The first electronic continental congress


Glad to see another person on the historical path. We have been trying to point out that the only way a “people” have become “free” and truly self-governing, was the way it was done here, leading up to 1776.

It is a process that has since been used by many bad people in history to gain power in disguise of gaining Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Marx and Engels were the first of those with help from their fellow travelers. Marx’s tool of destruction is still with us today. It is the pseudo science called Sociology. That is not a subject or a field of study. It is psychological tool, built to dismember a society and it has taken over the educational systems in our nation over the last 50 years. What is worse, it is a system that was already prepared as a brainwashing machine by John Dewey.

What everybody must be carfeul of is, not choosing ourselves as the ones who will write the words of separation on our own. The must be done by consensus of our own communities. Then step-by-step, bring representatives as delegates together for the next level of preparation for protecting our natural rights.

Some states may not need to abandon their positions. They may only want to fix them. Some may be so far under water, that they have no choice but to rewrite the design of their governments. But do not do it without making your case! You do that by making Declarations of grievances and it must me voted on by “the majority of the Public Weal” (see the Virginia Declaration of Rights, June 12,1776 and don’t forget to read the years leading up to that in The Papers of George Mason)

The paper work goes out before any muskets come out for defense.

When it comes to people like Alinksy and what he did with his two books, I can only put into these few words for the sake of brevity and they are, that Alinsky waded through the history of our nation’s founding, saw what looked like the Exacliber of their time, pulled the sword from the rock, ground off the reasons and the goals of why that sword was built and enscribed his own goals and words on it. Then he began a long campaign of using the greatest weapon, a student of Sociology could had ever built.

The truth is the only weapon against this foe of ours and our ignorance of our own history, is our own worst enemy.

Time is getting shorter. The enemy has the algorithms on our searches, our readings, our purchases. Not of guns and ammo. They see people like us on the move now. They were ready for it during the TP days, but it didn’t get that far, because the GOP got in (like the Alinsky model of taking over a movement to make it yours) and they quashed it. But like all plans that pass through the meeting rooms at the Pentagon, it is still there and just a keystroke away from being unleashed on us, if just the slightest error or deviation from the founders takes place.

We must stick to the model. Your reading history, allows you to make those contrasts, comparisons and connections to strangers at a moments notice. You will see the type of pebble in their shoe. You will know how to communicate with them and show them how they are just as wronged as our founding fathers were.

For those of you on the Southern Border, can you imagine how your group can swell if you could speak Spanish, and explain to them that they are the new SLAVE population? That both Democrats and Republicans want them here to be used! Show them how your ancestors fought that. Show them how over time, your ancestors were tricked into Socialism. Show them how Socialism is just like being a slave in a kingdom.

We have it worse than our founders my friends. No matter how guns we have, if it is as the above poster said, 10+ to one, where do you see the end? We need to turn those numbers around. Take over their movement in the same name as our founders did for us!
They were not all in agreement either! That is why, I beg for at least the lazy amongst us to watch 1776 and pay close attention to the lines and the subjects. I have not watched the HBO version on John Adams. It’s a little too toned down for me, based what I’ve read but it doesn’t have the musical interruptions that 1776 had. If you can’t read, at least get the spirit in you blood.




@artsyneva make sure you listen to Alex today. Around 2:20 Central time, a guy talking about Colorado. I had seen pics last year from there of soldiers with UN patches on their jackets at the Army Depot that nobody talks about anymore. Stay safe out there!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for letting me know April. I will watch it. I’m in the middle of moving right now.


You’re welcome. I feel for ya. I hate that job!


Last night I watched the three part series “Patriots Rising: The American Revolution” Parts 1, 2, and 3. I tried to find it for free, since it is 5 years old, but it’s not out there yet. There are many platforms you can watch it from such as Xfinity, iTunes, Direct TV, Etc. or you can also see it on Amazon, but it 's not free.

This was an excellent well done production with real Historians along the way describing the unknown heroes of the Revolution. I am usually not one to watch much History, but after watching these episodes, it definitely has peeked my interest even more to read the books.

In part one, it directly speaks of the First Continental Congress. As you watch them prepare Resolves to present to Britain you feel the sense of Patriotism they must have as they realize Britain will not back down just from words and they must fight for their Freedom and Liberty. This is what we must do, as our forefathers and mothers did, or face loosing a once great Nation for which many gave their lives, including children.


A short clip from the “Patriots Rising: The American Revolution” - The Battle of Lexington.


“Americans have no appetite for battle”

I’m afraid that it’ll take a fairly high body count (1000s) before the “more reserved” amongst us to get into action, which would multiply as more join. This does apply to patriotic and anti-American forces, as a sense of shock overwhelmingly seizes: “I can’t believe that this is happening” , “what do I do” , etc.

Being personally prepared is important, but even more so, is coordination (at minimum neighborhood communities) of efforts. Strategic retreat: there’s a time and place for everything, choose the best for the situation. If you’re going to be overrun, retreat. If you’re asking where at this time… figure it out.

Tactics will play a major role, as you have intimate knowledge of your areas. Oh, sandbags are great: cheap and versatile in use ( temporary defensive positions, fortification, diverting water flow, etc). Defense first and most important, other things I don’t want to get into at this time nor on an unsecured form of communication.


I totally agree. I have said for years, as long as it does not affect their lives directly, they will choose to stay in a blinded coma. Although, I have seen more action and more people waking up because of what is happening with our children. That is a topic both sides seem to have in common. Most don’t like what is being taught to our children which makes it a good place to start the conversation. Then they usually find out things they have no clue about as they always just watch the MSM which is indirectly affecting their lives.

I am a high believer in being personally prepared. Too many are not. So I get what your saying, and no, not something to be discussed on this forum.


Note their source for the information is probably more corporate in nature from France. However, take not, of the sentence: " Up to half-a-million people participated in 10,000 meetings across the country to discuss social issues ranging from taxes – which the French pay the most of any OECD country in the world, to democracy and climate change. "

I wouldn’t project much in the direction you may think when the person who wrote that statement said “climate change” as though they wanted to do something to participate in the fraud that is man made climate change. What they’re angry about is the destruction of the middle class, invasion by the Islamic world and the carbon taxes they’re paying in the name of the scam, “climate change”.

Get beyond that confusion and the kernel of truth is, “10,000 meetings across the country” spells an abandonment of the French Government and a new one is one is on the way very shortly. They are finally using the 1776 model. The same model I have been warning the clear thinking people amongst us to start using now and prepare for the storm that is in fact coming.

Now we only have to see, is the real people of France who will take control or the Jacobins in another bid for repeat of last big French Revolution. There is the possibility it will become quite the uncivil war between them as well. Pay attention you Communists and Neo-Cons in the US. You’re going to see this here, faster than you realize.

Here is the story:


I remember listening to a radio program (not info wars) before 2018. They talked about Obama giving the grand tour to Russia and China on our infrastructure defficiancies. They went on talking about sightings of Russian and Chechnian field exercises in your area. This included chopper landings, and large amounts of fema fencing on multiple 18 wheelers. Any idea what the healthy were talking about, or is this just crazy bullshit?


It was 1997, and while working outside with a friend on a summer afternoon near 4PM in Alexandria, VA, we heard a very strange noise in the air. Overheard there was a pair of F16’s escorting a Russian Bear, to the SSW! Not to the East! It was being led deeper into US territory!. We could not believe our eyes but you could make out the Red Star on the tail!.

The Clintons opened us up like a can of sardines and then spread us out on the pizza! Still doing it!


Not sure what show that might have been, but I did find this back in my files. I knew at the time the UN was occupying Colorado, and someone had sent me this video. If you listen to his video, he also directs you to finding other articles, but what you heard was true, as I also remember it, just escapes me as to what radio program it was.


