The first electronic continental congress


We all have taken shots we were told were for our own good. The people who are 75 and older, will be around longer because they didn’t get the shots. The food they ate form most of their lives was real and didn’t have bio sludge and chemicals, etc. Anybody out there who right now between the age of 18 and 39, is young enough to be my child. Yet the people of my generation, were the first ones to get all this, anti-God, anti-family, anti-masculine ant-white, anti-Christian, pro-guilt, pro-abortion, etc. There should be three time the number of people in that age bracket running around now. Take a long look at why that is. If you’re alive now and you’re under the age of forty six, consider yourself lucky.

Infowars has broken it down for all of like no-one else has. Yes, many of who have these shots through our lives must overcome them, the best we can. The death rate of the baby boomers is way out of whack now. Over 30% of us born after 1960 are already gone! Infowars ahs given us the methods of detoxing from the heavy metals. The viruses they put in the vaccines can only be held off by healthy immune systems. It can be done!

To your point about “why…”, April is absolutely on the button! It is good to ask the questions but know the past first! I see many people asking what the good of taking the reins are, however, that is what they left us! The Declaration of Rights, is a vehicle parked on the curb, all gassed up and the engine is running. They left it for us! But those who love power, have dumbed us down. Depleted our ranks in number and cloistered the truth and free speech. The truth is defended by free speech. The weapon defends our physical being.

Don’t short cut history. Off the top of my head, when you get into Mason, you find the meeting notes from the Raleigh Tavern, then the Associations, Committee on Communications, the Resolves, then you find the creation of the Committee on Safety, then you see the reasoning behind being armed and the creation of the minutemen. Then you see the Declaration of Rights (which is over ALL governing bodies), Then you see the Virginia Government Formed.

However! Do not leave out the reading of Conceived in Liberty at that timeline! It is most important! Once you’ve danced with Mason the rest of them, you won’t have the “Why” question in your head. It will be, “Why haven’t we done this again?”

I know I am a broken record but to quote Churchill, “how can you know where you are going until you know where you have been” (to the best of my recollection)


Might lose power from the wind down here! Crazy storm!


You have a good soul I can tell! You might be happy to know, that we already have the largest standing militia in the world. And it goes back before the Constitution of 1787. Remember, the right to own a weapon is not a right that is on paper. The Second amendment is a prohibition on the government and not us. We already had the right to be armed. Again, going back to the creation of the Committee on Safety and then the Continental Congress of a call to arms in 1775, the power has always been there.

It is the tyrant who has crafted 200 years of anti-rights upon us who want your guns. We don’t need an army. We already have one. What we need are good, honest and peaceful descendants of our founders, to take bake control of what is out of control, with the tools they left us. We don’t use them because nobody wants to spend a few hours and read them. To read them is to be truly aware of what army already surrounds you.

Keep the powder handy but keep it dry for now!


OH AND BY THE WAY! TO Everybody out there…
I forgot that a little “must have” book to go with The Papers of George Mason, the “reader” that was written by Robert A Rutland to go with three volume set. It helps fill in some of the gaps that you may not be aware of, for instance, the freedom of religion was not about Islam or any acceptance of it. It was all about the different Christian sects and their subservience to the Church of England.

The book is called “George Mason, Reluctant Statesman” Here is the Amazon link

But I found it on starting at $5.05 w/free shipping. Here is a link but you never know how long it will be available on this one book: That had bunches of them for that price.

Sorry for the slip up!


Thanks for the links, got mine on the way. Will order Conceived in Liberty next week and you’re not a broken record. Personally, I’m glad you reminded us, as I had forgotten. Everything you wrote about knowing our History is exactly what Alex talks of often. It was the main reason I was impressed with Alex the very first time I listened to him, he sure knows his History, and can argue any point about such. I have a feeling, we are going to need the same knowledge one day, hopefully not too soon. Always love coming here and getting such useful knowledge, shame more don’t because the more I thought about what you said the other day, It scares the heck out of me to think they are in control of rewriting the Constitution and not us. I thought of many things that they could include, not a pretty picture. So if it takes reading and learning something, that I actually never thought I would be taking the time to do, then I’m all in. Whatever it takes, because Protesting, Rallies, etc may eventually be stopped, as corrupt and evil as they are, I put nothing past them. Hope all is well done there, still have electric here, for now. Got 8" of snow, 2" of ice, on the ground, and luckily enough rain to wash the ice from the power lines and trees. Take care…Thanks again!! :grinning:


the globalists abuse science to shape history. See how it loops together?


In your spare time, if you have any, let me know if you ever heard of this site, or any feedback on it please. I joined a long while back, but I am not former military, so I just read their info and emails, for now. Just wanted an opinion…Thank you.


Thank you for the kind words April. I’m glad I alarmed you. Of course, my poor wife can’t stand it anymore. If you think reading my jibber-jabber is uncomfortable, think about how my poor wife feels about it!

