The first electronic continental congress


Wow, what wonderful news!! Congrats to all of you. Hard work proves it pays off. When I said in-fighting, I mean actual fighting. Rude and nasty comments. A difference of opinion, we need that. Watched Mike Adams video from a few days ago. Seems similar to what we have been talking about here, sort of. I was happy to hear him say some of what he did. People are serious about our situation, it’s just getting them to want to learn something. If there was a video like 1776, that was not a musical, it may be easier to get people to watch. Most are young, so I try to think of things that would get their attention. Most don’t like to read, only watch videos nowadays. With all the Government has done to people, attention spans are very short, and most have a hard time relating to things overly difficult to learn. There are also many who don’t have time to read, as I barely have the time to fit it in, so anyway, to think of these things would be helpful too. That way we could interest more people. Many want to “Red-Pill” others, which is great, but we also need a lot of people to start learning, and that my friend is not going to be easy in this age of Technology. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: Oh, here is the link to that video I had mentioned, if you want to watch it.


That is one helluva link April! These are two or more separate rivers, running in the same direction and they will eventually meet in the same ocean.

He also said a few weeks ago that people should build physical libraries. We have plans for our group, when it gets large enough, to build a private library between us. That spreads the cost and the space required.

You should feel very good about going down the path we are at this time.
Thank you for joining the fight!


I only have one disagreement with Mike. We don’t need the POTUS’ position. The power of the Declaration of Rights is being ignored by Mike. It won’t be here. It gives us the us supreme power over our destinies.

This book shows how rigging works in VA. It happened again this last election but in two different districts. They just move the machine around. They take pictures of headstones, file for registrations, then file for absentee ballots and they always end up going to a few addresses. Virginia isn’t blue. Virginia was taken over by Globalists.

Well, like I tell those who care and that is, fraudulent ballots, can’t hold a rifle. The kindle version is free…


Funny you should say that I was wondering about POTUS. The Declaration of Rights is not known by very many, that is the problem. I remember Alex talking about the rigging in VA, but he didn’t mention the headstones if I remember correctly…and no, fraudulent ballots cannot hold a rifle, that’s for sure!! I love that idea for the Library too. I even just heard on the news the other day, how more and more students are not taking History. When my son was in school, even he had noticed many things omitted from the lessons. :pensive:


Sharia does the same thing. It forbids any speech other than its own. If we can’t speak freely, then we cannot “tell the tale” from generation to generation. Emile Durkheim, was a sociologist who coined the phrase, “generational transmission” of culture, heritage and education.

We’ve all seen it going on for decades and when ever people step up complain about it, the local communists bring in their throngs and Astroturf and then the school boards claim they have the right to trash the system and replace it with something from a “national” organization.

I am gelling a plan to get the basic congress going on the limitations of this site. I should have something typed out by next week. The rest of this week, we are working on a new set of Resolves, demanding the resignation of the planning board and getting a neighboring county to send us some resolves of support. Hopefully that can get this expanding. There is power in numbers!

And remember the phrase that pays from last week that I pushed out there! You can’t click away a paper book!



Have you seen these people? NY,NJ, and CT - Are we going to do anything about this 9month abortion law?

I think you might be able to expand to their group for a Philly Yellow Vest Tax Day Rally. What do you think?


I wanted everybody to pick up on the Red Scarves in Paris. Red Scarves in Cambodia were the Khmer Rouge. Is this a signal from the hard communists in France to act a Proxy Army to take on the Yellow Vests? I would have suspected that the EU Troops would take off their uniforms and put on their civilian clothes and make their mark on history. Not much is being said here. Outside of News Wars, there is very little to see but we know, there is a lot on the ground.


As the interim represntive of N.H. I propose a day of protest in defence of free speech. This the first amendment to the American constitution, is under assault by such heinous actors, as would silence the voices of their loyal opposition. We the people have enjoyed this inalienable right, such that we bask in its light of truth, despite its unruly nature. This, above all other rights shall with our help and singular purpose reverberate at the state capitol of every state and country the globe over.

This is my idea for a unifying cause. Fill in the blank with your local issues and solutions pertaining to free speech. Vote on a date. Lets make some noise while promoting the show the world over. The most votes wins the day. If you don’t like free speech go eat a pickle. Giggdy



Thank you for jumping into the thread! Have you lived in NH your entire life?


Good idea!! I had seen that, but it hadn’t crossed my mind, I don’t know why, they are not far from Philly. Will write to them in a few. Thanks, wish I had thought of it! :smiley:


I am sure you would have in time. And if people think the big ones are too big to go to, then we should all concentrate on the local ones at court houses or government buildings. Peaceful but noticeable.
I hope you can connect with them! That’s a great center piece that was never utilized by the TPers a decade ago. I wish I had thought of it back then!


This just posted on Freezoxee…


No, but I have lived here for over 20 years.


Well, you may have the greatest appreciation for the “people’s government” than most of us!
I have been keeping an eye on the NH political scene these past ten years. I saw that they were being beaten down by the gloablists to kill off the selectmen style of local politics that you have there, and replace it with the Board of Tyrants, I mean Board of Supervisors style of government. That is too bad. The town hall way of life was so strong there for years.

I have friends who traveled there for a while to get the taste of things. They though it a bit crazy and loose. I think the process there had a lot to be admired for. Form what I hear, NH is still not “built up” in a crazy sprawl like the rest of the country. I hope you can keep it that way. You should get a movement together up there to remove the BOSs wherever they may be and go back to the old way of doing things. Gerald Celente and David Knight think highly of the way things are done there.

That’s not to say they can’t be corrupted! Anything can be corrupted. I guess the best way to describe somebody like myself is, the grass looks greener in your pasture!

To the 1A, you spoke of, we have had it destroyed in a public meeting here in our county. It no longer exists here. It has been replaced by Sharia law. Yes we are going to fight it, but as I type this, our rural country is planning on a massive 5G roll out, partially funded by foreign interests. We may all get the big fry before we can stop it.

Do you have any like minded people in NH, who might want to engage in the revival of the Associations and then participate in this idea of an ECC?

At least we can build a “just in case” operation, while also using the “boycott” tactics as a financial tool, locally.

Sorry for the rambling! I am just intrigued with the NH way of politics. The debate is always between NH and SC as to which had the first “State” constitution. It’s all good with me!


New Hampshire has been leaning democrat for some time, with all the changes that entails. We fight the welfare state big gov multicultural juggernaut but it is pipelined in from taxachussets. As far as the ECC goes, its a relatively new idea to me but there are plenty of blue collar granite staters receptive to this. If we can’t rally around free speech I guess we get the shit end of the stick. I didn’t vote for shit sticks.


Then you reflect what I what I feared already. To me, NH is the last Canary in the coal mine. There is no time to waste. I ask that you try and bring what ever expertise you can about the running process of a town hall to this “attempt” (a better descriptor escapes me at the moment) at exploring the path we need to find, to give a resolution to our problems, and there are many.

This is an idea I want everybody to look into. Even those who just visit and don’t feel the need to write comments. Back in the Tea Party days, we would meet in person once a quarter to have an actual show of hands on what we were doing. However, we found it easier to hold a teleconference. There are a number of services that are FREE. Yes, FREE.

Now, with the understanding that nothing is “FREE”, there is always a price to pay somewhere, but I suppose it will be the usual invasion of privacy, spam emails and maybe even a commercial, etc. That said, I think it will not only allow people to meet others at least via voice and for some video, but it will allow us to hold emergency meetings, whenever we need to. Information can be shared, plans can be made, etc. Best of all, we can discuss resolutions for our local Associations and on a larger scale, send your delegates to a teleconference of a electronic continental congress. As long as the lights are on, we have one more avenue of communication. The beauty of that plan is, everybody can listen in and only those who have been chosen as a delegate will be responders, however, they have the luxury of instant net access to their members for them to voice their concerns, hence allowing the delegate to bring them up to the small venue of the ECC. As long as the lights are on as it were.

For those who have a computer at the ready, you can send resolutions or ideas, back and forth to your members, without actually speaking the resolves over the phone. You can just make changes or objections to each resolution by their number and never have to give it a name for your safety. We can even use pseudonyms as identifiers on the conference, that can be assigned to them as they are selected or declare to be selected. The combinations are endless.

In any event, it allows us to get a handle on “what happens” when this site and the other two disappear. It also gives the Electronic Continental Congress, a place to start.

Are we ready for that idea? Please give us your idea or a yea or nay.

Here are a few of the sites that came up on a Duck-Duck-Go Search:


and same site, different link:

Keep in mind, the Deep State will be listening! Language choices should probably be kept (I hate to say it) “in-code” for the most part.


Sounds great. Thanks for the links. I honestly don’t have experience with hosting town halls,and I’m not particularly tech savvy but I’ll check out the links learn what I can. The best way to learn is to do it. If you don’t know how fake it till ya make it lol.


My father always said to me, “If you can’t sizzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with your bullshit”. It has been used a time or two in my past for sure.

You might want to attend a local meeting in the near future, to see how it goes about. It won’t take long for you to pick up the basics of making a motion or seconding the motion or asking for debate or Calling the question. Roberts Rules of Order is a great paperback to have on hand.

I am certain you will be asset to history Profesor!


I post this for all states…

My dear friends, I do not seek your funds by putting the link up for my book in the face of this incredible “Boston Massacre” moment. I equate it to that because those who are being killed and maimed, have no ability to defend themselves, like those unarmed Bostonians. The fact that we can sit by and pretend that giving money to some 501 C3 organization and marching around in the streets with signs and allowing even those few who stand up to be attacked without any action to stop this in the future, boggles my mind. This is why I put up these articles, showing how our old nation is dead and that we are absolutely justified in physically and intellectually stopping the attacks on us from our government(s) (as was the case in 1776; their own government(s) ) and reserve the right build a new government with either the restoration of our god given rights as the only guidance we need for a new federal agreement, (like the original, limited style) or one that has expanded rights to be recognize that fully take up the vacancies that still exist after the Declaration of Rights was accepted in 1776, as a guide to build our new nation.

Expansions may include recall elections for all offices in every government. The ability for local town halls to strike down any law that it deemed unacceptable. Strike down any Judgement from any court the community deemed unacceptable. Instant recall elections. That anyone who runs for office, must divest all of their holdings of business and their family members are to be frozen in the amount of income they are to gain from any business, for a period of not less than thirty years. That all offices are one term. That all judges must be replaced after 5 years. That all “appointed” positions be dismissed and all of those become elected positions. That all political parties are outlawed. Many more can be added with more minds coming together to write Resolves. Those minds are of “The Public Weal”.
My book was a short work on the 2012 election. I wrote it with great haste but I needed to spring this book on the public, just before the 2016 election. The fraud was already being seen by the time I went to press. One such item was in Harrisonburg, VA, where a College student, was caught turning in voter registration forms that were made up of dead people from the local cemetery.
My book and a number of other voter fraud exposes were brought to the Privileges and Elections Committee and they held a hearing with registrars giving testimony. The Governors’ office sent a spokesman, who informed the Committee, that they did not have to answer any questions about the voter operations of the state. This was the same response, Lord Dunmore, gave to the Committee in the House of Burgesses, just before he dismissed them, for the second time.
Many states suffer from this type of tyranny or worse. But Virginia has been the most fought over land in our nation’s history. Virginia is where the idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, were put into words that all of our founders swore their first allegiance to. The directors of the attack on our soil are the educated ones. Their minion armies, are not educated in anything except hatred.
As we gather our forces, intellectually, the invaders, (and they are invaders) move more swiftly to do as much damage as possible. That damage, makes their position stronger as has been the case since our nation became a duopoly. (you can your own time line on that notation) We know this because, elections don’t reverse anything. They have never reversed any injustice. Elections have been a fake. Elections are the most powerful people’s prophylactic to our anger. They sing and dance for us but when elected, go about their business of looting us and of course, since 1973, pretended that their “political policy” is substantial enough to take the lives of our founders’ decedents. And now, we see their plan in the full light of day. Replacing us also means destroying us.
Here is the link to the cheapest I could make my book. If you have the kindle unlimited, it’s free and I believe the regular price is 99 cents. In the 2018 elections, the machine I described, was moved out of Northern Virginia and down into the 2nd District and the 7th District. In the 7th district, some 80,000 new votes showed up between 2016 and 2018. The 7th district is mostly rural. Their device is the absentee/early ballot in Virginia. The Republicans in Virginia, fortify the fraud by the Democrats as they call up for Republican voters to hurry up and vote early! That keeps the idea of the fraud up! And when the Democrats take the seats in the heavy fraud area, the GOP points to the “extreme” candidates as the reason for the loss. Then they like to offer up more Globalist selections.
Virginia, though it only has 13 electoral votes, was the home of Patrick Henry, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (screw Madison and his dislike for the bill of rights. He was a Hamiltonian traitor) It is the crown jewel that the demons will hold up some day and proclaim the American dream is now dead and they will crush it in their ugly hands, like they now do to the unborn.
Virginian’s must bring about their own change. A new Constitution. A new state, drawn out are the large concentrations of election fraud. A new and more constituent driven form of government. Other states must strive for the same goal. I do not wish to engage in violence and I do not ask others to do so for me. If violence is to revisit us, then let it come on the arms of those who have already invaded us. That would be an easier fight than my above suggestions for us all.
The invaders are not afraid of you and me! They fear not our declared right to free speech and self-defense! As one commentator of this site and other places noted recently, that our rights are being sliced off thinly, as if it were a whole salami in the deli. One little piece at a time.
I hear those who scream about the “social credit score”. I have yet to hear them show you exactly how bad that can be! Could they not put a lean on your home if you did not give up your guns? Could they freeze all of your assets if you don’t give up your guns? Can they deny your health care if you do not give up your guns? If we cannot stand up for the innocent millions, whose little feet and hands, have never so much as even touched the earth itself, let alone commit some kind of crime, then we will just as easily give up our other so-called rights. In fact, it is happening this very day.
If we will be so lucky (and yes, I say lucky) to expend our angst in its true form against the evil invaders, then I pray to God, that I am allowed the presence on that front line, on that day.
Here is my book, as cheaply as I could have made it, on Amazon, Is It Rigged? on kindle. On your search, don’t forget to use the ? mark or you won’t see it. I would write another one, but nobody in Virginia, appears to give a damn.

Yours in liberty,
VA Jr.
P.s. The GOP has had ten years to turn itself around from the Tea Party days. The well known talk show hosts, RL, ML, CP and yes at the time, MS, did not stand behind those early rallies. It was not until they were given the official word from the GOP, that they had been taken over and dealt with, that these hosts then began to use the Tea Party as a metaphor, as if to draw the name like a loaded gun. Ten years! We’ve have lost more than 10,000,000 innocent lives. Wake the hell up! Please! Ballot boxes are corrupt now. Only your soul remains as the last place of judgment.


Thank you FD08 for the like! Have you given any thought to the teleconference idea?