The first electronic continental congress


Ah yes. That’s it! Remember now, it’s a musical and they portray some very important people in not so flattering ways. Make sure to get the Director’s cut with comments. They tell you how they sourced their version of events. One of the great lines by Hancock, was really said by Dickenson in history. But it all plays well.

And here is one of the best used book sites I’ve used but not limited to.

I warn people about the Mason books. I found out, that after Obama was elected, public libraries and schools around the nation, began a purge of books like these! I purchased a number of them for friends a few years back at varying prices but sadly, they were always in good condition. That means they were never used.

The reprints are from UNC and they like their products a lot. I have a set of each because I have one to use for just checking in a hurry and the paperback reprints I use on the scanner or make notations in and flop around on the desk when I’m making footnotes from them.

Don’t forget Ebay! A lot of these books are out there on Ebay!

I have asked people for some time to make their own library of important books. If you can put a group together, people have buy the books and you can make a catalog of them. Check them out as a library to each other. Sounds risky but you can always ask to get it back if they’re just going to sit on it. Almost like tools. LOL

Some Good news tonight from down here. A massive crowd showed at a zoning planning meeting and rebuffed the attempt of a British muslim group to make use of a 550 acre farm to use as a rally point for their sect. The board rejected the application. The next step is a vote by the board of supervisors. That is where our recent list of Resolves landed this morning. We will see how long it takes them to sue the county for religious reasons. They allowed them to give a 15 minute presentation about islam and how friendly they were. Then the commission warned that anybody in the room who wanted to speak, only had 3 minutes and if they mentioned religion, they would be cut off. My friend waited to be last. He started in on the religion. He was warned. He then made the point that they had to sit though 15 minutes of professing and then they were told they could not rebuff? He laid out his first amendment rights and kept on going and the chairman shut his trap and took it!

We can win! We must fight! And these people showed up with education to do it.

I am so glad you will take the time to do it. And down here, we got two inches of fresh snow tonight and we’re looking for the warm side of the storm Sunday and then we get that cold blowing in. Not as cold as you guys but cold enough for us!

When you watch the movie, make sure you pay attention to the lines. Some of it comes very fast. The information about the “acts” comes in quickly at the beginning. And I think William Daniels, makes a perfect John Adams.


Congratulations!! With some of the things that go on at their events, they should not be allowed to assemble, religious beliefs or not. Kudos to your friend, that was a heck of an accomplishment. Knowledge has always meant power, even heard Alex say it many times. Thank you for the book link, I will definitely check it out. To be honest, way back, many years ago, when I was in school, I hated History. I was into Science, so I never took the time to really learn about how this country was founded, only enough to pass tests. Although, I did take debate class, as I was very opinionated on what our Government was doing, so all I am reading is like going back then, except this time, I truly want the knowledge. Funny how you change as you age. Dang Globalists made me want to learn History…LOL…So thank you for all the information and study guides. Can’t wait to get started and that will be with 1776, as I love Musicals. Congrats again, keep up the good work…Yes, we CAN win!! :+1: :smiley:


Well, I thought this was an excellent idea, but alas, out of 1060 users on this site, only 64 people have even looked at it. It seems people here are more interested in just chatting than changing anything. I’ve never had much time for Social Media, (working 10-12 hr. days) like most that have tens of thousands of posts on various sites, but I thought I would at least find more hear who actually care about saving this country. If anyone knows of any sites that have events, rallies, or just some great ideas on getting rid of the corruption that has taken over our country, please let me know. My days are very busy, and the little time and energy that I do have, I don’t want it to be for petty things. I understand everyone needs to decompress, but we are running out of time. I wrote this here because this page seems to have people that actually want to help others, instead of petty arguing. Thanks in advance for any help/advise you can give. Those here that have given ideas, or places to check out, I have done so, just not had a chance to personally thank them yet, been doing a lot of reading in between work. Have a wonderful day everyone!! :sunglasses:


April, you took the words right out of my mouth. It’s saddening to see that so many pass on the way to do things. I’m not sure if people don’t want to read anymore and are only stuck on watching videos. MidVa01 is actually a good friend of mine, and we have been at this battle for awhile, and I’m sure people think we are crazy. But if you don’t understand how our enemies work then how can we dismantle the beast we are facing? I hope and pray everyday that our fellow infowarriors just take the time to educate themselves on how the founders did it and assemble and put together resolves now at a local level. The big battle is surely to surface soon. God bless and don’t give up the fight!


