The first electronic continental congress


At the rate TVs’ keep changing, I thought I better buy the Blue Ray. We have standard HD now, and since they went to 4K, the shows we watch are now starting to become blurred, like before HD, and it did the same thing when we all switched from Standard to HD. Guess it’s their way to make sure we keep buying the latest technology. So with our TV gasping at its last breath, I knew I would have to be upgrading anyway. Wayne (my husband) has his instructions and started writing up some notes last night. Glad people are finally starting to get riled, sometimes they forget, they can be Doxxed too. I already have the Post-its and the book because if I ever wrote in the margin of a book, my Grandfather would come back to haunt me, he was a stickler on taking care of his books and when I was young, I never got it, until I started seeing books disappear, then I realized how special they truly were. I remember one time, I brought home a school book that I had taken notes in, big mistake. I had to sit and listen to an hour-long lecture why books were so important. I think it’s because they had gone through the depression, and they were more like the bottom feeders, so it changes how you live the rest of your life sometimes. Oh, and I’m about as “Up-town” as a Blue Tick Hound at a Rainbow Parade…and John, refuses to sit down. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do want to know what you and Wayne think of the movie!
I laughed when I read your position on books. I agree, however it doesn’t always make it easy. Sometimes I get so involved in reading a book, I can’t resist it. Sometimes, I buy another copy after I marked up the first one, for just that purpose.


Some examples of the damage I cause…



How does everybody feel about discussing ways to gather people for their own local Associations? If we can build these groups, we can build a Congress. To use this site or even the more advanced site such as is something we need to move on as soon as possible. The nice things about Zoxee, is that you can build your groups! You can invite who you want to invite to your group. You can post news articles in basic form. It has a lot of potential.


Well, marking up the books is not too bad if you have two copies, that I’ve done too. Loved the site FreeZoxee, put together well, better then gab, I think. I’ll let you know about the movie by the weekend. Tonight is Moonshiners night, the one show I refuse to miss :smiley: Building groups is a good idea, but will take us some time to find ones in PA. I still have to look up when the next Town Meeting is, but I love the idea…So for tonight, I say…“Shine On…” :sunglasses:


For medicinal purposes only Dear lady!

That figures. You and Wayne are right up there in Whiskey Rebellion Country! Must be in the water.


:rofl: :rofl: Not just the water, it’s in my blood. My Great Grandfather was a shiner. I haven’t touched that stuff in years, my stomach went through enough in my younger years, and Wayne’s been sober 15 years, but I do have a bottle of Climax Moonshine, signed by the guy on the show, Tim Smith. So, if anyone would ever need spirits for medicinal purposes, I have a few bottles. With what goes on today, you never know. Started stocking up stuff through the years. Another good one is Fish Antibiotics. Same as human, much cheaper, no prescription. Ya just never know.


I have counseled one young rancher down here to keep in practice from time to time for medicinal purposes. I have seen the catalogs about the different antibiotics. We have horses so there are one or two things that also cross that bridge, though I would use them in an emergency only. We have used the Silver products and I can tell you, it works like a charm.

Be careful of X2! I was using the old stuff from Sea Weed and they said 3 drops a day. I never checked the X2 label. They changed that to one a day! Heck, I was doing 2 day because I thought 3 was too strong. No wonder my mind goes a mile a minute.

I gave up the sauce back in 1989. I put on too much weight back then.

I was thinking for Wayne to also include a section on communications if he hasn’t already considered that. Basic signaling and equipment and so forth. I had been emailing on the side with somebody about that very subject and rather than re-type that stuff, I’m just going to cut and paste it in this thread for you to give to Wayne. And thank him for his time, consideration and effort toward this. When you’re ready to format it for publishing, let me know and I’ll give the links for putting it in word/pdf.


Here is the first comment (small book) I wrote on the use of radios in communication:

I’m just laughing because I started off my high skrewl carrier studying electronics as my major field of study. I had a big interest in it and went to a college that interned its people at the Goddard Space Flight Center. I left it after one year, because after reading Walden, I discovered I was missing something. Then I noticed there were no girls in that school! Big changes for me, however, I still made a good living in the business machine and micro-graphics fields. That included PC’s until we were replaced by H1B Visa people.

I did start looking into getting a Ham License, but I recalled studying for the exam back in the late 70’s when I was in High School and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the time doing that, when everything around us was going into the toilet fast. Then I heard Matt Bracken talk about it one day and looked into it. Like everything else in this world, they’ve relaxed the requirements quite a bit. They have only a few levels now where they used to have a bunch.

I picked up a book that looked ok from I could see on preview and from the comments. So I ordered it up. It’s a study guide for the exam, however it does give you enough information to get into trouble (not always a bad thing).

