should try to reach Mark Stein he is in northern NH. As far as spoiling the thread I think it’s unknown to most. There is drama but not here. I am super excited to have some tea party guidance, and I know you guys are super clean in message and how you leave a venue. I will not invite any one who does not meet that standard. One exception being the new guy, you asked for, I don’t know him.


That is very kind of you but you also compliment yourself. That is, the respect you and others like you give to this forum is what makes it a sound operation.

I don’t have the time to move about the other threads really so I rely on others to give me reflections on the pulse. That’s good to hear about Griff, since I had good impressions about him early on, though I had not heard from him in a while.

I reached out to the newbee that day, only because I opened up on the main page and saw his or her listing and thought of you. In my attempt to try and mentally keep track of where everybody is from, I am on the look out for new posters to grab before they drift away.

I don’t get to watch or listen to the WR show as much as I make time for David and then Alex. That’s just the way day works for me. I’m not sure I’ve seen Owen push the comms as much as they used to.

My gut feeling is, the axe will fall on IW when we enter a slow period of events that immediately precedes an on coming event. That way, any news of the axe falling will get buried in the news of the event that follows. Nobody will care about this site getting pulled down. At least I hope that we can get a trust worthy group together to keep touch with. That is one reason why I like the idea of everybody getting at least a Technician level HAM license. Having a call sign that isn’t a name, is not a bad idea in bad times.

I also think that we should make use of a free email address for just making contact about a telecom event. It would not be an address for communicating information unless we decide it. It would at least be way we can all contact each other and not have to use our personal email. That should be easy enough.

Is your Sunday schedule going to always be the same or is it just this March 3 that you’ll be busy on?


Just remember that to use SSB on the HF bands, you need at least a General license. Technician gets you the VHF and UHF bands which are for your local area, but on HF you’re mostly limited to CW (i.e. Morse code).


Right. But they can send messages from local nets along through General operator contacts on their net, correct?