The first electronic continental congress


I forgot FD08, were you in NY state?


You are correct in that I am.


Your posting on HAMs got one of my Middle VA people interested. I’m going to show him the 2 meter stuff first. He’s a cattleman, not a radio guy. I would like to have him up on one our local repeaters. The more the better for red flag coverage I would think.

How far away are you from Independence Hall in Philly?


A bit far actually; take me probably at least 4.5 hours to get there depending on traffic.


Pretty much the same for us down here. We are going to find a place in our area to YV on Tax Day weekend. Heck, we might even just do it on Tax Day if it’s local.

I do hope they can get enough people from around there to show up. I think that would be a righteous event. The optics could be worth getting a print and framing it.


Monday, let’s make Mondays not suck again. This also gives people the whole week to act.


Welcome to the list my friends.


Well good luck to you all. I have come to the conclusion that unless you are on the West Coast, in TX, FL or NY, nobody cares about doing a Rally, Yellow Vest or even cares that our Nation is completely being taken over by Evil (a few exceptions on this thread). Frankly, I think I might just say the heck with it, grab some good grub, a few drinks, do some reading, gardening and celebrate my birthday going back to what I do best, setting up my survival trailer and prepping. Unless you have tons of followers or a popular YouTube Channel, you don’t exist. They wanted people to start events across the Country and I was willing to drive over 3 1/2 hrs to at least try to get noticed, to get the message to the people, to make some noise, but once again, people are all talk. So other than standing buck naked in the town square to bring attention to it, which I might have done in my youth…LOL…I just haven’t a clue where the heck the Mid-Atlantic States are. Hey, at least there people in your state that care. Up here, even the Marine’s, the older ones, have no fight. Maybe this is just how it’s suppose to go, who knows but the Lord above. :pensive:


NYS is a bit deceptive, as a number of people think it consists of 9 counties. Sure, there’s some counties that are mid-Atlantic, but to give an analogy in your state, would you consider Erie PA to be Mid-Atlantic?

A number of people either lead busy lives, or what I think is the biggest reason: They want to see action taken as a result of their activity without consequence. And when they don’t, it becomes disheartening. Sure, you and I know it doesn’t come easy, and protests have become increasingly violent with the Antifascistiche, but once we see some pressure working, maybe we’ll have more support.


Actually by Mid-Atlantic, I was thinking of NJ, Delaware, part of PA and MD and as far as busy lives, yes, I get that and most either have time for TV, games, or going out shopping or partying, something that I never have time for, even if I was not doing this. It’s the “me” generation, but that is not just for the youth like everyone thinks. Most adults my age, are that way too now, kinda why I gave up on humans many moons ago, and stuck to my nature. All I know, when all the SHTF, I will be prepared, they will be hooked to their technology begging for something to eat, and most will still be too blind to see anything wrong. They would rather waste their time bickering or shooting for fame. You just can’t change people, places or things. Maybe all their signs, antics and trolling will save our country. I wish them well, just don’t come to my door in tears and fear when I tried warning them to begin with. I have even tried warning family, they would rather go to concerts, so I told them fine, don’t believe me, but don’t come to my door expecting to share my rations either. I know you may not know what this is, but I am an Empath and although it goes against my very being, one thing I have learned from this site, it’s a dog eat dog world, which obviously I knew, but had expected different from those who are “woke”. The Infocomms site has become nothing but a bashing, negative site, that unless you’re in with the “crowd”, you don’t mean a thing, even your opinion is not as warranted. I will never understand people as long as I live, even the Christians have become cold and cruel, and that is something I have to strive everyday to stay away from or be sucked in. I may go down alone, but I will have my soul intact, and most will still be bickering as the gates of hell open up and are trying to pull them down. It’s pretty bad when you would rather take your chances with a pack of wolves over humans, but I trust animals a whole lot more, and have no problem communicating with them vs people. They are simple. Humans are selfish. I pray you’re right, and people start getting more support, but honestly in this fame filled me society, I won’t hold my breath! :pensive:


@April I completely understand where you are coming from. I’m a conservative stuck in a democratic state. I mean, yeah the only signs you saw anywhere were trump signs back in 2016. But a lot of people in my town are democrats. I have a small handful of people I might be able to get organized but they’re very busy trying to provide for their families. Before getting on info comms I was about to give up. But we have to keep our heads up. We must press on and keep trying. Do you know the story of William Wilburforce? If not watch the movie Amazing Grace. All of parliament was against him in his quest to abolish slavery. He was even giving up. Then he met his wife to be. The way I see it. She’s the one who abolished slavery in England because without her William never would have succeeded.


All of you are fantastic! You are a breath of fresh air and you are evidence that the syrup of communism, doesn’t cover us all. It is easy to understand why IW has more people in the mid-West and West. That’s where the terrestrial radio stations are located. I don’t know about the NE, but here in DC realm of influence, there are zero, terrestrial radio stations that carry IW. In fact, the other national hosts, do not mention it because they are the only terrestrial shows allowed to be heard! If they start talking about IW, then more and more people will tune in to IW and the machine will lose its grip on the moat of people they have filled in around the beltway and the outlying counties. This is why there are so few people on IW Comms from this area.

It has taken me the better part of 5 years to just keep the compare and contrast model up in front of local people here my area and have them wake up now. It has taken up the most valuable years of my life. I would never ask anybody to do for me, what I would not do for myself. People look at me and wonder what I am all about. I smile wherever I go. I can flirt with the greatest of ease if I want to. I can get favors done if I need one. I don’t own a smart phone. I took the time to read the books because I wanted to know why I was not allowed to have a job or I had to step aside for somebody else who only had a different skin color. Why did I have to waste all that time with schooling and keeping my nose clean, only to wear a scarlet letter for a crime I had nothing to do with.

That is how I ended up studying the founders and found out, they went through the same thing and in history, they are the only example of how people truly gained freedom. They were just not the best keepers of it. That is where we can go to the next level. Restart the dream and steer it away from the ditches of bureaucracy.

I say, let smaller versions of an ECC start. Perhaps there are only a few of us on the East Coast. Then let us have a conference call on what is going on. You can probe what we are doing with our resolves. We can discuss tactics, etc. Let us not fail to plan.

What do you think?


Mitch, you good with a teleconference?


Oh my word!!! I would love to. Not sure if I would know how to do or receive one but I can learn. Along with anything else you guys might need me to do in the heart of MN.


One thing that I would like to see in the future is we have got to quit regulating business. Free enterprise. My foot!!! We shouldn’t be telling farmers that they can’t sell this or you have to have a permit for that. That is not free enterprise. It’s almost impossible for the average Joe to start a business.


I think you will enjoy hearing from CSA on the farming industry. He is right smack in the middle of that and the GMO, etc.

Lord have mercy! MN! Too cold for me bones! Virginia is too cold for my bones and I was born here!

For those who are interested in just a regular telecom to get the blood flowing, I am looking at the 3rd of March as a date to target. I hope others will read this far down on the thread to see this and comment on it. We may have to make a new thread to announce it…or not. How say you all?


I have sent an invite to an NC person I see that just set up a thread for their fellow NCers to jump on . NC needs to be part of this as well. I hope they hook up here. April, can link your YV page with those aclu pocket docs? You might want to start a new thread with that for people’s reference.


I will mark the 3rd on my calendar.


That is excellent! That makes two so far.


I just had an idea. I might know how to get a bigger group in MN. They just had something on the news last night about a group called Minnesota Gun Rights. They say they are pro liberty and pro 2nd amendment. Maybe I could get ahold of them and we can start organizing.