The first electronic continental congress


Well, I certainly didn’t do anything to make that happen, at least not to the best of my knowledge. I’ll check the settings to see if I made something a little more private, but I can’t guarantee much.


Actually, I just had a thought on this… it’s something I have seen on Infowars as well…

Do you have an AdBlocker installed? If so, turn it off for this site alone, and refresh. Do you now see it? ABP has been declaring certain things, such as the Infowars title pic and the comment section, to be ads, and therefore blocked.


“I have fallen in with a den of thieves!”
“Ah, but why not be with the successful thieves!” :slightly_smiling_face:
Just kidding.


No I think it is the ghost in the machine. All of those happened all at once. I checked on my Firefox and it shows a little bit of an outline around the “x”. I did see that one thread last week about one off the users stating they though the system had been hacked. I think it is all the more reason we establish a system of contact that is external.


And it only a handful of icons that are "x"ed. Not everybody is.


I thought the point was to meet up in the 3D world. Prison Planet already had a forum. I think we should try to get local meet-up groups started, and post our activities with those. Focus on the REAL WORLD people. More electronic interaction doesn’t do crap against the NWO. This is very saddening.


Just a question…Did you read what we are trying to do concerning the Declaration of Rights? and also…Did you read where this was leading to us meeting up with others in our own states? Before you assume this may be “saddening”, maybe you should look at the progress that has been made by MidVA and others in VA, which is what they were teaching others how to do. So we can get rid of corruption. As far as focus on the REAL WORLD, you can’t get any more real than what our Founders had to do to form this once great nation, as Alex himself has said many times, and THAT is what was being taught here. As for myself, I personally tried everything I could to get people interested in a Rally at Independence Hall in Philly. What better place than the Birthplace of our Country…but no one was interested and that is the Real World.

The last remaining battle for our enemies to win, before they repeat a 1917 style Russian revolution, is to take our firearms. The semi-automatic Rifle is the musket of our time and is the last obstacle of our enemies for a bums rush over our homes, families and lives. The founding citizenry of our nation would express approval of the parallel between the Musket of their day and an AR 15 of today. They would place the semi-automatic rifles in complete compliance with the US. Second Amendment and all of the state constitutions and our God-given rights within them.

If the Founders could lay their judgment upon us today, they raise some questions as to why fully automatic weapons are not allowed in the hands of citizens. Since the military possesses these weapons, which creates an instant and arguable disadvantage to us all, our nation has to compensate the best it can to try to stay at least equal to that power by exercising our rights in great numbers.

The argument being made by anti-American politicians, pundits and citizens as to not allowing the rest of us to justify our right to be able to own semi-automatic rifles and side arms which can hold large capacity magazines, without any impingement, is compartmentalizing the debate with Tactic 13 from Rules for Radicals. The plain and simple fact is, we are supposed to be able to abolish any tyrannical government be it from outside or inside our borders. In 1776, the musket was equal to the guns of the Kings Army and without them; we would not be here today.

When the pour-over 2nd Amendment was written, the Musket was state-of-the-art for its time. The industrial revolution had already begun with writings and scientific work having been engaged, rewarded and reported on by people of the day such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the commercially wise James Madison. They knew science and discovery were always advancing and they wrote of it often.

The first right-to-own and be trained-to-own arms amendment was penned by George Mason in the Virginia Constitutions Bill of Rights as ratified on June 29, 1776 :

That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Nowhere do we see any restriction by description of what they meant by arms. The arms of the day were always cutting edge.

Knowing that, you also get a sense that the Constitutions we live by are not and should never be limited by amendments to define down or restrict the provisions of the power of the citizens to run their society and their governments. It most certainly is not a numerical list of reciprocal pragmatic targets for anti-Americans to feed on like vultures over a carcass.

However, we know the anti-Americans need to take our guns so they can complete what they started so many decades ago. We know this to be true because millions of Americans who have purchased firearms since 1776 have not purchased them just to turn them over to a government or a small group of interlopers who form a political Anti-body with medieval designs.

The biggest reason why the anti-Americans need to take all the guns from us is, if they lose this fight, either physically or through therevival of the public weal, the public will be awakened as to how many other rights they have lost through apathy and givingtoo much trust in promises by smiling and patronizing politicos in a system we call “a Republic”. That awakening will reveal to us all, the hard reversal of all the gains the anti-Americans have made since 1776. History also shows, real Americans, never take that kind of loss peacefully.

The semi-automatic rifle and side arms in the USA are not too advanced for us. It is the musket of the 21st Century and we have the right to own and possess them in our homes and yes, even on our persons.

If the anti-Americans want to save just one life then they can start by outlawing abortion. They can save millions of American babies each year with a stroke of a few pens and one constitutional amendment. However, that is logical and anti-Americans cant be bothered with logic.


Hey peeps, Sorry been away for so long. Much to do, but when I came back on, half the stuff I have written is gone… just gone, and a few things changed in my settings, so sorry if I have not responded. Still here, just doing the usual, firewood and shoveling. Dang storm dumped a foot up here on us. So, I’ll be on sometime later to catch up and read everything. Have to get done before the rain starts. C’mon SPRING!!! :grinning: :hibiscus: :sunflower: Oh, and my icon is gone up top to sign in and I can’t change certain things in my settings, which I had to guess where it was and click on. So, if I miss something, I will be back!! Weird stuff happening!!


This story should be a warning to all who think a lot of gung-ho talk can’t get you in trouble.

This is why we stress, the founders way is the only way of handling our emergencies. The words are clear enough in the Declaration of Rights. If you fall in with the wrong types, then you could end up like one of these dangerous people.

I am sure there are the same types involved inside of the Infocomms. They could be real kooks like this CG person or staged to trap people. Ignoring them is the best way to handle them. Study your history and stay on the right side of things!


Well, I guess everyone has disappeared from this forum as well. Excellent articles MidVA, as always and totally on point. I especially like the last line about saving lives and the fact that you are so right, that nowhere do we see any restriction by description, which they keep trying to say, because of the difference in the guns made then and now. We all pretty much know where this is leading. Will it be sooner than later, no one knows, but I can bet they will be going at warped speed to take all of our guns while committing murder on the innocent.


Many thanks! They aren’t gone, just waiting for March 3. They are around.
Sorry you got all the snow. We picked up a few inches and it turned to rain. Messy.


So I guess that means you were able to contact them, as per post above? Thanks for letting me know. Was finally able to get all my original settings back, so I guess the icon shows up right now. Listen to David yesterday? Ironic, one of the topics was JW. Loved seeing that footage. Lucky you, I’ll take the mess. We got 1/4 ice on top the foot, but it did make for some beautiful pictures though, and looks to be a warmer week. Hope all is well down there. :grinning:


First thing I thought of when I saw this was “False Flag”. Kinda strange this came out right after Smollett was found to stage everything…just sayin".


Yes, glad you got your settings back. Looks like the first part of March is going to be cold for most of the nation. I hope April brings warmer weather for tax day and lots of yellow vests.


Nothing surprises me, but we are not in the position to control the narrative. An inside man from a government position is the perfect “do it for God and country” cut out. The narrative is the most damaging and our current day definition of “free speech” gets hung up with that “you can’t yell fire in a crowded theatre” moment. We just need to be sure that what we can say is backed up by powers that have been used in the past.

We are dealing with people who have no respect for law but they will not dare publicly crush our rights unless they have the numbers to do it. Or if they’re stupid idiots like we have in our county and state government! Morons all!


I think they already have the numbers, but the American people would not stand for it, if they know. So slowly they chip away at each right, sliding under the radar. Every attack lately has been about racism or guns. Even when drugs are involved, they are barely or not at all mentioned, so we know where they are heading. Soon this Country will have to split, there is no other way, but again, it is as predicted. Good will fight evil. Evil will kick the crap out of us, but good will prevail, providing we are wise in our decisions, and learn that others can teach us other ways of doing things. The day we think we know everything, will be our demise as knowledge will always gain power. We must continue to learn from the past as History has proven, will always repeat itself.


I had a thought. If I were going to participate in something like an up coming event like a teleconference, I would probably write down one or two items in advance to discuss with the others. Just to get things started and test out the operation.


Sounds like a good idea to me!! :grinning:


Thought I would pass this along as I found it quite interesting and fitting to this thread…This is a clip from the 700 Club on the Founding Fathers. At 18:17 on the video it starts talking about the subject, but on Monday, February 25th they are devoting a show on the Founding Fathers and how God was included in forming the Government.