The first electronic continental congress


I’m about halfway through this thread. Decided there is too much good info here to let past me. I printed it out :smile: Gonna read and highlight. And I requested the musical 1776 from my library and intend on trying to purchase copies of all the books mentioned. I have already learned so much by reading this. Thank you @MidVA01 for your insight!


You are most welcome! What you are engaging in now, with people like me, was coined “generaltional transmission” by the anti-Marxist sociologist, Emile Durkheim. Back in '81, I had a Sociology 101 professor, who we did not know was a priest! He was allowed to give up his parish, so that he could get out into the fray of lies as Marxism was creeping up our backs. His goal, to tell the truth about what was happening to us.

I only found out years later that he was still a priest while being a tenured professor! I will never forget that first day in class with him. He was a short, peaceful fellow. He introduced himself to us, told us to put our writing materials down and look at him. His next words were and I quote, “Sociology is bunk!” I kid you not! We were deeply deprogrammed and I have to say, from that point on, I looked at the world differently and I never stopped looking for the truth. I still keep looking for the true path.

I don’t know if you came across the abe books page:

and used books on ebay are out there too! ABE has a lot of good deals but you have to keep checking back with them since their inventory changes. If you find a good deal on a reprint, don’t turn away from those either!

I have a collection of Messages and Papers of the Presidents that I bought at an antique store! I paid $100 for them but their are newer prints. Can you imagine, I have to turn to books printed in 1896 to get more truth! I still use them! Here is a set on Ebay and there are cheaper sets on there:

There is one more I forgot to share with everybody. Man, if you wanna get really deep! I mean really get yourself into a time machine, then this is the place:

When they first opened up that site, they had free trial deal. I was amazed! I think they wanted $100 for a year of access. I don’t know what it is now. All I can tell you is, I was able to pick a VIP, use a word search in their inventory and I was blown away!

At the time I was doing research for presentation on Telegraph as part of Telephony and since it had been used for the first time militarily during the French Revolution, I wondered how far back those papers would make mention of systems here in the US. Bingo! Towards the end of Madison’s presidency, a Scotsman proposed a plan to build such a system on the East Coast. The man said he could move a word from the bottom state to DC in 6 minutes! WOW! Madison nixed the idea and said the US tax payer was not in the business of paying for such things. That’s quite a contrast to McKinley getting the first under sea telegraph cable strung out to Guam. GUAM! Think how far we have come in just one hundred years. Now look how far back we are being dragged. That alone should tick off the average shmuckatelli.

If I can be of any help, let me know! We are all glad to have you along. Our job is much bigger than the founders was. I do know this, they would be screaming at us right now!

Hope to see you back here soon!


This needs to go in the post I made for this. Awesome idea, and a perfect place that I forgot about mentioning!!


I am getting ready to order the book Conceived in Liberty, and I need to make sure it’s the right one. Here is the link where I found several, but I am going to order through Abe Books if they have it. There were so many, I started to order an excellent condition hardcopy, good price, but was afraid it was the wrong one. Let me know which one. There was also a 4 Vol. set too, at a good price on Abe.


OK, I have finally got through all the post and replies. I personally will not do anything like this on Discord. I have heard bad things about them, from various people and I honestly don’t want to make it extremely easy for those with big ears and eyes to know every step we are taking. Apps are another problem. Now I am not tech saving on setting up such things, but I have stayed away from Apps because of them running in the background and stealing your data, and I know a few hackers that have come out and said they would never put anything on Discord they did not want others having privy too. I know there are other conference sites, I also know our local town hall meetings were also by telephone. Where people could press a button to choose to ask a question, or just do nothing, and hear the whole meeting. I use a land line, have a mobile phone, but only for emergency. If we go high tech with this, we are playing into their hands, defeating our purpose. After things are established, it may be different, but the least amount they know for now, the better. I think Alex would agree. They will be looking more and more for any one who dare stand or go against them, I will not put myself or family in harms way until absolutely necessary. Sorry, but at this point in my life, I fall back to what my Grandfather always taught me, “An ounce of prevention, goes a long way.” I look at them as the enemy, and there is no way I will do anything to help them win. If things get really bad, we will need other ways besides new technology to communicate, figure that out first, then you can always do things the easy way, if everyone sees fit. Just my opinion. Technology is causing most of our problems as it is, and I tend to only use it when necessary. One reason I refuse to get rid of my Land Line. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t have the stress a lot of people have nowadays because I did not turn my life over to gadgets. :slightly_smiling_face: Oh, also got your book on Kindle!!