I have so many books that I have read from libraries that were “withdrawn” almost within a year of their being donated to them. People need to realize, that the librarian associations, have for many years been purging good books on American History. Especially ones that revisit old history and newly discovered history to take a fresh perspective of things.

I have another book that is from one of the only published “Anti-Federalists” who were not actually inside the Constitutional Convention. They are rare because the MSM of their time, engaged in the blocking of alternative opinions. Sound familiar?

And one has to remember, those the MSM Of the day who called “Anti-Federalists” were not against a Federation! But that was equal to today’s MSM using the term “Racist”. They were in favor of a Federated Government. They already had one that they were living under. They were just against that particular proposal.

What is great about the Mason Papers is that Volume 3, goes into great detail. Including a letter from Richard Henry Lee, asking Mason if it would have been better to make a new but smaller nation of states who could do away with Slavery.

But back to those ideas against what we have today. Volume 3 will show Mason’s letter that was either sent or a draft of it was found, etc., but never denied; that shows Mason’s predictions as to our future failed state.

Then you can always buy the paperback by Ralph Ketchum on the Anti-Federalists. There are other books. I halfway though to start a new page on it, however I don’t want people to get distracted on the idea of starting an Electronic Continental Congress. But perhaps, if people could learn enough to not be afraid to ask the question, “can we do better?”

Here is a link to a review of a book I have. The copy I have, I purchased from Abe Books. The book was published in 1998. It came from a Regional Library in Hanover, VA. It was stamped in the back as “Withdrawn” and dated “JAN 2000”. Some well meaning patriot, probably donated that book. Some Communist pig, who masqueraded as a Librarian, acting as a curator, decided to abort history in favor of space for future politically correct propaganda.

Letter number 18, deals with how all of the opposition letters and opinions to the New Constitution were being intercepted, stopped and destroyed. You won’t hear too many “Federalists” talk about it or admit. Freedom of speech was dead in 1787, onward.

The more you read, the more you’ll be able to others keep direction and understand that without a plan on paper that people can trust, there just isn’t enough grist in the mill to keep the train of liberty, going down the tracks.


But remember, buying a book, is something they can’t click away!



At this stage in the game, I would not join any group of people, that I could not look in the eye. That said, we are here on an electronic forum, but we have sworn no alegience to anybody. We see people trying to set up meetings or rallies. I say yes! But make those opportunities to gather like minded people! That is the group you should be able to say, “I put my name on this paper with these people because I agree with them”.

I know we are all looking for the “hook-up” of like minded people. The problem is, the enemy has unlimited funds. We all perceive the depth of somebody else’s abilities as equal to our own. Sadly, that isn’t true. We are the underdogs, again. However, we have tools that are much more advanced than our founders had. On the other hand, our enemies own the latest in technological support that their ideological masters had.

They may be real, but I just would treat things like that as a mine in a mine field. Mark it for others and go around it. Stick to getting involved with the people right in front of you. Unless our own house in order, then we won’t be successful in anybody else’s.

It’s just my opinion! Your mileage may vary! :slightly_smiling_face:


Had to laugh when I read this. Buy your wife a pretty bouquet and tell her every time I start “Jibber-jabbering” take a big sniff and picture Spring. For just that little moment in time, she won’t hear you and you will get the joy of seeing her smile. :relaxed: Kinda the opposite here. My husband doesn’t mind the jibber, becasue he never hears it to remember what I say. All he wants to do is fight, former Marine, but won’t take time to learn, which I get, becaue that is how he was trained. Make sure you have that Library of yours safe and sound, it may be needed someday. Very interesting about the Anti-Federalists. I will probably end up getting the book, as too many ARE disappearing, but for now, I copied the links, will read later on. Going out to shovel, woohoo, I may be done by tomorrow rolls around. Have a great Day!!


It’s not limited to Marines, as my wife and I are similar. But I digress. :wink:


See, that is why I asked ya. Thanks for the advice. The only reason I ever followed their site was that they stress all the time when you are ready to start a group, they can hook you up with people, already in charge, in your area. They had info on the Constitution when others didn’t. Now, I did that 3 yrs ago, again, not wanting to really go back to school and learn History, but here it came full circle, to me buying books, and wanting to learn and that is thanks to you. Funny how when you think of where you are being led in life, and just too blind to see it. It started back 15 yrs ago when I could not get rid of a calling to move up to the Gettysburg area. Little things through the years that kept bringing up how this Country was founded. I should have realized God was trying to lead me in the right direction, but like I have said many times, I hated History!! Saying this in a joking way…Thanks a lot MidVA…:grinning:


I tell ya what gets her back on the beam, that is, when I get something done on the honey-do list. It’s better than flowers and last about as long.