I think it is a great idea and if you pick up the same guide, you might see more potential in it than just the short range 2 meter units your were talking about. They have local clubs and people who run repeaters to extend the ranges and so forth. They also talk about high frequency absorption (microwaves) that can be useful in showing people how 5G systems are bad for you. They also have people who broadcast live TV over carrier signals. There is all kinds of stuff going on in that field.

If I were to have a “Committee on Safety” in my local Association of Freeholders, I would want to have some people who were experts in the Ham field around me. One thing is for sure, they have rules about what you can say and can’t say on the air and they are very specific. There are many good people on the air but there are also many of the enemy who listen. The best thing to do, is get licensed people establish around this nation who are on our side. Work out a simple code to pass trouble or help notifications along. Nothing fancy. Just pre arraigned script for 4 or 5 scenarios. You can’t get specific and you don’t want them to jam the signals (which they will do at the first sign of crazy traffic). They can also triangulate a transmitter in nothing flat so giving field orders isn’t going to help there.

Hi-ever, The good old CB radios and their Single Side Band brothers make good field radios. I would have a flock of those around me anyway. They’re a lot easier to use and switch off and not have to rely on a repeater.

The Ham Clubs also actually transmit text messages to people! You can send one through to somebody across the country, via your local club. A club member who can reach the nearest repeater in the direction of your recipient takes the message and goes onto another repeater and finds somebody in that club to pass along the message, and so on, until that message is delivered. Some times a phone number is attached and sometimes it ends up on a post card to that person. They usually will send back a reply. That can take days sometimes. But it does work!

Here are some books I recommend on the subject:
This one is 2018 but I doubt they changed it much:

You’ll need one of these:

If you need some basic electronics, I don’t think you can go wrong with anything written by Paul Zbar. Although I’m partial to the 1970’s versions I used in High School, I have seen a few of the newer ones from the 90’s and I think they’re more up to date enough to carry you through the rest of your life. I took courses that used the “Basic Electricity” Text/Lab and the Basic Electronics" text book. Good used versions are all over
Hers is 90’s version of the first one:

I think it’s a great idea you have and you’re going to find out that this knowledge may just save your life! And scour Ebay for “working” CB radio bargains to have a couple on hand in case times get interesting.

Your interest in it, just might make me go back and study to take the test. At least once anyway.

And by the way, I had occasion to go back and consult my old Zbar manuals to diagnose an ignition system with my old car! I was working on an article for FreeZoxee when I was interrupted by some local politics. Thanks to those books, I was able to dispel much of what I read on the web about my car problems. I had to go back to the original patent on the points and condenser ignition system from 1910 to verify my suspicions. Bingo!


Here is an addendum to that last response:

I remembered this morning, Since there are so few electronics shops around anymore, one of the places I find a large variety of components to build circuits with or bread boards and such is JameCo.

You can also buy better antennas to boost the signal on those hand held 2 meter units. I suggest looking around on the ARRL threads for the best antenna shops in the US. Stay away from Ebay and Amazon for Antenna stuff and beware of the Chinese stuff! Don’t buy anything that ships from China direct! On Ebay, I would stick to just used radios and as always, buyer beware. From I’ve read, the people at DX Engineering are highly respected and they’re a US company, located in Ohio!

DX Engineering


Get fast, Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 from DX Engineering – no shipping, handling, or rural fees! Exclusions apply.


Thanks for the info on X2. I also use the Silver products, have used Silver for years with great results, also for my pets. I, myself can’t stand antibiotics as they always make me feel sick, but I had researched the chemical make up of the Amoxicillin for Fish, and saw the ingredients were the same, so I knew that one would be safe, not sure about the others. All my life I have relied on herbs and homeopathics for illness. Doctors never made much money off of me. I passed along the info to Wayne. It’s all copied so in case if this ever gets lost, I have everything you wrote below.


Excellent! I have been working on several other articles for the other site.
I have had an email transaction that is bothersome from a state senator. She has learned of the recent package of resolves we sent to the state capital. The “doxxed” friend is now moving as quickly as possible to sell their place and move out of the sate. So chalk another one up for the enemy.

Several of us are still moving forward with an attempt to write another set of resolves, to demand that the planning commission who allowed the Islamic group to speak about their sect but not allow anybody else to speak about religion, to resign their appointments. We have to object and make a stink. Even if we do make a stink and they retain their posts, then the nation is as dead as you can think of it. Not dying or going to die. It is dead.

As one of my friends used to say about revolutions, “it’s all over except the screaming”.__


Oh, I’m so sorry. I feel for your friend, who did absolutely nothing wrong. It breaks my heart when I hear something like this. All the corruption we have endured over the years and an innocent person has to give up their home. Well, my Grandmother always taught me that I may not ever see it, but those who do evil things shall pay one way or another. It may be while they are alive, or it may be after they die, but they will reap what they sow…and what your friend said is true also. Well, that ticked me off for the night, especially with it involving the subject matter. I’ll check out the other site too. Stay safe. God speed!!


I was working on an article last night for FZ, on the Boston Massacre and how close we are to that in this country. I will finish that but I am going to start another thread on this site about why we need to see how the resolves were written. We all need to see how to write them once we get in our groups. Without that, we won’t be taken seriously. Again I say to everyone, remember, they did not call in the heavy armor against the Yellow Vests until they published their demands. A little crude all be it a declaration. We can do better and we must.
So I will copy that index page from Volume one of Mason’s Papers so that people can at least look for some of them on line. Some of the important ones are and right now, while it is cold for the next 60 days, we have to get people up to speed on how to write resolves! It is not hard but it is what we need or we will lose our momentum.
Stay tuned for my article on FZ tonight or tomorrow.


I have an Update on the results of the Fauquier Resolves of 1-1-19. We have not been told about their impact, however, tonight we have learned, that the UK group has pulled back their application for a permit (for now), so that Board of Supervisors has canceled the meeting to decide on whether or not grant it!

These things can have an impact, when written the right way! And we owe it to the founders.

We are going to meet again as a group and write new resolves, demanding that the zoning commission be fired or forced to resign, for their quashing of the first amendment in the last meeting. And that my friends is what you have to do. Build on what you have.

We are in a win-win situation because we have lost so much. We are as desperate as the other nations. We just look the part, yet.


Awesome news!! Just goes to show what can be done. Happy for you all, yet still a shame for your friend, having to move. You are definitely right about being just as desperate, we just have a better way of masking things in this country. Congratulations on all your hard work. it’s a good feeling knowing all that time and energy is well spent. Thanks for the update!! :grinning:


No thank you for picking up the baton tonight and spreading the idea of learning the basic steps to focus our energies! And that is what it comes down to. Getting people to focus.

You know I enjoy watching the disagreements and the name calling! After you watch 1776, you’ll know why. We really are here now, where they were then. We just don’t have it all under one roof yet.

I sense people are ready now. What we accomplished may only be temporary, however it is 5% of something, we had 0% of before. The Ex Parte expression of The Public Weal. I belongs to all of us and not the self-created lords of a government. I have more to the story but it won’t do any good to expose it. The people need to know, it worked!

I also had a thought that Yellow Vests can also rally at local government centers. Peacefully of course, but in the full eye of the tyrants and their un-touchable thrones. Something to consider for the future. Enjoy the movie!


I also stole a sentence or two about FreeZoxee. I forgot about being able to make groups there. I have been giving out the two links to your pages different places. I will also call to see when our next town meeting is this week. When I get the Mason book, I am going to go to the years you first suggested, as everything is so sped up right now, I would rather be somewhat prepared where I need to be, then I will go back to read the whole thing. I just have to find where you wrote it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the name calling and disagreeing. The name calling I can do without, but disagreeing is wonderful to bring forth ideas. I never minded name calling years ago, as I joked with people, I guess after all the attacks from the left, it kinda soured me on that. Have a great night!!


Well, we watched the movie last night, and I have to say…it was absolute"lee", incredible"lee", fitting as to the fight we are in at this very moment. I loved it!! I can’t count how many times I felt like John, no one believing me, no one willing to stand up and fight, I could totally relate. Also loved the way it had some light moments of comedy. The characters were perfect for their roles. Will definitely be watching it again, soon.


I knew it! Now I’m guessing, you see the little prods I have been sending your way, to see if you’ve seen it or not. I read your post about the in-fighting we see and I wondered if you had watched it yet. Now you see why I am glad to see it. That means people are really serious about our situation.

Since the TPs started back in 2009, I was trying to get people to get this far down the road! No, they were only interested in rehashing the same old “Democrat bad, Republican good” dialect. History told me, they were not ready to question the current system of government.

I have been re-reading the Letters of Centinel. I was looking for subject matter to write another short article. I first read them 10 years ago while doing all this research. I thought it was on the money back then. Compare it to today, we are lucky to be able to claim we have any rights at all! We sure as hell don’t have most of them now.

I did see that movie “Adams”. It covers much of the same ground as 1776, but they use actors with broken Kings English accents. I think the portrayals in 1776 are actually more accurate. With the exception of the dancing around and over top with their personalities. Richard Henry Lee was no dummy. He was however, well known for his extraverted behavior. Jefferson and Adams wrote about that near the end of their lives. That’s another book to have on the shelf. The letters of Adams and Jefferson.

And remember, 1776 is told from the “Adams” point of view. The actual choosing of the committee members was done by Jefferson, but again, nothing is lost in the goal of the movie. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I have watched it often (passing the dance routines bye in favor of the debate and decision parts) “We may see murder, yeeeeeeeet!” :slightly_smiling_face:

oh and I have gift for you!