Perfectly understandable, and I was very dubious about Discord as well. I think the only question trying to be answered was how not to re-invent the wheel by all of us. We have Virginia delegates, Pennsylvania, also New York… do we try to do a national conference? Or does each state (or region) come up with what they want and maybe fax it to a location to be compiled, knowing that we could all be doing the same thing? Do we get Amateur Radio licenses up to General and maybe meet on 40 meters, knowing we can’t keep detractors from white-noising the airwaves?

I’m one of the most low tech people in the technology industry you’ll meet. I know this “new hotness” is no good, and what we’re trying to fight.


I have also forgotten to mention, that most people do not know, there was a Journal of the Continental Congress. But did you know, there was “Secret” Journal of the Continental Congress? There, you will find the first treaty with the new nation, with France.

The writer and director of 1776 the movie, recall that they used most of the sources from the public journal and the letters between John Adams and his wife Abigail. But you can also find many quotes from the other “founders” from much later in their lives. From what I have been able to find is that the entire Rutledge song about the “Triangle Trade” is born from Jefferson’s comments in the notes published in the back of the Public Journal.

From my view, fiction can be made in spirit. True spirit is born from facts and experiences, recorded as history and passed along generationally. Hence the huge value of Home Schooling.

Now if I may quote the fictional movie and the character Ben Franklin, “refuse to put politics to paper! It’s a mania!” :slightly_smiling_face:


That is the correct book. But wow! 85 for the hard copy! Remember to look on Ebay as well. And I just did and somebody is selling a new one for $131. OMG.

I have the hard copy single volume. It was originally published in 4 Volumes. I would say, get which ever fits your budget. I would not get the kindle version because my god, that thing is huge!

I spotted this one on ABE and they have many more of the single volumes. It’s probably the still the best bet. I spotted this one

You won’t regret the purchase though. I promise!


I think April expresses my sentiments exactly. I think she also gives evidence that we are all on different planes with technology. I too refuse to give up the land line and I chose long ago, after being forced to use a Blackberry for a short period of time, that I do not own a smart phone (and anything that needs a prefix such as “smart” is always to be questioned as to its validity)

As I expressed before, I think it best to utilize this site as much as possible. We really only need to use the telecom for oral debate and a quick check on status for things such as committees.

I think the voting should be kept on each individual thread that we can create per resolution. That way, we all have a written record of it.

So for now, I agree with April, that we use the simplest form of FREE audio teleconference sites. No offense meant to the political savvy here.

At some point, we all must build local groups around us. That was the thinking behind my suggestion of using zip codes. I had created a plan to mirror the electoral college for Virginia elections, all based on each zip code gets one vote. That one vote of course is generated by the vote tally in general in that zip code.

But let us all take notice that our founders did not use political parties in the beginning of our nation. We will be entering the same chamber. Please try to be aware of that and compare and contrast that to what we have today. It open your eyes even further.


Oh and that’s great! Which book was it? Tell Wayne they have many templates on line to write those for when he’s ready to cast his line in the water.


I think I’m going to start calling you “Sparks” :slightly_smiling_face: And only a few here will get that reference!

Again, we have another piece of evidence supporting the KISS method of communication. You also must have read my mind. Should we just go forward with as many as we can put together at this moment. For those who have had the fortitutde to read through what has become quite a long thread, you might see my comments on how there was first a “General Congress” and then the “First Continental Congress” and the “Second Continental Congress”. It took the founders three tries with just 13 small colonies! But they didn’t have the telephone or the “interweb” et al.

Before they had it on a national level, they had to come from somewhere. They came from localities. The people sent them up. Grass Roots. We really don’t have that yet. So as we consider moving to the bigger group, we must also try to get the word to those around us.

That is why I do support Yellow Vest Rallies here. As long as we use them as recruiting events. And on Tax Day, there has not since been such a greater rally since Boston Tea Party itself.

So, Sparks sees it as well . KISS. I don’t think it will betray us to start with and as far as getting some kind of radio operation going, that would be the job of a Committee on Communication. When we get things off the ground, I think Sparks here, is going to be my first vote for nominating to that committee!

Sparks… I could use a little advice on taking the technician class test. I was studying for it last year, but my patent work took up a good deal of my time.