Tell your husband, what he should be doing is either finding a good manual to train like minded people in military tactics or write one himself! We no doubt will need to repeat history, which is what you will see in those books I have mentioned. So to put in other words, I want even the war minded people to read what happened. And yes, it will happen again. Try and get him on that as a project because we desperately need something like that for the average shmuck. For example, we still hold some advantages as several generational natives to these lands. We know where it floods when it rains hard. We know what time of year turns fields into mud pits. We know what we can eat off the land. Or do we? These are all advantages that the recent invading armies don’t have, yet. Low tech can beat high tech, every time if you know what to do. Survival manuals are great, but they don’t have application information as it pertains to our continent. Joel Skousen wrote his books on survival. We need books on how small groups can drill with realistic results to give a basic foundation for those who might be called up to serve in a modern version of our safety force. You can place the “M” word in place of “safety force”.

That reminds me, we haven’t seen Joel on the big show in quite some time. Something happened to the “Core” contributors. Curious.

Be careful out there! Shovel with care!

It’s around 22 and sunny here, with just patches of snow around. The rain took out a good 4 inches of snow. More rain coming here mid-week. I hope it’s not snow for you all but it is January!


And one more item about what your husband can produce in a book. In my opinion, if it were me writing such a book, I would write it as a “What if…” type of book. That way the premise is always honest but not as instantly attacked by the enemies of free speech.


I have a lot of reading to do as I have just learned about this website. I agree 100% it’s time to do something about our broken governement


“Buying a book is something they can’t click away.” I’m stealing that brother!


Glad I’m not the only one. My books should arrive next week and the Movie 1776 comes on Wed. To steal the words from one Magician from the Christmas show Frosty the Snowman…“I’m going to be…busy, busy, busy.” This will be me, except it will be reading, instead of writing, we already have the snow. :grin: :rofl:


You will be shocked at what you learn! It will make you see beyond the radio. The radio won’t be a “waiting for orders from Headquarters” operation anymore. You’ll be able to use it as a trip wire for distant problems but you will now see your local mess much clearer. You’ll see its’ the local fiefdoms that are the real thing to master. Once you 've engaged with them, you will see what power has truly been taken from you.

And for people like A’s husband, who have that experience, it would be a great gift for them to write a book that could be called, “What would the Minutemen Look Like In The 21st Century”. You know a lot of people don’t know elementary PT or how to sight in a rifle for hunting, etc. They don’t know about to communicate by code or even by signs they can leave out in plain view when they need to make a contact or give a simple yes or no. That’s spy trade craft 101. It may be able to be broken shortly but it could give an early advantage!

I can’t wait for all of you to read that material. I will hope that in a week or so, you will be putting ideas with me on this page to get something going. They all started small and then took things to other communities. David Knight keeps reminding us! One of the things “they” want to take away is your ability to communicate. I.E. The Committee On Communication of the founders time.

I want to see how many of you will look at the Virginia Declaration of Rights see what the founders saw in it. And then see how much of it is in your own state constitutions.

And for April, Samuel Bryan, “the Centinel” was a Pennsylvanian!

Until tomorrow!


Gave my husband the project, hopefully my couch potato proceeds, it’s a very good idea. I really like the “What if…” approach too. Yes, when I went to the links you left, I saw he was a Pennsylvanian, interesting. Oh, and yes, that Honey Do List does hold more clout, I second that one!! Not quite sure what happened to the “Core”, unless it was when Alex got banned. Many pulled back, as they did not want the negativity to gravitate to them. Some have turned against him. I do know Joel was on not too long ago, but many are missing. Larry Klayman is busy defending Corsi, against Alex and Rodger, so that is kinda a clue where they went, some of them at least. Guess we’ll find out who is a real Patriot, and who’s not! Got this in a day early. Can’t wait to watch it. Got my bottle of Brain Force sitting by. Extra focus never hurts. Hope all is well done there. :grinning:


Blue Ray! You all are up-town!
You make good sense there. I would think Joel would stick by Alex and Co.
I had been contacted by a fellow who wanted my advice on Ham radio operations. I have him quite the list of things as well. I am all for the development of an alternative system of communication. But now if we could only set up one central Association per state, then we would have a reason for communicating.

It looks as though the Doxxing thing here locally has really ticked off a lot of people. We’re going to try for a little bigger meeting, at a restaurant somewhere, so that we can get instant work on some resolutions that a few us are working on.

We must get things going and keep them going or we will fall back to the “wait and see” position. We have 50 years of nonsense to erase. That’s a lot of work!

Enjoy the movie! Oh and, when you get your books, get a composition book to make notes in as you read them! I found that it’s better to do that with some small post-its, than write in the margins like a dummy that I am.

We need a basic training manual for the people! One more note! See if your husband can divide up levels of PT. The older folks who want (and really have to) participate, won’t do well if they try and run themselves into the ground. The older set may benefit more from tactics and marksmanship. See if that helps! There a few templates out there for book writing. I’ve written and self-published two of my own. I had a dozen more to do but this anti-us business has taken up the last ten years of my life. I wish I could go back to what I liked to do.

Now, “Sit down John! Sit Down!”