Hi Csarebel,
After coming back on here this afternoon, and seeing some more of the topics, I honestly think people are here more to complain, then to solve any problems, now Flat Earth is a topic? Well, for what’s it’s worth, and it isn’t much, but I don’t think you two are crazy. Alex has said many times knowledge is power, but I guess nobody ever heard that. I’m on my own up here, as I live in the mountains, and the few friends I did have either have passed away, got hooked on drugs, or are too old and sickly to participate. I used to live in Baltimore, so when I moved up here to get away from people, I just didn’t bother anymore with Politics. I have never bothered going to the Town Hall meetings, because I was either too busy, which is a bad excuse, or there was nothing going on in our Township that really needed to be changed. So I guess I will have to start attending them, to meet others, to hopefully get something started. I’m one of those nature freaks, a tree hugger as some say, so I have stayed away from Politics and conflict, as I find my serenity amongst the woods and listening to talk radio used to infuriate me so bad, I had to turn it off, as I saw protesting never achieved anything, and I knew of no other way other than writing and calling our Public Officials, which I do all the time when I hear something on the local news that I don’t think is fair. Everything I knew about the NWO or the Pedo stuff, no one would ever believe me on, so I just gave up. People are so wrapped up in their own little world nowadays, and getting them to just read an article is like pulling teeth. I hear them complain, but not once do they ever do a thing about it. Like on here, I saw a cute idea for a social event in TX, but then I thought to myself, wouldn’t all that energy be better placed going out on Tax Day and raising awareness. To most, life is a big party, to others, they want nothing to do with being involved, not even when it comes to saving the children, then there are the few, too few, that actually want this Country back, out of the corrupt hands of the Elites and Establishment. Exactly why I have always turned to nature. It’s wholesome and pure, not evil. Animals and nature I understand, people I do not…LOL…So are you the friend that spoke last at the meeting the other night? I thought that was awesome, wish I could have seen the Chairman’s face. Keep up the good fight down there, it gives me a little hope for Humanity, but I won’t hold my breath on that one. I wish you all well and God speed!! :pray: :hugs: Oh wow, didn’t realize reply was that long, sorry about that!!


Do we have some sort of a working document where we’d be able to ascertain what we want out of this Electronic Continental Congress? The main reason I see that we’re spinning our wheels is because we don’t really have direction, let alone a roadmap.


CSA & April, the fact that you speak to the need for educating people shows that there is hope. If we were at the bottom, we would be saying to ourselves, “is there a way out?” We already know the way out.

Flag08, you may not realize it, but you are already reflecting the sentiments of many in the early 1770’s. Again, a great video for that expression is 1776. The makers did show the frustration and reflection about the question of what to do next.

CSA and I are already involved in a struggle against dark forces in our area. We have gone ahead and made an Association! It already exists here! We do have documentation in front of the ministers of power in our state with “action” included. I do have that document on another website, but I won’t put out our goals until after they are certified and published, per the approval of our Association. So, we’re not spinning our wheels down there! We’re on the move against the tyrants. We’re not flagging or screaming or calling into talk shows. It’s game time and we’re doing it by way of the model left behind by the Association of Freeholders and Freemen and the documentation they left behind that serves as our road map.

So again, for the time it took you to type your question, you could have polished off one of the 3 or 4 page chapters in Conceived in Liberty and would be thinking like are now, this very instant.

For this website, I have only brought up the idea of a next level for the good people of our nation, to enter into a new pact with each other that if we the tyranny against us is not stopped and reversed, then we should look to abandon the old system and start a new one, with all the weaknesses of the old one, repaired. After all, that was the justification for the second Continental Congress in 1787.

I see some of you have already responded while I was typing this. So forgive me if I appear to one step behind. Long-winded people like me, tend to be slower.
Be safe this weekend!


It’s quite alright, and I’m very happy to read that you have an association with a redress of grievances in progress. I look forward to seeing it when you’re prepared.


It’s always difficult to break the ice again, however, I think it worked, for now. History tells us that the fight is never over.

And to April, one of the greatest books I have ever read was “Walden”. That book alone, gave me the view of the world, I had never seen. I gave up my College study of Engineering because of it! I had been given a path into a company by the name of Melpar outside of DC. They went out of business because of some shady money things and much of their company was absorbed by the old Atlantic Research and Harris Electronics. All I had to do was get my degree from a specific school and I was in. Their specialty was spy sats, icbms, robotics, etc. I thank God, I was awakened by Thoreau.

As I type these words, I am listening to Alex’s show as you might be and the news about a coup in 48 hours is disturbing.

April, I don’t know how close you are to Western PA, but I think you would do well to get involved in the local town hall. You will probably find, that it is a fiefdom. Don’t be discouraged. That’s the place where you will find people who start to question their style of government when they see things falling apart around them. The Ancient Greeks used to say, it doesn’t matter if you don’t seek politics. Politics will seek you!

Last note, it does not surprise me that the left will try a coup in the next 48 hours, because this part of the nation will be locked in near zero wind-chills and people won’t be out in the streets. Tough times ahead! Keep reading until it happens. Use your time wisely. head to the head library and seek out those books or look up that stuff on the web and print it out, while you still have electricity.

Do you have extra writing paper? Do you have a manual typewriter with extra ink and carbon paper? Think about it! May God keep you all safe.


Thank you once again for all the information. I ordered the Papers of George Mason Vol. 1-3 and also the 1776 movie that will give me some time to finish studying for a new project I was put on for my job. It’s funny, I was doing the practice test last night and actually caught myself writing mason 1776 as an answer…LOL…I am in the south-central area in PA, right above Gettysburg. Funny, as much as I always despised studying History, I was always drawn to Gettysburg and it’s History. Stay safe down there. We have a foot of snow heading this way, then negative wind chills. I missed Alex talking about the coup in 48 hrs but will go catch it tonight. Oh, and yes, I actually do have the paper, carbon paper, typewriter, etc. For some reason I saved it. Thanks again, for everything!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I caught your comment on the other posting I had about the decision. I predict it will hit you very hard in deed!

And there is something else for anybody who visits this site and wonders how the Declaration of Rights can help them. They helped Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. If you read the DoR’s, I then challenge our friends to go to their state constitution and look up it’s “bill of Rights” and see how many words from the Virginia Declaration of Rights are sewn into the fabric of their own state’s Bill of Rights! WE ALL HAVE THAT POWER of what the founders called, “the public weal”. In 18th century terms, as it was reflected backwards by Mason to Locke and Locke’s Second Treatise to King James the 1st, you will see the king’s remarks as to his bowing to the weal of the public in Locke’s section on Tyranny and Usurpation.

And a WARNING I want to give everyone tonight. My good friend, who spoke at a public hearing against the bending of the rules for a foreign (UK) Islamic Group to hold massive rallies in our rural county and destroy good farm land, was chosen out of almost 200 people who attended the meeting and over 80 speakers, to be DOXXed!!! The local “on-line” rag, decided to publish his picture, name, address and comments taken out of context on the article as it attempted to report about how the planning group, turned down their request. This is an act of war against the good people of our county and we will be considering our options at this point. Remember! This is not for the faint of heart! People in power, have been bought off!!! We have our backs to the 1776 wall, right now!


Oh, I’m so sorry that happened. I’ve had said for years, only the strong could ever win this battle, the weak would never survive the measure of Evil we, as a nation face. You know why they doxxed your friend, they had the knowledge to beat their corrupt plans. Please, be careful down there. Follow those instincts, they warn us first. Oh, and thanks for the DoR info, copied what you wrote, so I could go back and look it up. God Bless you two, and others, for doing what they are doing!! :pray: :us:


If you think Infowars has awakened you… After you read that stuff, you will hear the words of one David Knight in a whole new light! He is talking to you but in a new way. Certain words like “abolish” will have new meaning.


A long time ago, I was really awakened by others like Ross Perot, Ron Paul, Savage and a few others, way before I heard of Alex. We can not get him on radio here. A guy fixing my washing machine and I got to talking about the trails in the sky, and he said I should check out Alex Jones. That was about 8 yrs ago. When I heard Alex, it clarified everything I had thought I knew for years. I love David Knight and can’t wait for him to return and also to get started on our History. I have also been paying attention to the states that are calling for a Convention of States. It’s up to 13 now. Nebraska to join in the fight, so things are happening, I just fear it may not be quick enough, but it’s better than doing nothing, at least they are trying, like you all.


It will take 34 states, and only 29 went to Trump in 2016 (plus one Maine district).

How Close Are We To Another Boston Massacre?

I have no problem with another constitution. I have a problem with the state and local party people who will be sent to participate in it. We will not get anything better and more than likely, something much worse. We need a convention made up of non-party or non-elected politicos to make up the next convention. That means the April’s and the FlagDudes and the CSAs of the world need to be delegates! No more lawyers! Get back to the government set up in 1776. It was not popular with the powerful people who filled the vacuum left by the patriots who went off to fight the war. The patriots were from all sections of our society. “Cream of their Colonies” for sure. You had John Hancock there who is really more like a Trump. We should have had George Mason there, but he was not well enough to travel that far. (and yet, after he saw what they were setting up in 1787, he did make the trip and it almost killed him)

Personally, I would like to see those parties abolished. Why can’t we vote for people from our towns, cities and counties on their merits, and not by how much money they raised for their parties? Going back into “Common Sense”, you see the kind of style of government that attracted them to fight a war.

On Christmas eve, before Washington crossed the Delaware, he read sections of “Common Sense” to his troops. That was because, there was nothing else printed with that idea of government. Commons Sense even dresses down the idea of blood lines allegiances as you find in Islam. The reasons used to justify their facing down their own countrymen and their own government were in that little book.

The parties were created by the Constitution of 1787 and its copying of the parliament style. It was created by lawyers for lawyers and to lawyers. What kind of document states that the elected participants can make up their own laws, governing their own activities inside the Congress, but the rest of us must eat from their swill bucket? A suicide pact perhaps. I beg again for people to read Mason! Volume 3 of those books are about the Constitution and the end of his life.

Remember, those Federal politicians come from the lower state and local offices. It’s all the same in the party game! Remember, “Anti-Federalist” was a pejorative. When you read Mason Volume 3, you will be shocked and certain Radio Talk Show hosts will appear quite different to you. Nobody in Infowars. The other guys.

Watch the weather up there in PA! If we don’t see your posts for a while, we can guess the power is out. We’re on the wet side of the storm this time. Take care!


It’s getting pretty bad in NYS as well.

It is true that legislatures would nominate who they want for the conventions, and is something a number of people also feared about NYS’s vote for a Constitutional Convention (defeated by a 4:1 margin). I like the idea of the Continental Congress, because it means we can get together, decide what we want, and then put out concise demands. I know I was much more creative before being vaccinated prior to college, but I’ve taken myself to being the conscience of a group. What can come from what we ask for? What could we see as a result? What mistakes were made in the past that we ought not make again? I know some see it as obstruction, but I do mean the best for our cause, and want to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward.


Totally agree with ya. I thought they were involving more local people, but after checking a few other states that are doing it, it looks to be just like you said, and no, we do not want that. Snow finally arrived here. Got plenty of water, food and firewood. Always prepared for power outages up here. Lost it for 2 weeks one time. It was actually nice. You find better things to do sometimes, like read…:grinning:


It’s not an obstruction to ask questions that would make a difference in the plan you’re working on. It’s people like you that remind others of what may be forgotten. No one person can think of everything.

  1. I am in agreement with your plan, Please add the continental army to the continental congress as there will have to be a physical location and office for this legal body.
  2. The Continental Congress shall have a Standing Security Force to ensure its protection and of those that wish to contribute to its progress.
  3. This Standing Security Force shall assemble in the state in which the Congress operates and be present at any operations or dialogue.
  4. The Standing Security Force shall adhere to the procedures of the second amendment rules and shall have appropriate checks to the character of the security force members.