I will have Resolves for the Committee to consume later on. I’m thumbing through the Sociology text to pull the points for discussion and scanning on my next document dump. I would like everybody to see how much of what you all see as the degradation of our nation is the result of allowing the pseudo science known as “Sociology” to continue as mandatory coursework in our nation. If you want to see where “Social Justice” come from as a focus point for education and white self-hatred, just wait until you see what I have for you.


Hummm, sounds very interesting. Definitely a problem in our School systems. Funny how you don’t realize what you’re being taught, or have been taught, until you’re much older. It was not my favorite subject to begin with, maybe that was a good thing. I had less brainwashing since I wasn’t interested in it, it did not stick in my brain.


What did you think of my comment above from the Yellow Vests in France?


I totally agree. When I read the article I thought of the show I had just watched. I have not heard of resolves or anything like that, but we don’t get all their news.

I honestly don’t see Americans doing the same unless something drastic happens, as if what they are doing to our children is not enough. Americans are lazy, sorry to say that, but we have become complacent in our lives, and blinded to truth, even when presented with the facts. People still deny what is right in front of their face.

It seems it will always be the…“That’s not happening here, or to me.” excuse. I pray that is wrong, but I have not seen anything different as of yet.

Can you imagine groups of 10,000 all across the country? It would be great, but I don’t see it happening for a very long time, by which it will be too late. Doesn’t mean we give up, just means we have to work harder.


I don’t agree with it ever being too late. I posture that it is too late for a peaceful resolution and not meaning that anybody like us, start any violence. The founders did not and nor shall we. The founders built a defense posture. That we must also do, but we must provide the evidence as to why.

I submit that people are not lazy. They just don’t have the information in front of them. We who watch IW, have been exposed to much information and look what has happened to us. It is our duty to expand that if we want other to wake up with us. If WE fail, then it will fail.

I also submit, that those who stand aside and do nothing, are doing so because they feel their state retirement would be at risk. They feel their SOCIAL Security and Medicaid are at risk. They only see us as the problem and they believe the tale, that the replacement population, will pay their taxes and provide for their elderly years.

Several IW guests in the past few days have said (and I agree) that after the internal war, countries will rebuild. It always happens. The question is, who is prepared for it? Not food or ammo, but the design for a civil government. Will that design be one of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness or one of a singular religion or Monarchy or both?

Remember, to recruit people into your group, honey attracts more flies than vinegar! Stick with the honey and the red meat! Leave the “Nabobs” behind. They will disappear quickly after the tyrants start their reign of violence.

Success breeds success. Don’t write about the failures and the negatives. Write about what works! Pebble in their shoe is what we all need to find!


By saying it will be too late, I meant by that time the powers that be will have stepped in.

As far as the lazy, sorry to say this but yes, many are now. Even the hard workers now come home and just veg out in front of the TV. Moms and dads take no time to play with children, clean their homes, or even have a meal together. In my county alone, over half already fit this. Never seen anything like it before. Even their homes look like that show “Hoarders” now. No structure, no organization. It’s a free for all for their kids, just so they don’t have to watch them. I started noticing all this a few years back just traveling to yard sales, but I blame the Dr’s for giving the whole family meds to be on. Maybe a better word is in a “coma”, but to me, it’s still lazy when you don’t even cook dinner anymore so you can be on FB. Exercise of any kind, is now a forbidden word.

I do totally agree honey works best, as I never argue with anyone not informed but always just present facts in a respectful way. I was raised that way. Arguing and not respecting others always turns people away.


“John you’re a bore!
We’ve heard this before!
For god’s sake John,
Sit down!”
“Will some one open up a window?”
“No, No, No, too many flies!
Too many flies!
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“Will some one open up a window?”
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“I say vote yes!”
“Vote yes!”
“Vote for indepen-dency!”