You do NOT move because you are doxed. No. Well, you can choose to move because you were doxed. It’s not mandatory. If you did move, you felt strongly about it. So you probably felt like you had to or else. However, you can only run for so long. The more people try to find a person, the more likely they’ll find a person. This means running and hiding might be too counterproductive, bigger picture speaking.

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@hxtr, did you dox @Crit1kal_Mischief already?


In other words, @hxtr did not dox you?


So, is Griff in San Antonio or in Utah?


I agree, and please…

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Let the Music say it for me…



I hope people Stay, but for the RIGHT reasons, beyond that my last contribution to this thread…



INFOCOMMS is Growing…Kinda… :thinking:


:bell: We Must Cut The Head Off Of The Serpent!
Make It Awkward, (Music Mix)

If your still around, Don’t give up, Give In, As in Put your Items on the Table, We should not let what others contribute stop us from contributing something of our own, more so when it bares weight and is worth while.

“Remember That At The End Of The Day, We Are The Manifest Of A Words Meaning Unto Ourselves, For Words Are Empty, Hollow And Harmless”

All that we do makes a difference.

The Manifest of a thing

The Manifest of a thing.

  • For Example.

There is a Bigger Picture Many can not See for the sake they remain unwilling and in most cases ignorantly.

Sorry if you choose to go, I say these things in General to the others whom may be thinking the same. Please consider the Following…
@Alex Jones & Crew


Please Play Safe, Be Aware and NOT so easily entertained!
For The Future of INFOCOMMS :+1:

Can Start Here…


He may, however, consider what will happen when he does, will people keep their shit straight, or do we repeat this all over again…

I believe Owen has already admitted that he would LIKE to interact with the community, however, I agree with him, for what purpose then to act as the bag for others to punch (“metaphorically”) of course.

I didn’t blame him, and I am also confident Owen will eventually, when it may appear more productive rather then being bombard with Meme spam.

That’s what I mean by “IT CAN START HERE”.

On the other hand, I hate that he must exploit for profit… consider all he is doing on SubscribeStar could be HERE! And the members could support him voluntarily by their DONATION.

Fact he expects people to “pay” or “Subscribe” for what he and Alex propagate as true and truth is a fucking shame to say the least, when 80% is nothing more than bullshit entertainment, and commentary of a corrupt politician and political landscape…

It’s a literal fact we must lie to ourselves and or others to profit anything financially. Hence why the Reich and corrupt.

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And So the question begs to be asked, is Owen the enemy we wish to lead?

I mean if I was a leader and those whom chose to follow called me the Enemy, I would no longer be the leader, even if begged.

Hypothetically of course.

Consider this would be no different then a person whom chooses to return to an abusive relationship… not a very healthy thing to repeat.

Ps: @Crit1kal_Mischief, sorry, I don’t intend to single out anyone unless @joey lol, kidding, rather I ask this generally, Make sense what I am asking?

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Just 4 fun

Yup, bout sums shit up…


Last one is very hard on the eyes… I think it’s the filter used on the dude in it… emboss a tad bit high maybe.

Cool otherwise :+1:


I copy everything to my Steemit blog. I never delete anything. I will not delete content. I keep stuff forever.

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You realize, there is an archive Download feature on INFOCOMMS right, you could always back YOUR OWN comments up with out having to SPAM or REPOST, and PLAGIARIZE EVERYONE ELSE’S comments and portions of discussions that you continuously take out of context and post everywhere, truthfully not a very feasible thing to be saving, it’s just all incomplete, incorrect, incoherent, gibberish and DRABBLE…

Rather this is only your bullshit excuse that you use to steal and borrow words not your own, that you choose to spam on a plethora of online community’s and for profit where you can.

@joey you have been banned from everyone of these platforms also, yet you insist on returning…


It’s your second time being KICKED out of this community, yet there you are… sad, very…

Nope not at all, I will confidently and continually advocate for your removal, for you are a Thief, Plagiarist, and Troll to this along with the plethora of other platforms you Troll and are continually KICKED and banned from…lol

I will never stop stomping on the cockroaches that scurry at my feet, the sound of the corrupted and tainted thing and their backs braking pleases me…

Sorry @joey just got ta be that way…

Take it easy out there… night.

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@Bingozee, how many times do I have to pray to you each day, Hail Bingozee Full of Grace?



Night you fucking Troll / Thief.

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Yup I can agree with that!

Thanks @Crit1kal_Mischief


I feel like I’m reading a script of Days of Our Lives. Hahaha.

The drama is quite thick in here. But from time to time i get some popcorn crack a beer start reading and enjoy some much needed laughs.

Thanks infocomms army for the dopamine fix🤘


Ok, without getting into some of the nonsense here, I’d like to say as a new (but no longer)user that I realize what Owen was referring to last week. Certain individuals completely ruin this forum and it’s too bad. Back to GLP for me, so ciao folks!


Hate to see you go, but I do understand. I’m pretty sure they’ve caused others to do the same. Maybe come back in a little bit and see if it has improved, or if you want, you can try muting/ignoring them in the settings. I did last week, and it has been a mostly peaceful place when I don’t see their nonsense.


Give it time.