The first electronic continental congress


Great idea April!


Thanks, but it was your idea. I’m lucky if I even have time to think with all this snow. So for the 3rd time this week…A shoveling I shall go, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be done by midnight…enjoy your weather down there. :sunglasses:


Teleconferencing would certain help us all to get together. I know we’re concerned about who is listening, and that’s going to be a concern anywhere, especially when you think about electric plugs and what not. The points of being scared seem to be fewer and further between, though, as their arrogance is beginning to take over. I know I’d be honored to call in.


This is going to be tough for the country through March, I’m afraid. There is a call out now running through Virginia for a rally being held in Richmond against the abortion insanity. I hope it has good weather. I feel fro you and the snow. The older I get, the more I start looking southward for my retirement.

We just have 23 degrees and flurries today. We get that faux warm up next week and then another one comes through.

Hey, you put that out there for PA and to call for those folks around Philly to take advantage of it. The more people who roll that idea out there, the better chance it will happen. I see that tax day is a Monday. People may want to take advantage of that Saturday or Sunday before. Most Metro parking meters go free on Sundays. But I’ve never been up there so I couldn’t confirm that.

I hope April (the month) makes a big weather turn-around. We need it to get the rallies out.


You are correct, the evil will be listening, no matter what. That’s why we should always keep things above board without a lot emotion. Spirited debate is always fun. The things we always have to watch out for are threats. We don’t need to make threats or plans for them. Calling for the abandonment of our government(s) because of what they have done to us, is not just perfectly fine, but it is always justified. “They” might not like it and might treat us the same way as though we had made threats to them, but that is when their actions become up to date, prima fascia evidence for our quest.

Have you looked at those links I gave? I am still trying to come up with at least one layer and perhaps two of security or perhaps better said, authenticity of the participants. It may involve a post office box and post cards.


Oh, I hope you all have good weather. Something has to stop this. I was sick listening to them defend killing a baby, over mental reasons now?? Yes, saw what day it was, weekend would be better for most, I would assume. I love the snow, it’s why I moved to PA from Baltimore, but it’s the 500 feet of driveway. I watched my Grandfather at 80 shovel, and never complain. Still don’t know how he did it, but he at least did have me to help him. I miss those days. Learned a lot from his stories. I got the drive, then 200 more feet of paths and drive way cut thru. Better get my butt off of here, will catch up on your posts when I’m finished or my shovel wears out. :grin: Time to drink my Turbo Force and… “Get 'Er Done!” :cloud_with_snow: :snowman_with_snow: :muscle: :blonde_woman:


Yellow Vest Destination April 14th?


Thanks ill give it a whirl.


The Committee on Communication appreciates your hard work!


Security can be seen as difficult for what we want. However, one good thing with at least some of the teleconferencing apps is that you can moderate it. Mute all the lines except for “delegates”, but give a window of opportunity for those who wish to call in and constructively add to the cause through written questions. It’d be easy enough to have a “staffer” do that, similar to the record keeper in Congress. Looks like the site you gave offers these features (Call Control and Chat), so it should be good. Not sure we need the 800 number, given most plans these days aren’t charging extra for long distance, not to mention VoIP capabilities.

Post cards could help to make sure people know the number to call into. However, would we want the meeting open to those who wish to listen but not speak? Or do we truly want this a “secret meeting”? I know I see this, at least the first meeting, as a way for us to redress grievances that we would eventually be able to present to our representatives in Congress. Like Trump, I would prefer to try proper channels before doing anything extraordinary, as it would show that we have good intentions. That’s something where we should certainly take other opinions into consideration, even if it’s written in after the fact and we go through a couple rounds of this.


I’m catching up on this thread, but as far as telecommunications goes, I highly recommend using Discord since it only requires an internet connection plus a computer or smart phone and it has the push-to-talk feature which comes in handy in group conversations. I could also take all the audio from Discord and stream all debate and procedures live and publicly on YouTube.


There’s one big thing missing when it comes to Discord, and that’s moderation. Anyone can get in and disrupt the proceedings. The group needs to have as much control as they possibly can over the event. Look at what’s happened to Roger Stone when he tries to give press conferences. Discord would be what happened with the first two.


Actually, it is super easy to moderate the voice part of a Discord server by only giving certain people permission for voice, limiting the total number of people in voice at the same time, etc. Most people just don’t moderate their servers! You can also set it up so certain people can moderate the server and others can’t.


I’m all about learning to walk before trying to run. I would not try to make anything secret. Having selected delegates do the “talking” and for those who are not delegates but wan to move ideas to their delegates, can post questions directly to their delegate via this site, say using a new thread for each conference.

We don’t want to try and have everybody talk at once. Do you think these sites can moderate and control the traffic of back and forth expressions? I think we need to give it a try and work our way through it. Like you say, a couple of rounds to break in the best way is good. Perhaps just a general meeting at first. I know there are much more tech savvy people out there than myself. How does that sound to you?

Any thoughts on the day of the week and time consideration?


Welcome aboard!
Does the system allow for land line connections? I’m a land line-r. Though I have Communist Cast for the PC. No smart phone here either.

As far as putting this up on Youtube or any venue outside of our Infocomms Connections, I would hesitate on that. YT is the enemy and as much as we all would like to think we can manage our free speech respectfully, woe unto us if the wrong words slip out. That is why I rather liked the “invite only” realm of the teleconference.

True, some bad ones can get in. It would be nice to have a feature that would allow only those with an access code to jump in. What we also need is a way to register the delegates by name. Their names do not have to be used on the conference., however, the mediator or chair, would be able to identify them as a delegate and not just an imposter. That was where I was going with the post office box and post cards. That we can send them in to that PO box, for identification.

Here is where I would hope we could get Michael Zimmerman to help us. If for only this, we can send our request to be a delegate to Michael, with our screen names and real names and in turn, Michael can compile a list of delegates. Then we would need him to email that list to all of us via the direct message. He can have a cutoff. The first five cards from each state or something to that effect. Then we will all have the names of each others delegates and then we can have a revolving chairmanship, for each meeting. (I recommend that for security purposes and a sense of mutual equality)

What are your thoughts on that?


Yes I just gave my thoughts on that (sorry I’m answering these as they came into my inbox so if I sound redundant…)

Since we have at least two methods of communication, I propose that we utilize a new thread on this site, that can be viewed by all. We can have a period of say one hour from the posting time to accept motions, seconds, suggestions, rejections, and for accountability purposes, each person has a unique identity, if we have the list of authentic delegates assembled, then those identities here can cast their vote on a resolution as well.

The teleconference can be used for debate. The Chair can recognize the speakers by their position on the comments to a proposal. First come first serve. We can call the question on the conference call and then vote on the website. We should probably also have a revolving secretary as well.

I think it can be done, even if we have to have a short manual on it and probably should if we have a revolving chair.


It sounds like were all different rivers, going the same direction and eventually meeting up in the same place. So if we went that way with their abilities, then we would just need the IW staff to perhaps run that one task of authentication us through a post card and creating the list of those would be speakers.

Using a time limit to react to a motion, puts the item up for debate and the speaker can be lined up. You would still want your moderator/chair to hand off the traffic from one to the other.

Sound any closer to you all?


That is the invite link to my Discord server. You can use DIscord through a browser or get the app for PC or smartphone. You will notice that my server seems very simple when you join. That is because I have a system set up for vetting people when they join. @FlagDUDE08 probably did not notice this because I gave him permissions to the rest of the server almost immediately because I knew who he was. Anyways, once I assign you “roles”, you can see the rest of the server and how I have it organized. I think that we should make a dedicated server for what you are talking about but you are welcome to hang around my server and I can help you figure things out easier that way since the server is already fairly built up. Every server is a work in progress though! :smiley:


Personally, I enjoy the splendor of using technology to make things easier. However, it is my thinking that we keep this as low tech as possible for the time being. We are but a small percentage of the nation at large. In the mid-Atlantic region of the nation, Infowars is only known as a scourge on the nation. There are no radio stations within several states that surround DC that carry the AJ show or any of the other shows. That is one of the reasons the swamp gets to stay so moist and happy. The average people who fill the swamp, everyday with their toils in exchange for an ever depleting pension, have no idea what is to become of them.

If this were to grow into a viable direction for the people to go, greater resources would be needed and greater skilled people such as yourselves would be needed.

At the moment and probably before we can make a “public” forum out of it, we need to be aware of the telephone recording laws (in case we fall into a bad way with the deep state).
There are some states that require a second party permission to be recorded. That is something else that can be handled by post cards on file with our identities and screen names. A clause can be added that must be signed in acknowledgement that meetings can be recorded by any one of the other parties. In order to be a full participant, each delegate must agree to that.

So to summarize my thought; to keep it low tech for now, means we can keep it low tech when the switch gets cut off.


Discord is a good thing to use to some extent.