The first electronic continental congress


Just saw this one on IW’s site:


Yes, Dane spoke of that too in his video. So you don’t think Frequencies have anything to do with it? Did you watch the video? Just trying to get other opinions. As frequencies have also changed throughout the years. He is not the only one who has done studies on them, but I am no good at explaining it.

Higher humidity does make it feel colder, but that has not been the case on the days I mentioned. Since I’m a weather nut, I have all the gizmos letting me what they are. Just didn’t want you to think I was guessing at it. He explained it perfectly, and I never knew the Chemtrail chemical actually made it colder. He said the name, I forget now.

You speaking of 5G really made me think about the frequency theory, especially after watching the vid and map radar on it. I assume those towers go a very long ways. We have one less than 2 miles away, 1/5 mile as the crow flies.

Now this is just my opinion…but it sounds like the are doing this to kill our crops as well. All the rain we had last year, never had a year quite that bad before. Not one week went by where it did not rain at least 3-4 days, no exaggeration. All year. I also know this weather problem causes depression, big pharma makes money there. Never thought of the crops being killed for other countries to make money. Just thought of them trying to kill us with all the chemicals.

Definitely agree we should track the data. That way we would know where it is most concentrated. I would assume if the farmers start to lose enough money, they would have an interest in this being stopped as well. At least if enough data is collected to get an investigation opened up.

As far as Mr. Jefferson and the weather report it reminds me of the weather stick I have hanging. Ya know, if it’s wet it’s raining…etc. :smiley:


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An interesting find…


God, was big for all them in that time. Remember, the rights they fought for were endowed to us by God. I have changed my mind about George after reading through the Paper of Mason years back and taking in more and more from the opposition to that constitution. Mason motioned for a second convention at the first convention and he was shot down. Washington had been working closely with Franklin to move it forward. Jefferson was conviently sent to France to be our forieign minister there, during the convention. Jefferson was against the constitution at first but then released his care about it since he was over there and not over here.

Perhaps Hamilton and Co. knew, that Jefferson would be back from the FM duty and probably would attend any second convention. I see it as a Washington who got what he wanted and it shows how close he was to Hamilton at that point. Another book for your list! I think I mentioned it before: Hamilton’s Curse. That one will open your eyes.

Can you imagine just how many papers are in “private collections”?

Remind me to tell the story of George Mason’s papers! That will flip your lid!


I’d be worried too if I looked up and saw a chemical checkerboard. There are some very active groups combating this, mostly out of California. I haven’t seen any trails in NH. The last report I could find in NH of chem trails was 2010. Good luck nailing these bastards they will deny deny deny. Until you show up at town hall with soil samples, tree samples, scientific testimony, and lawyers I’m afraid it won’t stop.


Don’t worry, were still on track for U.N. Agenda 2030. ALexandra GOREtez will see to that. Climate change is a religion to these nuts.


The first time I saw an “X” over my place, I had to take a double look. I had seen the straight lines, then the plane fades off in a distance, but the trail remains, for hours. That checkerboard pattern really got me concerned.

We do have a flight path over head, but it is only one, going to Harrisburg airport. We also have the fighter jets fly over for training, really cool to watch, but this was new.

Once the weather breaks some, I want to film them doing it, since the last time I inquired about them, I was told it was military exercise. Right…Totally different planes. As if I could not tell the difference. They think were all so stupid.

Right after this started, I was having trees just die for no reason. Different types, ages, sizes, and location on the property. So I plan on recording some soil and tree testing in comparison after they fly over. Will have to record that too. I’m a tree hugger, they mean a lot to me, and I’m sick of loosing them.

My allergies are worse then ever as well. Rainy years never bothered me either, so I know something is not right. Will take time, but you have to start somewhere.


OK, I’m reminding you :laughing: I thought about those private collections too.

No, I don’t recall you mentioning that book, but I now have that one noted as well. Somehow I missed a few, so I will have to go back through to gather them. That list is getting long. :woman_student:


I have many a “conspiracy” notion in mind about several historical events. One of them is about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and her connection to certain individuals in the FDR administration. Another one came up because I have done so much cross readings of papers of the founders and matched against time line events.

Most historians/economists don’t cross time lines as they tend to specialize or target historical figures and it is not humanly possible to do everything at once. Hence, we have the power as readers to consume their efforts and form opinions.

The other big one in my mind, is a possible plot to murder Patrick Henry, George Wythe, George Mason, Richard Henry Lee and Thomas Jefferson. It is the outline of yet another book I wish I had time to write. The finish of the book, shows my theory that I know why Aaron Burr, killed Alexander Hamilton.

There has been no clear reason or proof for the outcome of that duel, however, I think I have stumbled upon the reason and it has to do with Burr, who introduced Dolley Payne Todd to Madison. Before the overbearing slave presentations took over the tours of the homes of the founders, you could go to Montpellier and learn about how Dolley threw a party at the mansion, EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT!

People would get drunk and pass out all over Madison’s place. But as well know, “loose lips sink ships”. A long story short, I think Dolley was the ear for Aaron Burr and Burr found out about Hamilton’s activities to kill off those who opposed the 1787 Constitution. It looks to me that Burr, acted on his own to stop Hamilton’s plan.

But back to papers missing! George Mason (vast opponent to Hamilton) was like all of those I named from Virginia above. All of their first wives died young. Wythe, Mason, Henry and Lee, all remarried. After Mason’s death, his second wife (who bore him no more children) left Gunston Hall, two days later and was never heard from again. She said she was going to meet somebody in the new Ohio Territory. If you were to be followed, would that not be a good false trail to leave? Especially if you were going to New York to meet up with a certain Alexander Hamilton? Oh, and ALL of George Mason’s “folio” (important papers) disappeared as well. I believe she took them with her.

So I would bet, some place in old New York, in an attic or a vault, there are George Mason’s papers.

Oh and if you read the notes by Jefferson upon his last visit with George Mason from Volume 3 of The Papers of George Mason, you might discover why Jefferson began cooking for himself and never remarried.


A topic MidVA had brought up to me one day, is now spreading far and wide across our Nation. This is scary!!


That is awesome April!:slightly_smiling_face:

The Consequences of States Pulling Out of the Constitution By Pulling Out of The Electoral College
Letter to my fellow friends and neighbors this March 6, 2019
To those who may be confused or angered by my position of abandoning our government(s) and starting new ones, using the tools our founders left us that are called the Declaration of Rights, I also want to remind you of the president saying just days ago at CPAC in front of all those neo-cons, that we need these (low skilled) people here, to work in the new factories and the stories of the border, allowing “families” to enter the US, (and yes, they are not being stopped by any wall or fence as they seek out the border patrol to turn themselves in and get the paperwork started) and we are also faced with automation erasing jobs, the factories that the automakers (I suppose that is what Trump was talking about) are not being built here as the “sedan” will cease production in the US.

The pressure will be up for entry level jobs for our own native people and then the pressure to run small business will be up when minimum wages get pushed to the incredible height of $15/hour. Most people don’t know that it will be a very devalued $15/hour and if the company can stay in business, but for how long?

What nobody demands is accountability from our government(s) and that is because they don’t have to answer to us. It is not in the Constitution(s)! As George Mason pointed out and objected to in 1787. That document, does not have in its fabric, the prohibitions on government. The document allows amendments, but if you read your history, the LAWYERS (Federalists) in the convention, tried to kill that too! It was Mason who saved that for us at the last minute but still not happy that the contract was deficient at best in design.

Have his predictions and reasons for not signing the Constitution and wanting a second convention with more public input been realized? I leave you with a few quotes from his letter of objection to the Style of Government Committee circa September 16, 1787, the night before the convention was to sign the new Constitution.

"There is no Declaration of Rights, and the laws of the general
government being paramount to the laws and constitution of the
several States, the Declarations of Rights in the separate States are no
security. Nor are the people secured even in the enjoyment of the
benefit of the common law."


"In the House of Representatives there is not the substance but the
shadow only of representation; which can never produce proper
information in the legislature, or inspire confidence in the people;
the laws will therefore be generally made by men little concerned in,
and unacquainted with their effects and consequences."
and for the liars about slavery and as who tried to end it…

“The general legislature is restrained from prohibiting the further
importation of slaves for twenty odd years; though such importations
render the United States weaker, more vulnerable, and less
capable of defence.”

and a real kicker…

"This government will set out a moderate aristocracy: it is at
present impossible to foresee whether it will, in its operation, produce
a monarchy, or a corrupt, tyrannical aristocracy; it will most
probably vibrate some years between the two, and then terminate in
the one or the other."

The government as we thought it to be, terminated a long time ago.

My good friends, are we not wasting time, falling for the same old GOP rhetoric they have been pushing us aside with since the end of WWII? Why are we voting in elections that are fixed in more ways than one and give us nothing true? The greedy monsters in both parties, have their field of candidates lined up, all the way back into high schools. There is no penetrating the servants of the devil’s ranks with fake beliefs that it will all be “ok” after a while.

It is time to organize locally as the founders did. It is time hold out the Declaration of Rights as your rights over any governing body and begin to exercise them. They are our natural rights and declared prohibitions over government(s) becoming tyrannical. You use them to proclaim the majority of those around you, of whom are active in preserving your natural rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Provide examples in the resolutions you and your local neighbors assemble. Pass them around to other groups you are aware of across your counties, state and those you befriend across the nation. Send those resolves to your government(s) leadership. Then you must hold conventions.

Though, in this day of our expansive (and ever growing by 150,000+/month) population, it is going to be necessary to break the model down further. Convention in your town or county. Work on writing new Charters and replace those government(s). Then set up a convention to replace your state government with delegates appointed to that convention. The goal is to abandon the old governments peacefully and by the same method, peacefully start the new government(s).

Get control of your state first. Then, a convention of probably every time zone or something like that. Then, convene the states you can, across what we used to know as, The United States of America. (that is a nation that no longer exists and if it did, then how could you explain the pulling away of states from the domicile contract by pulling away from the electoral college clause?) You cannot partially participate in a constitution!

The Declaration of Rights, makes that clear. All government, ought to be equal. What has happened my countrymen, is not equal.

I leave you with these thoughts that you need to contemplate them fully and right now! Today, as you listen to your favorite talk show host, no matter who that might be, are they telling you how and what you need to be doing? If they are not, they might have to protect their ability to broadcast. After all, don’t we have free speech? Or do you need a license or a permit for that?


Conservatives call for PayPal boycott after CEO says Southern Poverty Law Center helps ban users

Here is the link:

Perhaps you might be one who didn’t understand how dangerous it has been to see Infowars taken down, this might explain to you how this kind of banning of free speech through economic targeting in reverse goes on. It is the same as if the government and corporations, have written their own money like a military script and they can shut it down, whenever they feel like it.

For those who didn’t know it, the biggest guns the Colonists had against their own government, were Non-importation agreements (boycotts of retailers and people who supported the Crown) and the creation of their own fiat currency. The Continental Dollar. So successful was that practice of fiat money, that the new Constitution, (that we were told was so urgent to ratify) included in its clauses, that only the Congress has the right to make money. How nice. Our world was controlled from that point on by a fiat currency. Even before the Federal Reserve (private banking operation with the name Federal in its title) was created out of thin air!

The time to pay for Roe v Wade and the failure of previous generations who pushed communism is now. That payment is going to be a fight in deed. Hopefully of paper and not of shot and powder. It is entirely up to you. Be afraid to speak out and join such modern-day iterations of the non-importation agreements and boycott the tyrants or just sit back and let somebody else fight your fight. While you are watching, please consider, just how much those people whom you do not know, really care about you.

I leave you with these words of wisdom that my great father gave me as a boy. A neighbor was taking his boys to a local pond on a hot afternoon to float around in the water and cool off. My father said he wasn’t able to go so I could not go. I objected of course and received these great words on the value of looking after number one versus number two. He said, “What if you and the other boys get into trouble in the water? Their father has to go in and choose who to save because he only has two hands. Who do you think he is going to save and who is going to drown?”

So, you want to sit it out and let somebody else deal with it and you trust them to work in your best interest? Really?


What Is Your Favorite Scenario for The Start of This Globalist Revolution?
Now that the opening salvos of the Globalist Revolution have been fired from Congress in the past 48 hours and the average American is still in the dark, looking to have a good time or just wanting to ignore reality in hopes that it will magically pass them by, do you have an idea on how their Prairie Fire id going to engulf the nation? Allow me to engage in a little fiction!

A few years back, one of those books I wrote an outline for, dealt with just this scenario. The book would have been huge to write, however the idea of how it would have taken place has not been moved aside by time.

Let us take it from recent news and events. If I were the Globalists and I had China as my big military and the plan was to take down the United States, whether it be for stripping the land of its riches or just remove it for reasons of competition, I would build off of the gains the communists before me had made through the decades since the last great Comintern (Communist International) agreement of 1960. The degradation of the US socially and culturally must be at least 50% complete. The generation born of the veterans of WWII, must be the target of such changes. Their children will be further degraded and all civil rights and the notion of natural rights will be erased.

The next step is to flood the nation with supposed non-violent people under the guise of being refugees. Then as the flood becomes obviously understated by the government, the narrative must change and reflect a virtue of the need for the same people to be workers in jobs that the socially ruined class of indigenous Americans do not want to do anymore. It does not matter that the nation has killed 65 million plus of its youth by abortion and are not around to consider taking such jobs, the narrative still sticks and as the lie is told often enough, people fail to find fault in it and even try to justify it.

Your long-time efforts of immigrating your organizers in positions of power, brings them in by elections that are easily fixed because the old party-of-opposition, has been flooded by people who are the products of the great brainwashing scheme and they offer no resistance to the proof of election fraud. Your people will eventually control large sections of welfare supporting areas such as cities and towns. As you flood the West Coast states with aliens and give them the right to vote outside of the national Constitution, you know any challenges will be stale-mated in the courts.

Your people in many states, now control the state legislatures and begin to chip away further at the national constitution, making it invaluable and impossible to use. The Electoral College system begins to be torn away. The Congress that has your people in charge, begins to pass illegal laws, knowing the damage that will be done is not repairable and signals a full-on influx to waiting illegals, gives the invading force a numerical advantage over the national ground forces, which you have also infiltrated with your people.

You already have control of the Panama Canal and all of the major ports on the West Coast. You can easily stop any US Navy ships from using the Canal in an emergency. You have container ships prepared to carry many divisions of your troops, supplies for them and guns for the aliens that have already been brought in and are waiting by instructions they received when they crossed the border.

Your people in the three Western States, announce they have seceded within 24 hours of each other. They have their announcement planned with the arrival of the container ships, hitting San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle at the same time. At night, those divisions off load and hand off the guns and ammunition to the aliens and they have advisors go with them to take on the military bases. Some bases will give up because of the infiltrators running them and some will have to be taken. You are very shrewd and know that you can use the Aliens as your proxy army and fodder, so that they can be expended in taking the bases in the first few hours while your regulars, begin their work, taking control of those states, taking over the bases and begin flying more equipment in.

The gamble? The gamble is, your people in the Congress, will give you and your invasion forces the time they need to get their head start by filing suit against the Presidents expected reaction of declaring an emergency. The next gamble is, that you bet they (the US) will not fire upon their own land or people, to remove you from the United States. If the US does, you will be joined by your partner countries, which you have already made a deal with, to give them a portion of the United States, after the brief but bloody war would be over.

Many of you may think this to be incredible fiction. But I have enough information from people I know, who are in and around the situation, that it is quite feasible. The sad truth is, if we all stood up tomorrow, called local town halls together and declared our nation in dissolution, due to maladministration and disuse, then we can start a convention and build a new government, before our nations enemies complete their revolution.

Lastly, I wish to refresh the minds of my fellow patriots of some of the words John Adams had for his wife Abigail, July 3rd, 1776, after the big vote for the Declaration of Independence. Have we fulfilled his expectations of the cost of maintaining liberty, yet?

“You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not. – I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. – Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.”

I repeat his words, the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration; Have we maintained it?


Here is yet another reason we have to start using the founder’s tools to restart the dream:


This is why imo; Trump’s grand kids are learning Chinese


I could not agree more with you and Mason. It’s obvious that his prediction came true. If people can’t see that they’re blind. In his last quote you had written, it became both.

We all know the people that are elected to win, have already been decided long ago to go forward, in what ever position they are advancing to. When does the little person ever win? Never!

Good example of that, look at Faith Goldy. She had the votes. The people loved her views and the platform that she ran on, yet, she got censored. Everywhere. Why would that happen, unless they knew she could win. So she had to be stopped. It may be Canada, but the same exist here.

Good article. Truthism for our times. I just pray we have enough time to achieve the task at hand.


Have not had a chance to do this yet. I did call Paypal back when Craig Sawyer was kicked off their site, and after about a thousand calls, threatening to close accounts, Craig’s site was reinstated. The main reason was to collect the donations that Paypal also tried to just delete, but it does work.
Paypal Phone Numbers: 1-888-221-1161 1-888-883-9770


Thank you for the kind words and observations “both” coming through at the same time. That is one letter that haunts all supporters of the current constitution. That one and Jefferson’s notes from Mason before he died.

It is just like being in the Soviet Union. If they didn’t want you, they just air brushed you out of pictures. You notice how things became more “governed” than “consent of the governed” after the constitution was put into force? That is where the letters of Centinel zero in on things.

And now, what answers do people get? More people must vote or we lose. Never mind that the votes are rigged. Shameless it is and such a waste of lives in uniform over the years.


Of course, I would not do business with them anyway because they’ve been caught sending proceeds to bring up the illegals. I would find another way.

I think a new money is needed and through that, the old government will not get its hands on our wealth, at least not without a fight.

Did you check your FECC email for those scanned pages I sent today? I will be unavailable until the weekend for comments, so please take your time!