The first electronic continental congress


A perfect example of the corruptness making up the Electoral process. Now days you just have to pass the audition to become a member of Congress.


Did you see the IW article about the Chinese and the Russians kicking our butts in WW3?
Funny how that came out just a few days after my Zoxee post about their revolution here!


Just a coincidence? I think not, after just now reading your article. After the destruction that has been done to our country, that fiction you wrote happens to be more truth.

I had a discussion one day about the Panama Canal and the West Coast. It was very similar to your scenario. It also involved the UN and Colorado. It’s obvious they want the US to fall and they actually believe they will be the chosen ones to be around after the fact.

I tried telling people about 5 years ago, when I started seeing all these Chinese videos on YouTube. Out of no where, they just appeared, but people are usually blind until it’s knocking at their own door.

Excellent fictional scenario, although, I don’t think it will remain fiction very much longer. Will check out the IW article today. Lots of studying for my next project, so I am still playing catch up, but I’ll get there!! :slightly_smiling_face:


No you know why I mentioned that Wayne may want to write his piece in such a way. A “What if?” guide.

I know you you’re going to hate me for saying this, but :slightly_smiling_face: I caught on to the Panama Canal thing, back when 41 gave it away. I had a client who was trying to warn people about the consequences. He wrote a small book on it that he used to pass out free from his office. Incredible, he got busted for a child thing in another country! He plead out his charges and then disappeared. Smelled like a UN hit job to me!

Gotta run!


I think back then, after trying to warn others about the corruption going on, I just stopped paying attention. I do remember a Radio Host saying something, but just figured it was another piece of the puzzle that nobody wanted to put together. It did not affect them, so they thought.

Funny how many times now, I can remember bits from long ago I have heard and how many times those bits have been totally accurate.

Kinda strange about the child thing. Just happened after the book? Right!!!


exactly a year after publishing!
Gotta run again!


I’m in! My website is the Republic of New Mexico and am willing to post anything to support your efforts as well as to join with you electronically.
May YHVH bless and expand your noble efforts,
Steve Gartin



Fiction indeed, town hall you say. Dissilusion and dissatisfaction says I. Here here!


That actually makes a lot of sense. Shakrabarti can suck it.


41 was that GHWB? I can’t remember why the hell an American president would do that, but shit happens. Hopefully your buddie was set up, in my view it it would be worse to be an actual kid toucher. My thoughts on that involve hanging.


The only info I saw was when I searched him on the web a few years back. I had wondered why we stopped seeing his as client. I have that damn book around somewhere. Let me look for it and scan the cover.


Got it!


Back cover


Here are the inside pages. It was published in 1998! I got it in 1999. When you read the dedication, it doesn’t like the kind of guy who would be into those things. Also, notice who he worked for and his stance on China in 1999, would have put him in deep peril with the Globalists. That’s when Clinton was in the WH. My mistake not 41! SO, the plot thickens further! For your consumption!


Most interesting. Another victim For the reading list. Thanks again MidVAA01.


Found the book Peril in Panama on Abe’s site for $4 + free shipping.


I bet you can find one for less than that. Good night all!


Smarty…G’nite!! :sleeping:


Admirable work. You’re absolutely correct in getting the local areas into the “fold” instead of trying a national campaign so to say (sprouting up in various locations… little here little there… sound familiar, it should as it’s effective). It would seem that the sheriffs of gun sanctuary counties may be possible candidates to approach with this… it seems only logical, especially if they’re willing to openly defy their gun grabbing governors/state legislators. I personally think they should’ve taken it a step further and added full ICE cooperation as well. Furthermore, I believe that counties that don’t have large cities would also be inclined to be receptive of this movement (some with fairly large cities are possible as well or districts of).

It seems like a majority of militia are hesitant to band together… is it because they each want to be their own general or something? While on this topic… for those that are prepared themselves, can they fend off packs (10+) of armed assailants. Prolong the inevitable demise… maybe. Win not likely. Coordination of efforts at minimum would serve for a more efficient use of resources. Which leads me into support elements… not everyone needs to primarily act in a fighting capacity.

It’s possible to create a private/corporate network… bit expensive but possible. Using existing internet services is also possible with the use of VPN/tunneling devices (somewhat secure but more vulnerable than an isolated network). I’m not certain there’s enough time to implement before shtf.

I think that a majority of people that are not inclined to do anything now are of the mindset of “it’s not directly affecting me, so while I think it sucks, I’ll just bitch about it”.