The first electronic continental congress


And they will want you to join them as well. All of those are things you can pick up from reading Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I know MN is a divided state like VA. MN is probably a candidate for being separated into two different states.
You have nothing to lose but your liberty Mitch! Evil succeeds when good men do nothing!


We’ve been wanting to separate NYS for years. Let the 9 counties everyone thinks is all of NYS be their own state.


@MidVA01 You read Alinsky’s books? I used to listen to a conservative talk show host, Brannon house, on VCY America when I lived in SD. He has long talked of what’s coming down the pike and often referenced alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as a bit of a play book the the left are using if my memory serves me right.


Oh well hech, I was showing April some examples of what I sometimes do to books! Go back up to post 62 or 63 on this thread and you can see some of examples of my copies. And I threw page 103 up there from R4R, because it is a perfect example of how he stole what our founders did and made it simpler. He could afford to do it because the goal was simpler. Destroy the nation in the name of “justice”.

And if you have the first book “Reveille For Radicals”, you see in chapter one, that he sets up all the divide and conquer for the modern American age, right as WWII was ending. Makes you wonder if he was on the soviet side or the Nazi side. Maybe both but the goal was to destroy us from within.

Don’t be afraid to look at his work because he leans heavily on our founders. There are not many short volumes that at least show the mechanics of things such as “organizing”. After all, I could not think of a better strategy than the one Alinsky warned about. Be carful about the monster you build, it may get hungry and devour the organizer. And then there is, make them use their laws against them. Hold them up to their own ideas.

So we’re under the tyrant’s rules these days. Let us make the tyrant live by them as well!

He was an evil genius for sure.


Yes. Sounds like he was. I have never read his books but maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to. You know the elite funded both side of WWII?


I was also going to say, if they are using him as a playbook it’s good to know our enemy. My sister mentioned that when things start happening we may be invaded by foreign armies attempting to take advantage of the situation. And a good question she has is how to succeed against such tremendous technology.


Thank you for the the movie info. Will definitely have to watch that. At this point, I am thinking I would have better luck with the Dems, as I used to be one my self. We have a split state, cities Democrat, the rest Conservative or just don’t care. One would think this abortion issue would wake the rest up, but most I even speak to in the stores, don’t even bother with the news anymore. As I was told, yes, I know it’s bad, but it could be worse. Guess those people are waiting for the Apocalypse. Pope John Paul II said it best, the internet would be the ruin of the nation. He said that in a speech he made when he came to Baltimore. As long as they have their phones, etc, they need nothing else, nothing else matters. Mike Adams said the same thing. You feel like knocking them over the head while yelling…WAKE UP!!!
Happy to see you back on here. I’m sure the good Lord will lead us to where we need to be, what I worry about is having the time to do it. Everything is so sped up now. Thank goodness we have people on here like MidVA, CSA, Profesor, yourself and hopefully a few others that we can all learn from. Professor MidVA has already taught me so much. If we nothing else, we have one another. Have great day Mitch!! :grinning:


I too have learned a lot from midva. I would probably give you the same list you gave me. Lol:). You take care April. And good luck with the solar set up. My husband and I are looking into it but it just seems confusing to me. Thank God he is an electrician so supposedly he knows and understands how to do it. His problem is finding time:(. Maybe one day we will meet each other. I’d love to get to know you more!


Yes in deed. Have you ever read any work by Thomas J DiLorenzo? Guys like him, are not afraid to break the myths on history. He’s one of those who found the path of funding, from the US to Lenin First and then to Hitler. And of course, Edwin Black’s books on the subject are a must have and read. Nazi Nexus is incredible!

I highly recommend Reveille and Rules! Know your enemy! They are a little cantankerous (that’s a helluva word) to read at first. You may have to reread some things to try understand what he was saying. You have to remember, he held workshops with people and he would stand in front of the class and fill in the blanks in his training sessions. Those are blanks you have infer into the book with your own experiences. I predict, they will blow your mind.


And I am sure you will have some great book referrals for me as well! Many thanks!


Here is something for both of you. More years ago than I care to count, I was servicing a fax machine for a guy who was, well let us say he was muck raker and an alarm ringer on Capitol Hill. He was trying to get Congress to stop the handing over of the Panama Canal to the Panamanians. He reported that the Chines had already been building bases there and quarters for “contractors” to run the canal for them. This was back in the late 80’s. The guy ended up pleading guilty to some kind of child sex ring thing back then. I had a feeling, that was not the truth, but he disappeared.

On of the things he postulated, was that the Chinese would not only take over the canal and could close it down at any time to prevent our war ships from moving through it, but that modified container ships, outfitted with troops, could pass though the canal into the Gulf of Mexico and stage mass landings an or have them disembark in Panama slowly and build a strike force to move up through Mexico.

Consider this, that if California were to secede and we allowed it, then what would stop the Chinese from making a deal to come and “help” California with their poverty and debt problem, while using that as an excuse to land multiple divisions and armor, making California a new base, along with its oil, gold, etc.?

Just something to thing about down the road. I am all for smaller governments and if that means smaller states, then we must always be aware of the pitfalls, should the planning stages emerge.

We are still the “new world” to the tyrants of our time. We must not give it to them.
Soviet history must also be studied for Lenin removed the farmers who took over from the original Bolshevik revolution. They discovered that he who grows the food, has the city folk by the short ones! And that is why UN 2030 is all encompassing. They want our land and they are well versed in taking it. Bringing in Bolsheviks is plan A for the bad guys.

We already have many here in what they call “joint bases”. Beware! Study hard!
Now I’m going to heat up the left over pene and watch 1776 again! I feel reinvigorated!
Virginia is splitting up as we speak tonight! Here is some more good news!


Didn’t your state already split in 1863? :wink:


I know there used to be talk up that way about it. It sounds to me we should be at around 120 states of America. I have often considered Jefferson’s views were just that. Keep making the governments smaller, any way you can. Keep the politicians under the people’s feet.
Doesn’t make you sick, that you can watch these elected jerks, sit up there on their dais, scowl and curse at some person who (good guy or bad guy) about the job they’re doing and yet when we stood up and did the same thing to them during the Tea Party days, they would run like hell, cancel their “town hall meetings”. We never get to dress them down. That’s because they are too separated from us. Time to change that system!
Have you been studying any “separation” language such as the Declaration of Independence? Have you picked up a copy of 1776 yet?


You mean the WVA split? That is correct sir! I think VA split a number of times. That would include the making of Kentucky and part of Ohio I believe. Much of the Louisiana purchase brought about that.

Funny thing happened on the way to the pages from President Jefferson in the series, Messages and Papers of the Presidents, in that he raises a motion with Congress (sorry Senator Sshooooomer-the Prez is supposed to work with congress) to include in their bill of attaining the land from France, to include an Indian territory and their inhabitants known as the Kaskaskian Tribe (they had a leader by the name of Pontiac at one time) They actually petitioned Jefferson to be part of the expansion from Napoleon. So we wouldn’t have Michigan if it wasn’t for the Indians in that area, wanting to join us! We get states in the strangest ways.

Yes sir, lets take a good hard look at it!


ok! I have to get up to Bunch of Grapes and get fed! See you all in a bit.


I was just getting ready to post that here. Looks like VA is definitely in the spotlight, of course, I don’t expect the Governor to resign, as he said he would not. At least it’s something. I also came across an article that I don’t think even Alex has talked about. Something Trump did in the background, that must of really ticked off the left. I am also thinking with all this Joe Rogan crap going on, I noticed they are all now focusing on one thing, and it’s not “Fake News” anymore. It’s insanity! The narrative has changed. Alex needs to be extremely careful, they may come for him as most have said, but it may end up being the men in white coats.

Still waiting on my local township to return my 3rd call asking about the next meeting. It’s a tiny little building, maybe holds 30 people and most times, no one is there.

I am listening to Owen, so now, if you’re a male, the 1st thing you do is you rape your own mother? Last night I heard of a guy suing his parents because he did not ask to be born. Maybe we have been taken over by Aliens because these sure aren’t the humans I grew up knowing. They must be on some bad drugs, because I have drunk the water, ate the food, lived as most except the really bad vaccine’s, I think, and the people from my generation are going literally insane. It’s not just 20 and 30-year-olds.

As far as CA, thanks for the info. Did not know any of that. Never really understood why we handed over the canal in the first place. I still say, if Russia or N. Korea ever nuke the west, make sure they take out Cally. Would we really miss it? I’m just jokin’ as I would not want the innocent to perish, but everything always starts on the west coast, while the east is more laid back, even NY is not as bad, yet.

Here’s the article on what Trump did concerning the fetus parts being used. It does show he is doing things quietly, so there is still hope where it comes to him. From a few other articles I have read, it looks to be a few labs he did this too, but no one has mentioned it. I only heard Alex go off when he approved to keep the funding for Planned Parenthood.

This was the first article on just the investigation.


Yes, it took a lot of reading to learn what I was doing. My husband can figure it out quicker, as he does electric work, but doesn’t have the time. Hopefully we will meet one day, I would love that too!! :grinning:


I think the IW staff is feeling the pressure of things they are not allowed to share with us. I also think we see that if we can get a conference off the ground this March 3rd, we might see that as almost too late, the way things are going.

Like Matt Bracken once said recently, “brainwashing works”. Nothing against those people who are not wake, but I would bet they had no exposure to JW’s like you and I did. There was information out there about Hollywood from around 1970, that the studios were no longer going to be doing “Western” or “Frontier” or “Pro US” types of shows. You’ll find some of that when looking at Jack Webb and his creation of “Emergency!” and how he talked Robert Fuller into joining the cast. These people are brainwashed. It works and the brainwashing keeps going on our tax dollars in the public schools! We have the right to take control of our tax dollars if they’re in disuse or maladministration. That’s our right.

Thank God Trump did that. It’s not enough because it can be undone. The real secret to all of this is simple. If we want to make it illegal as a nation, then we only need another amendment to the constitution! That’s all that is necessary! But why don’t any politicians or 501C3s talk about it? I think that’s an easy question to answer now.

Are you for a March 3rd teleconference?


Mitch, for those who seek inspiration! Check the date!
To the Congress:

I can now report with some certainty that the eve of battle is near at hand. Toward this end I have ordered the evacuation of Manhattan and directed our defenses to take up stronger positions on the Brooklyn Heights.

At the present time my forces consist entirely of (Colonel) Haslet’s Delaware militia and (General) Smallwood’s Marylanders – a total of 5000 troops to stand against 25,000 of the enemy, and I begin to notice that many of us are lads under 15 and old men, none of whom could truly be called soldiers.

One personal note to Mr. Lewis Morris of New York: I must regretfully report that his estates have been totally destroyed, but that I have taken the liberty of transporting Mrs. Morris and eight of the children to Connecticut in safety. The four older boys are now enlisted in the Continental Army.

As I write these words the enemy is plainly in sight beyond the river. How it will end only Providence can direct, but dear God what brave men I shall lose before this business ends.

Your obedient,
G. Washington


Teleconference sounds good to me, as long as it doesn’t have to go through the PC. I don’t have my phone hooked up to talk to people on the net. I think for me, it will be more of a listening experience, but I still would love to join in. :slightly_smiling_face: