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OMG, is that you?? Looks just like Elwood!! You do realize they make them much smaller. Like behind the grill small now…right?? So was this Halloween??


This is where the cyber word meets the real world. Chime in March 3rd.


Fancy lights help too!


You guys are bad! You won’t like the story that follows it. The moral to the story is, the guy driving the car, had a buddy who fit the Jake part to a T and he could imitate the Belushi moves exactly. The Driver of the car, studied the Elwood part, went to places in DC to practice his craft at imitating the dance moves and the mannerisms in front of real live people. He easily learned the harmonica because of his childhood training on the piano and the cello. He already had a fair singing voice (if I say so myself(well excuuuuse me!)) and was a former athlete so the physical demands were easy to meet. The Driver, saw an opportunity for the two to get together and launch a career in entertainment, the same way others had done by “covering” previous acts. With that success, you can launch your own.

The other person, didn’t have any faith in himself. He refused to study or learn the moves and the words to the songs. He didn’t think he had to practice the choreography. But, his friends kept after him because they saw the same idea I had. Finally, the day came when a Halloween dance would give the opportunity to prove the theory.

I won’t name the place of the so-called “higher education”, but let us just say, it was the wildest dance that school has ever had.

Me and another friend, road tripped to the school (where the fat guy was). He had finally had enough peer pressure (something to remember) and was ready to do it, but, only if the band would let us. (He was betting they wouldn’t. My experience in the bars and parties of Georgetown showed me, that the clubs loved it when I showed up. People would come to see me dance and the proprietors considered me free entertainment. More customers=more drinks sold. I had a feeling, the band would probably try it to have fun with us or fun at our expense)

I drove that very car, except it had a $99 Earl Shieb white paint job on it by then.
When we got there the night before, we started rehearsing right away. We both already knew the songs as we were big R&B buffs before the BB’s hit the scene. He was scared that his timing was off at first and then we broke it down to a count and he clicked. But I knew, he was not sure. The answer was easy! You can’t just jump right into something of importance without doing your studying and practice. I figured it didn’t matter that much. After all, it was a dance. Everybody was drinking. I knew I was going to be in time and at least I was sure enough of my abilities that I could cover any mistakes or timing problems.

The next night, we got to the dance early as I was the one who had to talk to the band leader and see if they were “hip” to trying one song with us. The guy was nice enough and he said sure. What song do you guys want to do? I said Soul Man. He said, we’ll bring you guys up about half way through the dance so just keep your ears open and we’ll call you.
WOW! Think about what was going through my head! Then I told my buddy, and he got scared. HO BOY! He started drinking cup after cup of beer! Man he was looking for that liquid courage. But you see, he knew that he was going to have to wing it. I never drank on any occasion that I planned on heavy dancing as Elwood. The drinking came after the fun! Risk-Reward I always say.

Then the time passed as the danced got crowded. There was an estimated 1,500 people in the student union hall. WOW! COOL! But the whole time, I kept listening to the band. Something about them was familiar. Their sound was fantastic! They had a Keyboard (band leader) two guitars and a bass, sax, trumpet, trombone and drummer. They were a fat sounding band. It looked as though the drummer was doing all the singing. Then I heard them do a set of songs that I had not heard since I was younin’ in the late 60’s. I asked my buddy if he knew them since he was song buff, but he was getting more and more lost on the beer.

The time was near and my buddy had to use the toilet. This place was so packed, it was shoulder to shoulder and the path into the toilet was long. We went in to use the facilities and then somebody came in and yelled, “Jake and Elwood! They’re calling you up on stage!” We turned around and crawled our way to the stage. The crowd was yelling “Blues Brothers! Blues Brothers!”

One has to keep in mind, Belushi had only recently died, so the public was hungry for something I had already been working on since they made their movie. It was an idea who’s time had come.

My friend jumped up first and he had lost all of his fear and the very talent I always thought was there, came right out. It was easy from that point on except there was a hitch.
The band played Soul Man as agreed. My buddy was a little nervous and he repeated part of the first verse in the second. That made my parts a little tough but I molded my lines into the band’s playing and it all smoothed over. The crowd was screaming and jumping so hard, I don’t think they really heard a damn word!

The band leader realized I was the on the mark and then came the surprise. After that song, he looked at the bass player and said “biscuit!” and the bass player nodded confirmation back to him. WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! I NEVER SAID I WANTED TO SING RUBBER BISCUIT!!! WHAT?

Well, little did they know, that when I take on a project, I take it all on. I was able to do rubber biscuit, standing on my head! And I did it and the house came down. WOW! Even the band was impressed and then I turned the table on the band leader and I said, “Sweet Home Chicago!”. He looked at his guitar player and asked him if he could do it. They looked around and repeated the name of the song so everybody knew where we were going. My buddy knew it like the back of his hand and that’s one of the songs we worked on together. Before you knew it, we were off!

There were people who were under the student union hall and said they have never heard the floor sound like that and they swore it was moving. The bowling alley underneath of it had dust from the ceiling tiles come down on it. All you could see from the stage, were hands in the air, jumping up and down and screaming so loud we couldn’t hear the monitors our ourselves.

We did the BB’s famous dance off the stage and let the band bring it home. We stood back on stage to let them finish and we came back out for applause. My buddy was so happy, that he ran over and jumped on me. I caught him so I wouldn’t get mowed over by this 200 pound 5’7", drunken Belushi like character. He was screaming, “We did it! We did it!”. Meanwhile, one of my vertebrae cracked. A nice little reminder I carry to this day.

I was told afterward, that the band was The Rhondels. They said the band broke up after that performance. All these years later, the story is that Bill Deal left the group at that time but the group kept performing and still do. I could be wrong, but that was what I was told at the time as to who they were. I hope that our little performance, wasn’t the cause of Mr. Deal (if that was him) leaving the group. Oh and the songs that I recognized were “I’ve Been Hurt, What Kind of Fool Do you Think I am” and “May I”. They were great songs from the summer of '69 and the Rhondels had them on the chart at the same time that summer. They were the talent of the Blues Brothers before there were Blues Brothers. They were and probably still, a class act.

Moral to the story, you can get lucky and win but there is nothing like being prepared. That breeds and shows confidence and not arrogance. Some people mistake confidence for arrogance. They are not the same thing and the difference being one produces results with pride and respect and the other may or may not.

How does that apply to this thread? Some of you already know now by this line. If I can just get people to read “The How” in the Papers of George Mason, from the years of 1773 to 1776 and it might take you 3 or 4 hours, then all you will need to know is the “Why”. Conceived in Liberty and the George Mason papers are great for that as well. “Common Sense” is something you should read and compare their “Why” of their time to our “Why”.

Then you will walk around and have no problem addressing total strangers on the subject, because you will know how to see the signs of a person who cares. You know you won’t find them in a coffee shop. You might find them in a repair shop, if you see the right bumper sticker or shirt they may be wearing. But what you won’t be, is ignorant as to “how” to put a stop the tyranny and you can discuss that with them. Your credibility will go straight up, just as my buddy went from an obscure fat slob to BMOC with the one and only time he ever did that on stage.

If you can’t find people around you, then perhaps a repeat of ten years ago is called for. You want a loud speaker? When you drive around your area, do you see any radio towers? Do you have any local “Conservative” talk shows that you can call in on?
Back at the TP start up time, just a few weeks before April 15, people started calling into shows and telling the hosts (at the same time, telling thousands of listeners) about how and where, people were going to gather to protest “rally” against the taxes! BINGO! And that is how they started at Post Offices (be careful about the postal cops…you ain’t tangled with a cop until you’ve tangled with a postal cop(maybe equal to railroad cops)), Government centers, parks, etc. No permits! No permission! They just showed up and did it. And that’s what you need to do NOW! Except this time, bring the yellow vests! Bring your clip board to gather names of people who want to hold meetings about our dire times. Act on it! Don’t sit on it! Then you can show them what you know about our founding. After a little reading, you can show them things that you know, they were never taught! You will be the seeds of liberty that spread once again.

Now, I feel like I just wrote a chapter in a mystery book!


Midval i need to talk to you in privateabout the subject you asked me to work on. you can reply back to either one of us so we can do this ,T Y.


Done! Check your inbox for the message


Well, I loved the story. Not quite sure why you said we wouldn’t like it. As far as radio stations. I will have to put on my AM stations on today to see if any are left. They took most of them off, only sports or news now. I even had Savage for years, then it was like the air waves changed. Little by little he faded out. Just could not tune in to hear him, and this was way before he got censored.

Funny you should mention the post office, Wayne and I were talking about that last night, as my son has informed me Gettysburg is mostly Liberal now. We were trying to figure out a place for Tax Day.

I am starting on the smaller book, like you suggested, so that will definitely help me out right now. Since Wayne is not a reader, at all, he has “courteously” left that up to me.

As far as towers, we have one. That one is for WI-FI, but I will ask Wayne if he had seen any others around. I have never heard a local program up here yet unless it was for music and sports. Heck, up here, I could plan a football rally easier, all they care about here is sports.

As far as the postal Police, well, here in Adams Co. we have come to find most of the Popo is paid off. People being arrested for nothing charges, or being accused of things, yet never tested or searched. VERY corrupt up here, so I hate to see the Postal ones.

If we can’t find people, sadly, I don’t think we have 10 yrs, so I guess we’ll be out there by ourselves, but maybe it still would wake up some. I know they have to be out there, so thank you for the suggestions. Will check into some things.

Oh, found this on Wiki, very sad, as I had remembered what you had told me before and looked them up. Shame you don’t have any footage of that night. What a wonderful experience, well, except for your back. Wayne can attest to that. Broke his 2 vertebrae years ago, and it never goes away.

Wikipedia…On March 4, 1979, band member Ernest Frederick “Freddy” Owens, who joined after 1970 and played sax and bass, was robbed and shot to death by Jeremiah Carr at a Holiday Inn motel in Richmond, Virginia, where the band had a show. He had attempted to stop Carr from escaping after Carr raped his wife; two shots wounded a third man in the room.[7] While Bill Deal kept going on with the Rhondels for another four years, he never really got over this incident and quit the music business in 1983.[1]


Well, don’t worry about the 10 years now! It is coming to you. The deal is, you need to be ready to catch them when it comes your way. Things are at the 1774 stage now. And in 1774, the whole nation was not on the same page! Just be ready and your talking to the mechanic is the perfect kind of guy!!! He is like my CSA. CSA is the guy who put it all out there because he had the contacts.

No, we don’t have the black robe brigade anymore. So we have to move it to the service guys. They are the ones who have a church of one or two at a time. Bingo! You want a place to have your resolves looked at and signed? The local auto shop guy knows who put them in front of!!! I hope that works for you! That is excellent news!!!

As for Halloween 1983, we didn’t really have a lot of portable video cameras. Some other friends who were there, took a picture from the back of the room and though I have not talked to her in 35 years, I did just recently send a request for a scan of the picture, via a facebook connection. Alas, I have heard nothing and it will only be in my descriptions.

I only have 18 signatures on these latest resolves so the lack of the Real Esate people are showing. I might canvas the neighborhood this weekend as the snow is melting for a few more.


Sounds like they are afraid of loosing their inside contacts on those properties going up for sale, which is illegal, but who could prove it? Didn’t realize you had that many in that area, because if I remember correctly, you had a whole lot more people who were willing to sign.
Hope you get that picture. Love to see it!!


What we uncovered was, these Real Estate types, are all about keeping one kid of person out of their community, but when the farms close down the way they have been and they get bought up for back taxes, in comes the developers looking to change the zoning! They want to build more houses! More houses means more commissions. More Commissions means more money in their pockets!

You are correct! It is illegal and our current resolves, also point that out and ask that these people on these county boards be removed and prosecuted! Well, they took one look at that and rang their little Real Estate alarm bell and they all backed away. They made it clear, as real estate agents go, they would rather sacrifice our freedom of speech for their own little economy. “Always Economy” (line from 1776).

And we linked together with this little quirky slip of the tongue from the one woman agent.
She said she was all for putting up cell towers and 5G! She said, 'how can my children get an education without internet service?" She said, she had friends on the board who were fore it but didn’t have the votes “yet” to pass it. That was just minutes before she read the latest resolves! Then we saw her get her feed for her horses, say there was no way she could sign it because of the part about getting rid of the corrupt board members!

Ok. Can’t win them all. But her completely strange comment about “her children couldn’t get a good education” unless she had a cell tower, bothered me. Then later that night, it hit me. Of course! She was using the shop worn excuse fraise, “the children” to get her cell towers out in the boonies. If she cared that much about her children’s education, she can send them to private school or move to another area where she can send them to public school. She could (God forbid) give them the best education at home! But why the 5G poison?

Imagine you are a real estate agent, showing these vacant lots in the country to a client, and you can’t pull in a cell signal for your dumb phone! Good luck selling that piece of land, right? It’s all about the money and it showed the people working at the co-op, that she really doesn’t give a damn about farming or farm land. That’s another mistake that I’m glad I’m not on the wrong side of!

So take note people! You’re going to be very surprised when you see who will reject you. Expect it but don’t let it deter you!


I have to order that to put on the side little truck. My truck is black, so the sign would show up good.


Just remember, it’s like wearing a MAGA hat! Except in a vehicle, they will follow you to see where you live and things can get much worse from there. Just be careful! Have a plan!


This is a picture from an entire cloud bank that was created yesterday morning, by chemtrails.
That photo is looking NNW towards MD/WV/PA. I watched them make that bank over a few hours.


Yep, I know that pic well. Most times I get the letter X over and over above my house, but hey, it’s just our imaginations. They have not been over my place for a few months now, weird, considering it was every day, but I won’t complain. I guess they will start up again. I even called the local aviation board one year to ask, just to see what they would say. Of course, all I got was they would check into it. It stopped that year. Then the following year, came back with a vengeance, constantly. What the heck did I move to the country for?

All this snow my area is getting is not good either. It brings down that crap even faster. I used to love to make Snow Cream to eat, won’t even do that anymore.

Hate to say this, but I just think the good lord needs to take back his earth. We’re going to die anyway, even faster from these trails.

Keep your cloud banks down there MidVA.
PA has had enough of them…:wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I’m just screaming right now. What the hell is wrong with people. Good Education?? Really? You stupid woman, you are frying their little brains. They won’t need education, they will have wet brain from it. So, what, they can’t read? She can’t teach them? Ever heard of a book? Oh, don’t get me started on this.

So fry their brains, take away the land that gives off oxygen and a place to run and play, but happily go about your life selling property to make sure you can continue to live in a matter to which you have become accustomed too. Once again, the heck with the children!!

This must be a day for testing patience, for which mine are thinning.


Here’s a snippet of Dane’s latest video. This what it looks like over my house, but only in an X pattern. Probably due to the position of the property. I have tons of pics too, but this was quicker. He nails it, no one looks up anymore.


We had an “X” last Tuesday! What fun!


~~Posted here as a follow up to the Chemtrail photo:
As I have always been a nature lover, I also have paid very close attention to the weather patterns and earth changes. For the past few years, the strangest thing has been happening at my place. We get snow which a lot of times is followed by ice. It coats the trees but as the temperatures rise the next day, above freezing, sometimes as high as 45 degrees, the limbs are not melting. There is a cold that you feel, that I just can’t explain, it’s bone-chilling cold, but yet, it’s in the '40s.

This year alone, we have experienced snow every week. The weather guy I watch, for 14 years now, has rarely ever been wrong on his predictions. Yet, this year, not once has he been right. They call for 3", we get 9". Of course, being up a little higher, we always adjust for such conditions, but this year nothing is even close to what he says.

Chemtrails are a problem, but obviously, frequencies are now starting to cause even more damage. I never knew the chemicals coming down on us brought about a frigid cold like this until I saw this video. Not once in my life have I saw snow and ice stay on the treetops with temps in the 40’s. A partly sunny day as well.

I know the laws and rights are important to people, as they should be, but people better wake up to what is being done to the earth. It’s the most abnormal thing you can imagine. We even had one day, where it was 55 degrees, nice, beautiful and sunny outside. As the sun hit the ground, usually the top layer would start to get muddy. Yet, not even at the hottest spot on my property, did the ground start to warm up. It was almost like there was a divider line between the sky and the ground.

As Dane walks about in this video, he describes exactly what is happening. Last night, at 1 am, I was doing the same as he had 2 weeks ago. Trying to save my trees and bushes. As it was 20 degrees here at the time, the snow weighed a ton, yet not wet. Humidity at 32%. As dry as it was, we used to get light fluffy snow. The kind that does not pack well. All you could hear through the woods was trees snapping. Sounded like a war zone. The sound you here when you have a major ice storm, yet this was snow. At this time, only 2 inches had fallen.

I have been losing trees like crazy. Exactly as he said. The tops dying then the roots start to die before you know it, a completely dead tree with no possible explanation. Even asked an Arborist, for which he even had no answer. No bugs, no cocoons larvae etc. A ground test showed proper PH, which was surprising.

We have another storm moving across the country Sunday. Bringing major weather problems to most people. By this time of year, my Crocuses and Daffodils are usually popping their little heads through, especially the Crocuses, as I have many years of pics with them blooming on the snow. Not this year. Nothing. 15 years here and this is a first.

Today we are 38 degrees, no wind, a little peek of sun here and there. Yet it feels more like it’s in the teens. Not one single thing is melting or falling from the trees. Usually, at least the tops are bare from snow at these temps, even with clouds. Not even the bushes have lost any snow, and I realize trees are higher up, cooler temps. Weird to say, but it’s the cold from Hell

Everyone talks about another ice age, especially now with the poles shifting. Are they trying to bring it about faster? They push Global Warming, yet they are cooling our country at an alarming rate. Does not make sense. I would think they would warm it up, to push their agenda.

At the end of this video, Dane shows where the US is the only country having a major cool down. Are they trying to kill our crops? As many blooms have now been affected and fried from the cold, even after the farmers did the things they usually do to save them. It’s almost as if dry ice has been released to settle on the treetops and ground.

After you posted the pic of your place MidVA, I happen to remember watching this. Knowing how weird things have been at my place, I wanted people to know, it’s not just the Chemtrails anymore and what they are doing, they are making sure it’s in a hurry. Last year, I lost 6 more healthy 10-year-old trees. So it makes me wonder if this is the effect trees are having, and now when you even taste the snow, it tastes awful, what is it doing to us?? Along with Chemtrails and 5G, we have this affecting us…


I have an old “text book” somewhere around here from 1947. (think If Bilderberg when you see that year) That book speaks highly of South America and its crops and farmers modernizing. It also speaks to potential riches they will have in the future as it becomes easier to ship those crops to (you guessed it) the USA.

We have three Apple Trees, One Fruit bearing Cherry and a Georgia Peach. We anticipated yields about 5 years ago. Our Gardens, always produced great amount of fruit and of course, we have our horse stuff to use as fertilizer. In the last two years, certain crops have failed to produce, but not just here, The places I am in contact in the rest of VA and NC! No tomatoes. Too wet, lots of rot and byte. Though I have to say, when I bring up the plants from seed, they do much better than those things you buy at the store.

Chem trails are the problem. That’s the only thing that has changed.
This year we have a big el nino going so that keeps the cold air back. But the cold you speak of, we have it too. High humidity makes it feel colder but 40 isn’t real warm either.

I think it is hilarious, that Joe Bastardi, who has a long history of great predictions for months ahead, fell apart this year. I think it is funny, because Joe admitted last year that Chem trails as “Weather modification” were going on and he thought it was good!

What I suspect has been going on is, the chem trails have been concentrated on the east coast in that area that has been mostly between the warm air and the cold air or the Bara clinic zone, that keeps us more cloudy and wet than is normal. That is going to keep the “normal” crops from bearing this year, except for the GMOs.

That will mean food store chains will have to look for more importations and there by stealing more of our national wealth. That is where the thrust is. For the money.

It would be nice for our group to get a chem trail report going for each area. That will give us a better idea if they really are concentrating the activity. Communication! Sounds like another job for the Committee on Communication! “Mr. Jefferson, what is the weather report? As if it doesn’t speak for itself. Mr. Jefferson!”