It’s a set question pool that changes every three years. Technician’s fairly easy, as it’s mostly rules and regulations. Best advice: Take as many practice tests as you can, and start reading up on the elements where you don’t do so hot. Eventually, you’ll be ready and can get licensed.


I read through Gordon West’s Technician Class test prep book. It’s the 2014-2018 volume. Have they changed any of the content this year or is just as you said, changed around?

I already had a good deal of that from electronics classes 40+ moons a go. What is that in True Grit years? What is that 8 Lundrum?

It is something I need to have under my belt. I’ve put it off since 1975.


The base concepts are the same, it’s the question pool that changes. Check out for practice tests, which use the official question pool.


That’s awesome work there! Very nice! Thank you!
I’m going to have to try and contact one of the two local nets around here to see when and where they’re holding their next test session.
Thank you again!


Dummy me, forgot to write which book…It was Rigged?? Since we will probably get more info out through the rallies, flyers could also be made up. Something simple about the ECC, people being tired of corrupt Government, etc. Just food for thought. It all depends how quiet you want things to remain. Any time you put out info to the masses, it’s guaranteed to fall in the Opposition’s hands. If they are people like me, they have no clue of their true rights, history, etc. I’m not into radio operations either. The only radio communication I have ever done was talking on a CB moons ago. Right now I’m working on my solar set up, if it would ever stop raining long enough. I have the perfect trailer for the batteries, converters, etc. with placing the solar panels on the top, as I do expect them to start messing with the grid or it just craps out. As you all pull this together, let me know what I need to get for communications, I may have some already, but that way, I could have everything in place. Oh, in case no one saw this article today, we now can be placed on a Suspicious Persons list.


Well, that is more confirmation isn’t it. We are not doing the wrong thing.

Well for me, I’m to have something to at least work locally. I’m sure with the new technology out there, CB’s still have value. Especially the Single Side Band units. If you get a larger group together locally, there is bound to be a HAM in there somewhere. And they will be on your Committee of Communication (updated version of Correspondence)

As long as we stick to the founders path, they can call us what ever they want to. In the end, remember the Virginia Declaration of Rights. It gives us all the rights we need.

For anybody looking down the road, you will see the same plug-to-pull as our founders saw. The taxes. That’s controlled by the currency. That is why the constitution has that little clause in it about who gets to make the money. Now that it is 1 and 0s, that money is as vulnerable as ever. Just a little bug for the mind. No, electronic currency to match it is not the way. We can have this discussion later but keep it in your view please.


Linking back to the latest piece of history:


As the demonic hoards show themselves for they really are, we here in Middle Virginia, have begun forming groups in our counties. We are first operating by county and we will morph into a zip code driven base of identity.

3 weeks ago, you may have seen the Fauquier Resolves of 1-1-19 mentioned on this thread. We have seen an initial great impact on our local government and the legislators in Richmond on the further destruction of our state. All of this of course, before the Top Elected officers in Virginia, decided to expose to al of us, just how demonic and filthy they really are. Now, the capitol of Virginia is off balance and staggering.

At the planning meeting 3 weeks back, the UK Islamic group, was allowed a 15 minute proselytizing of their religion to the over-flow capacity meeting. After that, the board chair (an appointee) proclaimed that the meeting was not about religion and that if anybody was to speak about religion, they would cut off. If they protested, they would be removed by the three deputies standing bye. Several people our of the more than 30 who spoke, were shut down.

The group of signatories to the original resolves of 1-1-19, have called meetings and have decided to pursue a new set of resolves, demanding that the board in question be removed or dismissed for constitutional violations of both the US and the State of Virginia.

Upon examination of the Virginia Legal code, we have found two places where this board has committed violations of conduct.

For those of you who want to see how you go about doing this on a local level, by using the systems laws against itself, here the links we have found.

For this link, item 10 fits the violation quite nicely:

On this link, we have seen many cases of these “appointed” board members who are practicing real estate (mostly) agents or brokers. They have been violating this next clause in great numbers and our next set of resolutions will make sure we keep a close eye on those who are removed or quite from the board.

We must all start with the local governments in front you. You saw what has happened again in the realm of a “school board” in CA. It happens in all sates and has been for years. It is time to use the state codes against the usurpers. If that doesn’t work, then you need to look to conventions for making new governments. But if you don’t go through the motions of creating declarations and resolutions that clearly express the people’s view of the times, you won’t get far and what is worse, your enemies get stronger.


MK, if you have any plans for attending rallies, it doesn’t hurt to know how the enemy operates in the same water: