The first electronic continental congress


Well, Pat lost me with his choice of Presidents. LOL. They just showed in their piece where the school systems skip over history and start with 1866! LOL and then there goes Pat! But I am glad to see them picking up the story. They mention Pat Henry and slaves, but I would bet they don’t mention the Pat Henry you have on your bookshelf in the Papers of George Mason, or Mason himself!

So you see, you have more power than they do and you can debate them into the tank with just those three volumes you have!

This is one of those things were, you have to have read Alinsky as well. Alinsky said that organizers should take control of what ever narrative happens to be around that attracts a lot of attention and mold your cause into it. He has an example of a press conference on Bastille Day. I can’t remember if it was in Chicago or New England.

So “Lincolnists” as I call them, love to jump on this idea of learning the founding and then skipping from 1776 to 1866, Oh yeah! Welcome to the Tea Parties of 10 years back! This is what they did. The big boys see us coming once again and they are waiting to catch us in their net. Not this time!

What we must do is steal their press time and bring ALL the truth out. I’ll bet you if they mention anybody, it will be Witherspoon. They might even mention the black robe brigade but maybe not. I doubt they will give more than a passing glance to the Declaration of Rights and item sixteen and how that got in there. I would like to be pleasantly surprised.

They didn’t talk about Lincoln and his railroad buddies who bought up all the real estate across the nation that just so happened to be the same route as the trans continental railroad. That was a huge scandal that was embroiling his administration before he died.
No mention of taking three weeks to cut down General Grant’s, general order number 11. No mention that he refused to grant the indentured Irish servants their liberty while then drafting them to fight in the Union Army or the orders given out to kill some 30,000 Irish in NYC because they resisted. From those accounts I have read, they could identify only most of the bodies because the Union Army burned the corpses. So when it comes to Lincoln, I’m not one of his followers. The Lincolnists call it “The Draft Riots”.
Sorry for the rant! I’m glad you brought that to my attention. I think it means more than it looks like on its face. I think it spells the GOP is getting ready to grab control of us. We cannot allow that to happen again!


Oh, as soon as they started talking about Lincoln, I remembered what you had told me about General Grants order 11, but they did mention he made several mistakes…LOL…nice way to word them. I was glad to see that woman wants to bring in the prior History to the schools, she wants it to start earlier than 1866. So I am looking forward to just exactly what they are going to say because I found it very strange the story was being told, out of the blue. Yes, President’s day just passed, but it was weird how Pat only told certain views of History. I thought it was just me seeing something more to it, glad you explained it. Nice little History lesson today…Thanks again Professor MidVA. Best class I ever took. :sunglasses:


No Professor am I. I’m more like Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School! “Watch out for numbah one, but step in numbah two!” :slightly_smiling_face:

You have some of the same books I do now! That’s where I found the information!


Oh heck, I’m always steppin’ in #2. :smirk: Loved that movie!! I may have some of the books, but you have read them, and probably more than once, and since you like History so much, it also sticks more. If it was gardening I was reading about, I could learn it one time through. I find myself reading a page, then going back to read it again. So just keep on a teachin’. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m sure I’m not alone. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was actually responding to the thread title, and did miss that there was an IRL (in real life) element to what he was suggesting. I commend MidVA for that! I also commend you for trying to get something together in Philly. If you do another, I can definitely meet. I live in Baltimore, and that’s only an hour or so away from Philadelphia. I used to drive up there to get a cheesesteak once in awhile (when I still used to eat bread, lol).

I also wouldn’t mind going down to Northern VA, but I don’t think I could drive to mid-VA, if his screen name is referring to his location being in central VA area or whatever.

I am in a church that offers Constitution classes, so believe me, I know the importance of education in this area. I just started taking the course, and I’m pretty psyched! Ironically, I can’t meet in the building (in person), because the office building where they have the classes has very pungent carpet glue smells that I’m very sensitive to. But that’s a long story.


Was nice to see Trump doing this. He will have a horrible up hill battle, but may God prevail in the end!! This is one that will mean a lot to people at those Tax Day Rallies too. :pray:


It is right in time from what we were talking about as to what kind of sings to have out!
Alinsky would tell his people that you need to get out and join that narrative and make it yours. April 13 is not that far away! Yellow vests, signs, flyers and sign up sheets!

What was the line from the movie about how revolutions come into this world? Compromise and Improvise? It’s never really planned.


Exactly, and I remember you telling me in the beginning that you don’t have to look for Politics, as Politics will eventually find you. I don’t believe in coincidences either. Everything happens for a reason!!


If there is anything you can’t find, then ask me and I might have already scanned it somewhere and can post or re-post it for reference.

Take a look at the items from the Fairfax Resolves through those first few following resolutions that covered the start of the militia. Check the ps at the bottom where Mason suggests to Washington, that in order to save time, they should just send the former Burgesses back as delegates to the new convention to start their new government.

From what I can see, we can’t afford to do that now. Our local and state politicos are completely corrupted and would only stop, delay or change the process. I think we need to do it as they did in New England at that time and hold town halls and choose from there.

The next step would be a regional group and from there, chose a state group. We have so many people here now that the spirit of simplicity is good to guide us, but we need to keep the idea of simplicity alive in the process. The only way I see us getting back to that level is to make more states out of the ones we have. Instead of 50 states, we should probably be 100 to 150.


Thank you SB and break down the electoral system to zip codes. Every zip code minus the +4, gets one vote.

The same should be done on state wide elections. The winner of the zip code gets the electoral vote.

I saw the post on election reform. I’m glad people are talking about that too. It does lead back to the Constitution itself, and to those who promised this “check and balance” system that no longer would include the people, as it had before. From the spirit of Thomas Paine and Common Sense. The same pamphlet that George Washington read to his troops before they crossed the Delaware.

That, is what they fought for and not this business of a reproduction of a parliament.


Be careful with that, because with the way it’s set up, a city gets 100 votes, sometimes even more (Manhattan alone would have 300).


They do have a lot for sure, but there are no new zip codes. That puts pressure on the UN Agenda plan to keep people outward as opposed to inward (vise versa I mean). That also allows those suburbs to be more independent. I would think a good close study on the concentration of the zips are in order compared to perhaps to my other thought of 1 county= 1 vote and 1 City= 1 vote. I would like to see that idea looked at closely.

I know in Virginia, we would never have another Democrat in office ever again. But, the GOP is not better here and as I saw the other thread open up today about doing away with the parties, I think is an absolute must! But you already know that from me.

Good job keeping my feeble mind between the ditches! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just for giggles, I checked “NYC” as having 179 or 180. Remember, I proposed to drop off the +fours. Use only the base. So if you look at 10 or so million people only having 179 zip codes, that’s actually not that bad. I think that would be the best way for state conventions to start new governments. For those who would not want to participate, they get left out. As we used tot say, “that’s just more for me”.

Guess I can’t blame all of my extra tonnage on “GMO” foods!

I have a lot better feelings about the County 1 vote, City 1 Vote idea for a national situation.

Looking at Baltimore City, they have 50 zips. If I had the time, and I were to work on finishing one of my books, I would have to do a study using at least 6 states to feel out the whole zip idea. I would pick the three most populated big cities and their surrounding states and compare that with the three least populated cities and their surrounding states.

Then I would have to do the exact same comparison with the County-City plan. Nothing like stats to put you to sleep! That’s the problem I had when I wrote that book on the Virginia elections being rigged. It was very hard to keep an interest level for the reader up from the closed eye lid level.


I forgot. I should have thrown those two links I used to the stats…

Baltimore City (not the county):



Yes, but there’s something you should understand about the way ZIP codes work:

When they were first put into place, there were three levels of processing and distribution put into place: The local office (5 digit), a regional office (first 3 digits), and then a Processing and Distribution Center (everything else). When it came to major and mid-major (at the time) cities and the corresponding suburbs, they blocked off an entire set of 100 ZIP codes for a particular city. For example, any ZIP that is 132xx is “Syracuse, NY”, although there could be other aliases for the post office name, especially when you consider suburbs. They may not be using all 100 today, but they sure as heck have the right to it. And you can bet that a Democrat-controlled city would “activate” those extra ZIP codes in order to get more votes.

BTW, the 300 allocated is just Manhattan. One of the downstate counties has 110xx and 111xx, while another has 103xx and 104xx.


Very good work! Though I would imagine we could get control of that activity easy enough “after” the new government was in place and after the political parties were made illegal, then I think the idea might rate being revisited.

I always have to cidile my crazy idea with the notiotn that, we will be abandoning everything and starting over. Though you are correct in breaking that down, it is how the existing structure works. That would also mean, (hypothetically speaking of course) that if a great struggle for our future were to ensue, and we should miraculously come out on the other side as the victors, you would be the perfect person to head up or be on the committee that restricted voting. And perhaps then, you could have the language that forbids any changes in the structure of how many zip codes there will be. Just a thought.

Remember, there will be no democrats or republicans some day. There will be no parties allowed, some day.

Thank you for the in depth information! You stick around mister!


I remember in his debate with Hillary, he said he was pro-life risking losing the election. (Thinking woman will vote against him for that) that made me respect him. He could have said he was pro-choice to win votes, but he didn’t. Hillary said she was pro-choice up to nine months.


You know, I used to feel fairly smart before I came to this thread. :smirk: You all are amazing!! Between the zip code information, the communication post and everything MidVA has written, this is definitely the thread to come to learn. WOW …By the time this thread is over one day, I’ll look like Brain from Pinky and The Brain (cartoon) :brain:

With all this great info, there still seems to be one problem, getting out the information. Making it simplified for people like me to see the jist of it. A Website drawing people in by the problems that exist for all, not just the right, needs to be done. Standing on the corner, putting up fliers, interstate sign holds all great but reaches too few, too slowly. Maybe we need to steal an idea from a movie. I know, sounds idiotic, but what if we did what the Blues Brothers did?

Young people love doing wacky things. People would not feel unsafe. A vast majority of the area could be covered at the same time, in many states. You would have fliers to hand out. Clipboards for those interested, because you will have to stop sometime. to eat, get gas, whatever. Most Excessive Noise Control laws are compared to car alarms, demolition equipment, sirens, etc. That’s pretty loud. The vehicle could have the message and Website on signs, magnets, etc. I know, it sounds crazy, but you all have done exactly what many wish they could do. Most people are simple folk, they don’t know the right language, or half the laws, let alone about zip codes and voting. Even if people come to this thread, it’s hard to understand to most. It has to be taught, but locally. The website could have a place where people would start their own groups in their own states.

Like one of Trump’s sites. It mentions where all his rallies are being held. A person to contact. You don’t form anything on the actual site. It’s just there to inform, teach, and have a place where people can find where to start locally.

Working people have very little time nowadays. Everything being taught and written has to be simplified. It would be great if we had tons of time, but we don’t. Unlike the tortoise and the hare, we have to stop being the tortoise. For every 5 things we do in a week, they do 15 (average). Actually counted that up one month.

Although this is just a funny idea, as I did love that movie, it’s food for thought. To spread this wonderful idea forward, but quickly. The country let this go on, now they must work at rapid speed to change it. Like MidVA once said, “They’ve had 50 years.”

Thanks again to all for your wonderful brains, and sharing them with us!! :sunglasses:

Keep smilin’ MidVA and fly that plane a little lower, some of us don’t have very large wings and engines yet. Lucky!


Are you trying to tell me I have to put an air raid speaker on my pretty car? Whaaaat!


Hummmm :thinking:
…Well now, yes, yes I am!! :grinning: