The first electronic continental congress


The song that Richard Nixon wanted Jack Warner to take out of the movie… When you run up against people who think they have too much to lose by standing against anybody who is destroying your right, you can think of this scene from 1776. It is quite the mirror when you find people like this. “We have land! Cash in Hand!..”


It’s entirely possible you discuss things locally and then have some sort of representative nationally. But why not learn about the trade and get yourself to the point where you have more privileges?


I wish I had that much time to move up to general. As it is, I only occasionally listen to the local net a few nights a month while I work on my company. Something I’m trying to launch ahead of the fools who want to get rid of guns.

But there is on thing people can do with a 2 meter easily and that is be very mobile. For times when, one might want to cross the Delaware River for instance. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was glad to see they have Morse software. That actually renews that old feeling. But you are correct. Getting people to get as high up on the pole as they can is good thing.


In the process of looking at the difference of the PA & VA DOR. Very different. Section 1 is the only one so far remotely the same. Still reading…


Have you been able to see how many PA Constitutions there have been since 1776?
Virginia has had seven if I recall, including the one from 1861.

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I looked up William Daniels Bio to see if he was still alive. Wouldn’t it figure, he was a Bernie supporter in 2016! Actors! Of course that could have been a tale too.


No, haven’t seen how many yet. Haven’t been on Freezoxee. WVA-OH is 5 hrs SW.


I thought that was a ways over. Probably 6 or so for me as well.


and how did you do with the current PA Constitution? And here is another exercise… take a look at say, the Tenn or TX constitution’s bill of rights and compare them to yours.

If you look at the DoR, see if they have a section dealing with “all laws ought to be equal” or something like that. Also, check and see if any of those have an “ex post facto law” clause in them.

Not Yours to Give”, said the Farmer to Congressman Davy Crockett
How a generation not so far from the promises of the Federalists, looked at things like general welfare and who should pay for it.
This was a tale I learned some ten years ago, from a woman who was running in the primary for Congress in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, against the Globalist Republican incumbent. She lost, because the NRA wanted the establishment man. She lost because the Republican Party was filled to the gills with rich people who had good connections to government contracts and sold their souls to the company store. We know them as corporatists.
The woman candidate, spoke of the founders, our rights and pointed out the laws that were constricting us. She spoke out against socialized health care. She spoke up to keep our soldiers out of false flag wars and balanced budgets.
The media in Virginia, called her a tin-foil hat woman. They made fun of her and never took her points seriously, thereby censoring her through unbalanced coverage. The media protected the Globalist from a debate. The “Conservative” radio hosts, also jabbed at her. It was an awakening moment for me.
Thanks to her sharing a great story about Davy Crockett, I found a fantastic missing link to that period in our history when the Constitution was being tested and the government began slipping away from the promises the “Federalists” said would be kept.
Here is the video of the story:
Here is the text version:
I hope this helps your intestinal fortitude!
Yours in Liberty,



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