The Fox News Is Changing Yall Thread


I have watched Fox News for a while, I even watched it when I was a liberal.
I always used to count on it to give me the counter perspective.
Fox News is changing, getting increasingly more Urban. I mean, I knew the whole country FAUX Americana image was fake, there is nothing earnest about a bumch of city faggots in Manhattan pretending to be middle of America conservatives, I get that. But I really want to find out definitively if Fox News has flipped so I can point out all of the occurances to my family to show them that Infowars is really legit, I am tired of hearing how I like that sensationalized conspiracy news. Let’s use this thread to document how this news organization has changed, flipped script, to cater to the enemy. All points are valid.
And I appreciate everyone’s contributions. This is going to give us the concrete evidence we need to get all conservatives in concensus to help us fight the global elite, the new world order, and the anti-white agenda. Thank you.

For starters, I noticed on Tucker Carlson’s show that Fox News is now saying that Epstein’s death was promoted on the 4 chan boards before it even happened???
Why are conservatives going after 4 chan, 8 chan??? They were just as instrumental in helping us expose Hillary as we were?
What do conservatives have against the tech elite hackers?
Especially under a Trump administration?
Why is Fox lying on the Chans, because they could come after us here on the Comms soon enough if they can get past reading about on our back and forth’s with eachother.


I noticed that they are using liberal vernaculars alot, Ainsley Earhardt was correcting old man Doocy, on the air, one morning on Fox and Friends about Transgenders, Kaitlyn Jenner and Chelsea Manning when Doocy called Chelsea …Bradley.


You say it’s changing, I say you’ve had blinders up where you didn’t want to believe.

Fox Snooze has always been advertised as “fair and balanced”. That doesn’t mean right-wing. It doesn’t mean left-wing, either. It means they have a little bit of both. To now start complaining that Fox Snooze is left-wing means you weren’t really paying attention. Either that, or you need something to complain about, which, given your online persona, I wouldn’t doubt.

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It always seemed fishy playing country music in their Manhattan studio by people who all were from NYC. I’m no redneck, but at least I don’t spend all day in a skyscraper and take taxis. Fox is nothing but entertainment now. Gutfeld is also pretty sharp.

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Fox is also out there inciting every potential terror situation, tying it to Trump, placating the liberals, because the DEEP STATE REPUBLICANS…who we havent addressed by the way, are out there working their magic to destroy Trump, and pry him from his base, this is total treason, total next level conspiracy, the media is not even real journalism anymore! Everything coming out is because of US conspiracy ANALYSTS in the INDEPENDENT MEDIA!!!

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At least OANN has put themselves onto satellite channels, so the boomers can finally flip the station. Still waiting for Alex to do the same, but we’ll see…

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Do you think that whole bradley chelse thing was Atrozine? in the water like the frogs?

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