I think my takeaway from the AJ tranny interview was when the dude referenced his chest implants as “chicken cutlets.” Gonna ruin chicken forever for me now.


omg i know nasty F. Gross man


Oh this is the Pastor that Owen confronted at the Tranny read a long ride them horse C Raw Hide.

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One of the biggest problems might not be @OwenShroyer but actually the staff that might be giving him some bad information concerning the Infocomms and how things are and can be here. Owen Shroyer has promoted letting Infocomms be like the wild west, to have no mods.

Now, we have mods and we have like a Discourse Flagging System. So, it’s not anything goes here. They could just make flagged comments hide and skip the removal part. Don’t remove flagged comments, threads, etc. Just hide them. That’s what Steemit does.

The Infocomms mods might not be on the same page as Owen. The staff might be a little too bias. They might be disagreeing with each other on how Infocomms should work.


I’m not sure if Owen knows that flagging has removed content on the Infocomms. Somebody called and told Owen that he couldn’t find his thread. So, Owen said it’s probably way down on the newsfeed. But it might actually be gone. Maybe it was flagged and removed. Maybe mods removed the thread. But it seems that Owen didn’t mention those possibilities. That could be due to Owen not really knowing that things are being removed off the Infocomms; even IP Addresses are getting banned off the Infocomms. But I’m just Little Joey from NY.

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@Zor, are you calling Owen Shroyer a liar by omission, because he didn’t answer certain questions, he said he didn’t know, he didn’t say certain things, right?

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INFOCOMMS is Growing…Kinda… :thinking:

Make It Awkward, (Music Mix)

:bell: We Must Cut The Head Off Of The Serpent!

Expand :arrow_down_small: For More…


Father, I pray that the future of Infocomms will be a place where like minded patriots can MEET. I hope it will be a place were ideas can be discussed, and enables people to do real things to help the USA.
I pray that we will form a more perfect union, of freedom and prosperity. That we can create a MORE FREE AMERICA, and that we can return to a GOLD STANDARD, a wise leader and a blessed nation.
Father please help us to HEAL our wounds and become a STRONGER GREATER NATION.


Alright, I guess I’m just going to have to start ignoring/muting people.

This shit is beyond stupid at this point.

Yes, I know the story. I’ve read all of y’all’s crap, and that’s still where I stand on all this.



With due respect to all sides, I have been thinking a cease-fire is in order seeing Owen said InfoComms would stay. More or less, that’s a response and a concession to the initial effort.

Now it might be more appropriate to focus on getting InfoComms management sorted, seeing Owen said he gave it to the army, right?

Time for the next step.


YOU GUYS are the digital terrorists! lol what the fuck…


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So be it. You guys do what ya gotta do.

I prefer to step aside then. I respectfully request not to be associated with the MemeBrigade until further notice.


Dear Infowars Army,

The Infocomms problem might not be the fault of Owen Shroyer, solely, merely, completely.

The problem might be in the staff, the IT, the mods.

Moreover, the Discourse program.

Or whatever that runs Infocomms.

Therefore, how about we make memes about how DISCOURSE SUCKS?

Because isn’t that the issue?

@Minutemen-Of-America, @thisismemewarroger, why are we making memes about Owen and NOT DISCOURSE?

Why not make memes about better alternatives to DISCOURSE?

Instead of telling Owen WHAT NOT TO DO.

Why not tell Owen WHAT TO DO?

Find something better than DISCOURSE.

Spam that all over the Infocomms.

And on Twitter.

And everywhere.

Make sure everybody can see.

Better programs.

That can better run Infocomms.

Because the main problem is Discourse, right?

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Not sure what’s wrong with the version of Discourse used here.
Maybe they downloaded the free uncivilized version?


Again, not sure what’s up with the version of Discourse on the Comms…



20 Characters

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The moderators throw you off for community moderation if they believe that a post you flagged for a broad category description doesn’t fit their specific yet unequivocal definition.


@Zor, how are you compromised? Bad people don’t already know what you are doing? Really? That is the Internet. The Internet is public, even when it is allegedly private.

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@zor, I added you to my blog. This means that I am compromising you. Are you going to get me for compromising you?

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You will forever be archived in my diary.

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@Zor, so, in other words, I’m retarded like Alex Jones?

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